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Men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.
Henry David Thoreau

Many of you are looking for what you call happiness. When I ask my clients or people in general to define what would make them happy they give me a list of things. Not just material items but many other ‘things’ like love, family, peace etc..In all cases there is something to attain.

Let me tell you; There is nothing to attain. There is only stuff to discard. That leaves you in your enlightened state. Here is where you will find what you call happiness.


Being a life coach I make a business of helping you achieve happiness and what you want from your life. Why can the words I write change your life? Why can I sit and talk with you and change your life for the better? Why is it that I can help others with their life?

I’ll give you the answer later in the article.

If you stand on any street corner and talk about enlightenment, most people say, “wait a minute, how the hell does that help me pay the bills?” and “don’t give me any of that religious crap.” There are many good reasons to seek enlightenment but before I discuss the practical applications, what is enlightenment?

Enlightenment is an ideal state of being that can be achieved via an ongoing process. It is the process of allowing more light, or the maximum amount of consciousness to shine through your physical being.

Let me explain it another way. When you are enlightened you are liberated from the physical world. That means;

1. You have the ability to witness your thought process.

Your thoughts create your future physical reality. You currently identify with your thoughts. You live your life inside your thought processes and don’t realize that your thoughts are separate to you. The vast majority of your thinking is conducted without you being aware of what is being thought. You ride these thoughts to fruition, often to your detriment. When you are enlightened, you free yourself from being swept up in your thinking process and therefore liberate yourself from any result that is not your choice.

2. You are free from suffering

You currently suffer every time you wrestle with emotion, argue about something or agonize over a decision. Sometimes this is short lived and mild and at other times it is extremely painful and remains with you for a long period of time. When you are free from suffering you will however still say something colorful when you stub your toe!

3. You are free of desire.

Desire means you are unsatisfied and in this state your wants are driven by emotion. Without desire you can still have, but your want is much closer to a preference. When you experience this you will understand freedom from the material world. This doesn’t mean you can’t have or pursue chocolate cake. It just means you don’t lust it and you are unaffected if you don’t get it.

4. You can see the truth.

The truth is the way that the world really is. Being able to see the truth means you see beyond the physical shell of others. You see who they really are. It means you can read between the lines and really hear what others are saying.

Some people know the process of looking for enlightenment as “The search for the Holy Grail” However you do not find enlightenment. It is achieved by removing its obstacles. These obstacles are inside you and are created by your mind.

Notice how there is nothing said about religion. Notice also how there is no mention of morals and what you can and can’t do. Good, now you can find out just how it helps. Here are some practical examples.

I saw a father shout and get angry at his three or four year old son. This had a negative impact on the boy. Why did it happen? The father was last on a bus and there were no seats left. Before the bus could depart from the airplane to the terminal the man had to be seated. Everyone was watching and waiting for him. The logical conclusion was for his son to sit on his knee. This didn’t register on the boy as he was too young to see what was going on. The father got very upset and angry and started yelling at the boy to get up. The boy was momentarily paralyzed at the sight of his fathers anger, which in the boys mind was for no reason. This made his father less patient and more angry, finally dragging the boy off his seat so he could sit down.

This sort of situation is a frequent occurrence. This doesn’t occur when you are in the process of enlightenment. You are able to remain calm in all situations. Anger doesn’t exist.

A sales person listens to his client and then fulfills a need or finds a solution in order to complete the sale. The key here is listening.

What happens in real life is that someone talks and you hear part of what they say. This is because as they talk your mind momentarily wanders and thinks in response to what they are saying. You may miss actual words in the conversation but more importantly you will miss the true meaning of what’s being said or implied by the words that come from your clients mouth.

You do not have the ability to clearly read between the lines. When you are enlightened you are able to listen completely and to see clearly what is being said.

Here is another way of looking at it. You are shopping for some new clothes along the most fashionable shopping strip in your city. The path ahead is filled with shop windows displaying anything and everything. As you walk, you daydream. As you daydream you are inside your thoughts and can’t see the shops. You step past each shop, unaware of what it contains. Every now and again you are aware of a shop, enter it and buy something that you like. However you don’t know what you missed in each of the shop windows that you walked past whilst daydreaming. Everything you missed in your shopping spree represents an opportunity in life that you didn’t see.

When you are enlightened you can see the world with clarity. You get to choose what you want.

So why do I have the ability to help you? Simply because I am enlightened. Yes, just like the guys you hear about in India that sit around in their robes and share their wisdom and heal the sick. Yes, just like Buddha and Jesus were enlightened. Am I comparing myself to Buddha or Jesus? No, not at all, I am simply Aymen. Does it mean that I am a spiritual scholar? No. Does it mean I am better than you? No. It just means that my level of consciousness has been raised to a certain state. In this state I can help you raise your consciousness. I do this mostly by transmitting energy in the form of idea’s and words.

(Enlightenment Pt 1)
(Enlightenment Pt 2)

You can also be enlightened by going through a simple process..

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