Emotional health and sickness

What this means is that through emotional pain, fear and depression, you have created dis-ease within your body. Your charkas, aura and physical energy fields have become out – of – balance, causing conflict and imbalances to your physical body. How you feel and think makes a difference on your body as well as your state of mind. Negative thoughts and feelings create negative energy that flows through the body sending mixed messages. These messages attack weakened parts of your body either through hereditary illnesses or old injuries. New illnesses can also be created through our thoughts and emotions.

When you have let go of and dealt with the emotional issues and learnt to balance your charka’s, energy fields and aura, then you can remove the sickness. Positive thoughts, affirmations, meditation, inner healing therapy using Reiki Seichim and Ki Manna massage and self realisations can help you to find balance. It is as simple as stating each day to yourself and to others, how healthy, happy and alive you feel. Feeling motivated to want change is the first step, then having courage and conviction to follow through will take you to higher ground in your healing. It is not easy staying positive, but having the strength to know your weaknesses and then staying committed to healing them will aid you in your growth.

Here are few examples of how thoughts and feelings can create illness.

Acne Fears and negative thought patterns combined with anger out of control arising to the surface to burst out, filled with puss and infection representing negative feelings. Do not be afraid to voice and release your thoughts and feelings. Avoid fatty, sugar foods. Drink plenty of water and eat wholesome foods. Plenty of outdoor exercise and positive thought affirmation.

Abscess Inner self conflicting with outer world. Unable to find release with causes eruptions through the skin. Learn to find inner peace. Do not dwell on the past. A need to place healthy vitamins and herbs needed to cleanse the liver, pancreas and kidneys, which will also help cleanse the blood. Water is a powerful healing agent, swim, drink plenty of water and eat fruit and vegetables.

Life has become too hard. There is a need to open your inner child and stop thinking you are growing old. A need to be more open and flexible to yourself and others.

Rushing around. Lack of concentration. Fire cleanses, but also burns. A need for cleansing negative patterns and removing excess anger. Placing yourself in situations that become heated, angry, even violent. Find inner peace. Remove yourself from dramas and people who wish to hurt you. Slow down and breathe. Breath therapy as well as meditation will help you to find courage and peace.

Excess inner anger brewing to the surface. A need for releasing pent up emotions. Swimming, walking, sunshine and a healthy diet with minimum meat products will help ease emotions and balance the body. Inner healing therapy will help to control the outbursts.

Cuts Slow down!!! The mind wanders to emotional hurts, causing a loss of concentration. Emotional hurts cause us to mutilate ourselves. Subconscious need to hurt ourselves as others have caused us pain. Spilling blood. Spilling tears. Have a good cry. Talk to someone who can help you make sense of emotional hurts and past traumatic issues.

Colds and Flu’s
A need for a clearing of toxins, negative thought patterns and people from our lives. A warning to slow down. Excess drugs, caffeine and alcohol in our bodies. Needing to retreat from the world. Take time off and do things that make you feel better. Always helping others and forgetting your own needs. You body is asking you to cleanse old patterns, ways and diet.

Circulatory System
Blood is life force energy needed to sustain life. If their are problems with your circulation then your life is out of balance. Order is needed. Create new life experiences. A change in job, relationships and home life is needed to open the blocked channels.

Fear of letting go. Holding on to old emotions and thoughts that are no longer of any use. Too much congestion building up inside. You have become to hard. Bend a little and find forgiveness in yourself and others. Drink plenty of water, eat more fresh fruit and vegetables as well as exercise.

Over anxious, excited or agitated with your life and the way it is unfolding. Poisoned words, accusations, lies and deceptive people. The body cannot handle the negative thoughts, feelings and food you are placing into it. Try and live your life in an honest way and avoid people who cause you fear and worry, betrayal and hurt. Watch what you place and mix together within your body and in your life.

Lacking the sweet things in life. You have not lived your life the way it was destined. Living in the past. Childhood issues where you feel cheated of a better life. Unforgiving of old hurts. A strict diet, medical intervention and alternative therapy will help you to release and heal.

Problems arise to the digestive system when we are unable to perceive in an open and truthful way. Excessive stress. Overreaching and constant worrying. A need to regulate your eating habits and to find balance in work and play.

Womb issues, as well as allergic to life. Try and focus on your dreams and goals and try and achieve them one by one with conviction and dedication. You may have been witness to distressing events and issues, causing an allergic reaction to life. Avoid dairy foods and products that have additives and excess toxins.

Problems with the eyes indicate not seeing things clearly or honestly in your life. Long sighted – Can’t see in the now. Short sighted – Always looking to the future.

Refusing to hear the truth. Refusing to learn. Stuck in old beliefs.

A lack of courage to move forward in your life. A lack of motivation. Tired with your life and how it is moving forward.

Constant worrying, and tension. Being stubborn and hard headed Always thinking, worrying, stressing, planning without putting into action. Thoughts that lead to frustration.

Holding something in or not letting something or someone go. Not giving the right hand. Not taking the left hand.

Itching Nerves.
Nervous tension. Aggravated and upset about something. A need to scratch away at something that feels untrue.

Not allowing forgiveness. Being lied to and deceived, even though you know the truth. Not allowing your life to flow and move forward.

Always critizing others. Refusing to give things a chance of succeeding. Refusing to compromise with others. Stubborn

Holding feelings inside. Deep hurt, abuse and violence causing negative side affects. tired of your life. A need for change, cleansing and readdressing your life.

Life has become a strain. Disappointment. Thinking too much. Bad sleeping patterns. Giving to much without any rewards.

Overworked. Afraid of what the future will bring. A sense of nothing positive coming in the future. Unable to move forward in your life.

Angry at yourself. Something arising from deep within. Hidden pain or blocked traumatic events.

Respiratory System
Not breathing in positive life force that sustains you. Unable to move forward. Your environment is cluttered with too much stress, fear and worry.

Your environment feels blocked and unclean. A need to clear away excesses in your life. A sense that something is about to happen.

Feeling trapped. Never enough time for oneself. Caught in the middle of dramas.

Mouth, Teeth & Gums
No self confidence. A sense of failure at something not working out the way it should be. Hard work with very little rewards. A viscous tounge.

Keeping something repressed inside. Not prepared to accept a situation

Repressed anger that is kept hidden inside. Being judged by others harshly. In a destructive relationship, fearful and repressed. Wanting to lash out at someone but fearful too leaving an acid taste in the mouth. Something fearful eating away at you

Varicose veins.
Putting others needs before your own. Always carrying all the burdens. Not allowing yourself to rest.

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