Elementals – Part 1

Elementals Part 1
Ondines – Elementals Part 2


Elementals are the little creatures which animate the four elements. You cannot ordinarily see, hear, feel, taste, or touch them, but this doesn’t mean they don’t exist; after all, X-rays exist, even though you cannot sense them. You may, however, get to know the elementals through the use of your extraordinary senses.

The four types of elementals are Salamanders (fire), Sylphs (air), Ondines (water), and gnomes (earth).

Elementals are experts in their own realms. The Salamander knows everything there is to now about the fire element, both physical and psychological; Sylphs are experts on the subject of air; Ondines are experts regarding water; Gnomes specialize in earthy subjects. Elementals are one-element creatures, and as long as they remain imprisoned, so o speak, in their own element they are incapable of learning anything about those elements to which they don’t naturally belong.

Elementals aren’t entirely happy with this situation. They’d like to progress and evolve, but the only way they can do so is through vicarious association with multi-element creatures, such as human beings. For this reason, elementals seek human companionship. In return for a favored human’s "tutelage," they are very willing to give service. The magician who is able to attract a helpful Ondine can look forward to expert assistance in matters relating to love, friendship, healing, and the psychic arts. Gnomes will help with career and financial matters, Sylphs with intellectual pursuits, and Salamanders with creative and spiritual issues.

Elemental assistance is much to be desired because it makes pursuit of a goal easier. called upon for help, an elemental gladly goes to work on his companion’s project. You still need o do affirmations, incantations, visualizations, and all of the other work covered to this point–you can never expect anyone or anything to do all of your work for you–But your path to the goal will be greased, so to speak, and you’ll see speedier results than if you had o elemental help al all. Magicians who are able to attract elemental companions have a great advantage over those who are not.

There is, however, a catch. Elementals tend to be selective when it comes to human companionship. The Salamander, for instance, does not care to associate with a human being who is grossly materialistic. Fire is a high-frequency element, and a Salamander prefers to work with someone who is comfortable on the higher planes. Ondines have no interest in helping individuals who are not comfortable with their feelings, because Ondines are entirely at home with watery emotion and have no respect for those who aren’t. And so it goes with all the elementals. In short, until and unless you develop all the elements within our character, you haven’t a chance of attracting a full panoply of elemental companions. his means you will find the accomplishment of some goals–those which relate to your weakest function or element–very difficult. Furthermore, if you invoke the aid of elementals belonging to your weakest function (element), you are usually inviting trouble. elementals aren’t seriously malicious creatures, but they’re not above creating minor problems (examples of which will be given later on) for humans whom they don’t respect. You will see that development of the four elements within your temperament is part of a very practical nature.

Some people may have difficulty accepting the traditional concept of elementals as resented here. One or two psychologically- oriented students have asked me if I thought he elementals were nothing more than cordoned-off parts of the individual psyche to which unusual names are assigned, rather than creatures that exist (albeit invisibly) in objective reality. I’m not able to answer this question. I don’t know what the true nature of he elemental is. Being psychologically-minded myself, I’m open to the idea that elementals are, if not exactly figments, products of the human imagination. I’m also receptive to the idea that elementals exist in objective reality. If they do, I rather expect they represent something akin to aggregates of sub-atomic particles, and the New Physics scientists will eventually identify and rename them. Physicists today are confirming the existence of a lot of phenomena formerly thought to be superstitious nonsense, so this isn’t s far-fetched as it may at first sound. It is quite possible that elementals have both an internal and an external reality.

DEALING WITH ELEMENTALS No matter how you regard the nature of elementals, deal with them as if they are external, material realities. This serves two purposes; it simplifies communications (talking to something objective is usually easier than talking to something subjective); and it accords them the respect that they deserve, in the event that elementals have some external reality.

• Always treat them with courtesy and affection
• They detest being bullied. Request their help, don’t demand it. Be sure to thank them for their work on your behalf. Elementals appreciate small gifts; appropriate offerings will be discussed later on.
• Try to remain conscious of your companions’ existence on a daily basis
• Elementals wish to share life with their human companions so that they can learn, vicariously, about the elements to which they don’t naturally belong. Invite your friendly elementals to participate in your daily activities. They prefer some activities to others.

If the prospect of working with elementals makes you uneasy, put it off until you feel ore comfortable with the project. Be aware, however, that this work cannot be put off forever. All aspiring magicians must sooner or later come to grips with the elementals and elementals for, as *Murray Hope observes, this is what magical initiation is all about. *from Practical Techniques of Psychic Self- Defense).

I’m starting with the water element because it encompasses most of the areas most are concerned with. Again from Nancy as follows:

Water boil and Water churn
Make the Mill of magic turn
Work the will for which we (I) pray
Io Dio, Ha He Yay (W.G. Gray-Magical Ritual Methods)
WATER SYMBOLS, TOOLS, AFFINITIES Affinity: The Emotional plane
Astrological signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Cardinal direction: West
Elemental: Ondine
Gender: Feminine
Magical tools: Magically prepared waters.
Psychological function: Feeling.
Qualities: Passive, cold, wet.
Ritual tool: Chalice, cup, goblet.
Seasonal affinity: Autumn
Symbol: Equilateral triangle, point downward. WATER

GOALS POSITIVE NEGATIVE Ancestors Compassion Apathy Beauty Comprehension Depression Cell growth Conscience Frigidity (restoring) Devotion Laziness Centering forgiveness Indifference Children and Receptivity Insolence childbirth Tranquility Instability Family issues Friendships Healing Home Hospitals Love Medicine Meditation
Partnerships Psychism Rest and recreation WATER IN NATURE* Vegetable Mineral Animal Apple Agate, Blue Lace Crab Apricot Amethyst Dolphin Camphor Aquamarine Elk Catnip Azurite Fish (all)Chamomile Celestine Heron Cherry Chrysocolla Horse Cyclamen Coral Jaguar Eucalyptus Holey Stones Raven Gardenia Jade Scorpion Hawthorn Lapis lazuli Sea birds (all)Hyacinth Lepidolite Shellfish (all) Ivy Moonstone hale Lotus Mother-or-pearl Melons Pearl Mints Sapphire Myrrh Silver Narcissus Sodalite Orris root Sugilite Periwinkle Tourmaline, green Rose Willow Yarrow

* Some objects may be classified under two or more elements. If the goal you have chosen s of a watery nature, if you wish to activate the water in you temperament, or if you need o do some work upon the emotional plane, you will need to make use of the attributes and qualities outlined above.

Water’s main virtue in magic is that it alters mood. If you’ve ever had a rotten day at work, arrived home ready to chuck the whole thing, and then gotten into the tub for a long soak, you’re already familiar with its marvelous properties. Emotional negativity is washed away by water.

Water also encourages a receptive attitude toward a desired goal. When you generate energy enough to attract what you desire at the material level, you have accomplished only half your task; you must also be emotionally receptive to the incoming good, for if you are not, you sabotage your own efforts. WATER MAGIC The water element is undoubtedly he most versatile of all the elements; it can be drunk, bathed in, sprinkled about, used as n
anointing agent, and can even serve as a sleep-programming device. Given its great versatility, and its affinity with the all-important emotional plane, one wonders why this element has been so neglected by magicians. I suspect gender is the culprit. Never mind, e shall give the feminine elements the credit they deserve here. USING WATERTO WASH AWAY EMOTIONAL NEGATIVITY example: Murray Hope’s Rite of Tears This simple and very moving rite was created (or, more accurately, remembered) By Murray Hope, who rough it through from an Atlantean incarnation. It will help magicians to clear themselves f excessive grief or sadness.

Grief caused by the loss of someone or something dear to you is natural, and it should not e suppressed. Psychiatrists say that grief may endure for as long as two years, or for as short a period as six months, depending on the nature of the loss and the griever’s degree of sensitivity. They also say it is very important to allow the grieving process to take place naturally, for if this is intentionally (or even unintentionally) blocked, emotional healing will not occur.

There may be times, however, when you are so overwhelmed by sadness, for so lengthy period, that your health or livelihood– your existence, in other words–is endangered. In his case, grief- counseling is in order. So is this rite. Materials needed: A chalice or goblet, filled with spring water Preliminary notes: This is a formal rite created by an experienced magician with a full panoply of magical tools at her disposal, including a properly consecrated chalice. As a beginner you may not have this advantage. If this is the case you will need to consecrate the chalice; or, you can perform the rite as presented using n ordinary cup or wineglass. The latter option is probably best, because if you feel a pressing need to perform this rite, you are probably in no emotional condition to take on any additional burdens. The same applies to the need for spring water. If you must perform the rite and haven’t any spring water on hand, use boiled tap water instead. As with all magic, the rite’s operative factor is not in the materials used, but in its psychological impact.

Most formal magical rites begin with an invitation to the four elements and end with their dismissal. This one is no exception. THE RITE Invoke your personal and god symbols perform Exercise to activate positive energy

Example affirmation: "I am a creative center which gives off benefits to everyone". Invite and welcome the four elements to the rite Invoke your chosen spiritual plane archetype. Ask your deity to help you understand the reasons for your suffering. Allow your grief or sadness to well up from within, until your tears begin to flow. Allow a few tears to fall into your chalice. Offer your tears as sacrifice. Plead with your deity to bestow upon you peace of mind and heart. Drink a little from your chalice. Plead again with your deity for understanding and peace. Take your chalice outside and pour its contents into the Earth or
nearby body of water. As you do so, say: "As this water flows away, so also may my tears depart, to be reabsorbed into the great unconscious. (If it is impossible to go outdoors, pour he chalice contents down a bathroom drain.) When you are ready to end the rite, dismiss he elements Seal your aura. As a magician, your days of unconscious bathing are over. Use your daily shower to get rid of disruptive emotions. Stand under the shower; let the water cascade over you and mentally consign fatigue, depression, pain, confusion, anger, grief, envy, jealousy, and fear drain. Or get into the tub and allow the water to absorb your negativity. You might even pour a cup of salt into the water; salt absorbs undesirable energies. When you feel the combination of water and salt has done its job, drain the tub. e sure to immediately invoke the good (love, joy, peace of mind, etc.) after bathing. You may do this with tools belonging to any of the elements, or by the use of prayer, affirmations, incantations, or visualization. Bathing is an excellent way to prepare for magical ritual. Ritual demands that you put aside your everyday concerns and concentrate on your objectives. Given a difficult day at work, this is sometimes not easy to do. A ritual bath like he water-and-salt one just described will refresh you so that you can focus on your magic. The magic itself will invoke the good you desire.

You may also use water to cleanse an emotionally charged atmosphere. To do this, you just learn how to magnetize water.

1. Stand or it comfortably with a container of the water you wish to magnetize in front of you.
2. Invoke your personal and god symbols
3. Perform exercise to activate positive energy. (sited above)
4. Concentrate for a while on the type of energy you wish to infuse into the water.*Place the palm of your dominant hand over the water.
5. Hold your weaker hand, palm up, at shoulder or waist level, whichever is most comfortable. Your arm may be bent at the elbow; your had should be relaxed and open.
6. Your weaker hand draws the desired energy from the universe. This energy is then channeled to your dominant hand.
7. The energy flows out your dominant palm and into the water.
8. Continue channeling the energy into the water until you feel it is sufficiently charged.
9. (Optional) Before you begin the charging process you may, if you wish, place a crystal or herb into the water. This adds nature’s magnetism to your own. (It’s best not to drink water charged in this manner unless you are absolutely sure the crystal is clean and the herb nonpoisonous)
10. *Seal your aura.

NOTE: Don’t be concerned if you can’t feel the energy flowing from one hand to the other and into the water. Energy follows thought. If you mentally intend energy to flow in a particular direction, it will do so. Since water doesn’t hold a charge for very long, use your magnetized water immediately. (To prolong the "life" of your charged water, ask spiritual or elemental energies to add their magnetism to the water.)

CLEANSING THE TMOSPHERE To cleanse the atmosphere with charged water, put the water into a bowl and, with your fingers, sprinkle it about the area you wish to clear. Or, place the water into an atomizer or plant mister and spray the area. It would be wise to repeat an affirmation (such as "I cleanse this place of all impurities.") or an incantation while you perform the clearing. Remember to call in the good after you have purified the area.

An alternative to charging your own water is to purchase a prepared water from a metaphysical store. My own Purification Water is specifically formulated to clear out armful emotional energies. My Peace Water is also helpful, although it wasn’t originally created for purifying purposes. A well-known healer in my area moved into a new house, only to discover that some kind of unseen nasty was in residence. She tried physical cleansing and psychic healing, but nothing worked until she sprayed Peace Water about–which puts an amusing twist on the tombstone expression "rest in peace." Waters may also be used in the bathtub.

You may clear an atmosphere with water through visualization alone. I use the following technique, taught by Murray Hope, all the time, especially after teaching group ritual work.

1. Imagine that the area you wish to cleanse is filled up to the ceiling with purifying water.
2. You’re going to lower the water level in the room through the use of physical gesture and imagination.
3. Raise your arms to the ceiling, palms facing the floor.
4. Slowly lower your arms. As you do, imagine that the water level is being lowered, and that the water is taking with it all the psychic dirt existing in the atmosphere.
5. Imagine that the loaded water is draining into the Earth. You may use physical gesture to press the water into the earth if you wish.
6. Pause. Does the atmosphere feel clean? If not, repeat the procedure.
7. Seal your aura.

NOTE: You will know the atmosphere is clean if you feel a chill resulting in goose bumps on your arms, or if you feel a cool breeze on your palms as you lower your arms. This technique is so powerful it will cool down a room on a hot summer day. Water not only dissolves emotional blockages, it also creates a receptive attitude toward the good which is coming your way. Use any of the following methods to create a positive emotional outlook. (I will list them here, if anyone wants further info, email me. Molli) Soak in water charged with your intention Drink charged water Sprinkle or spray charged water about your personal space Use charged water as an anointing agent Use charged water as a sleep-programming device No matter how you decide to use the element of water in your magical work, always be aware that Ondines are present in the water and that, if they regard you well, they will help you to achieve your watery goals. Ondines – Elementals Part 2… 

Authors Details: Elementals – Nancy B. Watson
Elementals Part 1
Ondines – Elementals Part 2

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