Elemental Energy

Elemental energy is the energy of which is taken or borrowed from the surrounding elements of nature. This energy can be drawn into, and kept inside your body to disperse and use as you would use Ki in the martial arts or other disciplines. This article is about controlling and working with elemental energy. I wanted to write a bit on utilising the magickal and natural forces around us. How to control and process these elements whether you are using a ritual or not.

Too many people that are involved in witchcraft, wicca or magick, use rituals and spells which are too long and drawn out. They are not necessary, you can cause magickal influence by the force of your will, imagination and having knowledge of the energies around you. All the energies you experience are different and you will over time, with experience be able to feel and discern between them.

elemental energy

One With Your Environment

The trick and necessity, is to become one with your environment and physical body to fully utilise elemental energy that occurs within and around you. You will find many different types of energy in your environment, elemental energy, the energy from other humans, spiritual energy and magickal energy. In order to be able to use these energies you must recognise that they are a part of you and that you are a part of them. If you look within to feel, hear or see them, you will find they all flow on a path or stream. You can control where in that stream you want to be. To be able to visualise the energies around you, there are several simple thing you can do.

Visualise Energy

1) Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Try to inhale that which is around. See what colours and images you see as you do this.

2) Hold your hands in front of you and about 5 inches apart from each other. Use your imagination to force energy through your body, down your arms and into a ball between your hands. Feel what kind of energy it is and how it reacts with what you sense around you and what is physically around you.

3) Hold your arms in front of you, palms facing up. Spread your fingers out and stand with you feet about a foot apart. Face the sky and draw energies into you third eye. Feel the divine voice and understand through that voice what energies are around you.

4) Ground yourself with your favourite grounding technique. Sit down and make your self comfortable. Place your hands on your thighs and allow energy to enter your heart. Push this energy back out and try to see how your body has effected it. Balance yourself with the energy around you and the energy within you.

5) Meditate on the energy stream which is around you and your place in it and in relation to it.

Elemental Energy

Now lets dig into and understand what kinds of energy there is around you and how to identify the different types. Probably the easiest type of energy to identify and call upon is elemental energy. I believe that every element has an opposite that it “clashes” with and that can control it. Every element also has a consort that it is in harmony with and amplifies it. Traditionally there are five elements that correspond to the pentagram. In this article I have added the 6th, Chaos for the purpose of balance. I didn’t invent the concept of the 6th element but it is not something commonly found in relation to the “5” elements.


This elemental energy is associated with the East. It is considered to have the power of movement, intelligence and purification. It is said to represent the power of your mind over matter. This element helps focus your thoughts, clarify your mind and divination. The element of air is the force which is felt yet not seen. It is silent and also a fuel for speed and power.


This elemental energy is associated with the North. It is said to have the ability to help with fertility, motherhood, stabilisation and life in general. Everything is dependant upon this element as it represents physical base. It is said that this element helps bring you back to your roots and your primal form. The element earth brings you  prosperity and wealth. This can be used specifically for a physical area and is also used in binding and knot spells/rituals.


This elemental energy is associated with the South. The element fire can be both good and bad because it symbolises creation and destruction. Fire can create heat but to do so it must destroy something. It is often used as a symbol of rebirth, focusing, cleansing and transformation. Fire also helps you create self control. It is most commonly used in candle magick.


Water is associated with the West. It is the elemental energy of cleansing, love and healing. All life is dependant upon water and it’s therefore the symbol of life. People who are dominated by water energies tend to be dreamers, poets and abstract – sometimes whimsical thinkers. It is used as a tool for healing, purification, new beginnings and peace. You can use the energy of water to develop psychic awareness, to bless a union and create peaceful dreams.


Spirit is related to all directions – everywhere. It is the element of the divine and the purity of your soul. This element brings you closer to the divine voice which resides within you and all of us. It is said to open you to the hidden potentials of humanity and the magickal energy which flows around you. This is the energy which guides your destiny toward your unique desire and makes you an us individual.


Chaos is related to no direction at all. It’s the movement which bring everything together into the centre of being. This element bring you closer to the miracle of life, your inner feelings, emotions and raw power. It is said to open up your mind, heart, soul and body to all of the energy that surrounds you. Chaos is related to all the knowledge of the past, future and present. It brings you into harmony with all of them.

The Elemental Opposites

Fire – Water
Earth – Air
Spirit – Chaos

The Elemental Consorts

Fire – Air
Earth – Spirit
Chaos – Water

Control & Fuel The Energy

To control these energies, you must be able to control both the consort and it’s opposite. The consort to fuel and amplify energy and the opposite to haness and control the energy. You can control elemental energies in many ways, spells, rituals and assorted types of magick but I am not going to focus on any of those methods.

The easiest way to use elemental energies is to use your body as a channel for the energy around you. This can be difficult if you are closed off to outside energy or if you have a hard time letting other things flow through you. There are several ways to practice allowing elemental energies to flow through you. The best way is to connect with one element at a time.

Connect To Earth

To connect with the element Earth practice grounding. One good method of grounding is allowing your skin to touch the earth. Like walking barefoot on the grass. You can also sit comfortably on the earth and place one hand on top of the other, face up, fingers pointing left and right and press the tip of your thumbs together. Place your hand close to your torso on your thighs. Close your eyes and relax. The earth energies should easily flow around you.

Connect To Air

To connect with the element Air sit on the ground and with palms facing up and hands before you make the ‘OK’ gesture then place the tips of your middle fingers together. Breath in and as you do so bring your hands level with your chest. When you breath out, turn your hands over and raise them above your head. Breath in again and pull your hands back down to your chest. Turn your hands over and breath out as you pull your hands back down to your thighs. Keep repeating as necessary.

Connect To Fire

Once again seated on the ground, connect with the elemental energy of Fire by bending your arms to a 90 degree angle. Make the “OK” gesture with your hands. Put your arms in front of you like you are trying to make a basket, do not let your finger touch. Breath in and push energy from your right side, around your right arm, to your left arm and back to and through your heart. Repeat this rotation until you feel the connection with the heat of fire..

Connect To Water

To connect with the element of water make a ‘W’ shape with your hands so that your thumbs are touching each other. Sitting in the same position as described above, place your hands in the ‘W’ position on your knees. As your breath in move your hands fluidly upward to about the level of your chest. As you breath out fluidly move your hands back down to your knees. Repeat as needed and feel the energy as you do so.

Connect To Spirit

Connecting with the element of Spirit seems to be easier. Place your elbows by you side, bend your arms to a 90 degree angle with your palms facing up. Tilt your head so that you can look at the sky. Close your eyes and slowly lift your hands above your head. Slowly bring your hands back down being careful to keep your palms facing upward.

Connect To Chaos

The connection to the element of Chaos is probably the hardest to do because conceptually it’s the hardest to understand. If you are like most people you probably don’t accept chaos as something useful. You may understand that it can be powerful but it may convey a feeling of danger, so you deny it into your body and life. To connect with the element of chaos you should sit with the bottoms of your feet touching each other and your arms in the same position as described for fire. Slowly straighten your arms out in front of you as you breath out and bring them into your chest as you breath in. Return to the original position holding your breath.

Feel The Energy

If you have gone through the exercises above you would have noticed that the energy feels different in each case. Once you have experienced and become more familiar with these individual elemental energies you can use them in a more simple way. Once you understand how they feel, what they do, how they react with your personal energy; try summoning them to you without using the exercises described above.

To do this you can begin by attempting to make ‘balls’ of elemental energy. Place your hands in front of you, palms facing each other and about four or five inches inches apart. Focus the energy between your hands. You should feel the same type of energy you were feeling when you did the exercises above. If you want to greater control over a specific element, also call up the opposite of the element. If you want to expand and amplify the energy you would call in it’s consort.

Now that you can channel these energies you can use them. This is simply done by calling upon them at any time you require their properties to help you. You use the force of your will to make things happen. For example you can use the energy of fire to finish a project and start a new one. The energy of water to allow emotions to surface, disperse and be processed. Any goal, material or spiritual will have corresponding energy in one of the elements. You can use them as protection or as a creative force. You can use them to access your inner world or the world of spiritual entities. It’s your experiment.

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