Duality Of Ascension

We would wish to thank you for your participation this evening in our talk on the duality of ascension. All that come to work upon spiritual growth, all that bring forth love and harmony and peace are all great masters bringing through work and opportunities.

This is Abby Haydon channeling “The Assembly of Light” she can be found at https://www.spiritualguidance.com

It is important to realize that much will be brought forth, many changes will come in the time that is left here, before this new era dawns. Your conception of Time will almost stand still, it will be changed. Time will go at different rates. Sometimes, you may feel that many hours have passed when only a minute has passed. You will be entering different dimensional frequencies.

You will be in other vibrational frequencies where the concept of time will be different. This will be only one of many experiences that you will have as your body and mind begin to accelerate toward a new dimensional frequency. You will begin to “see” Time differently. You will begin to bring many other changes forth. You will then begin to realize that you are “SAFE” and that all of your experiences are happening in harmony with this Divine Plane of Acceleration of Ascension.

duality of ascension


YOU are moving to a new level of existence and your being is working in new ways. You will be experiencing Time differently. You will feel, at times, “out of sync” with clocks and other tools that are used to measure the passing of liner Time. Know that this is an experience of great Love and Joy.

These experiences are happening for many reasons. We can only encourage you to feel comfortable and bring forth these changes. If you simply relax and allow yourself to have these experiences without creating great concern about them, without fear doubt or alarm, but know that they are part of a new emergence of energy, of the shifts in in the magnetic fields. All these energy shifts that are being brought forth are all working to bring into the space that you occupy a new dimensional frequency. You are as in two places at the same time. Part of you will be feeling as part of you third dimensional, usual, frequency, and another part will be feeling the higher level of this dimensional frequency.

You will be in a unique position that has not occurred for many, many centuries upon this planet. The energy of matter is being stepped up and vibrating at a more rapid, refined frequency. This is all part of this dimensional shift Some people will be on a higher vibrational frequency, and will still be on this plane of existence and functioning in their daily life, others will be vibrating at much higher rates and will be gone from this dimension as you perceive it. And so it is that you will see this chair, and those of you that will be vibrating at a higher frequency will still see the chair, and those that are at still higher, more extreme variables of higher frequencies will not see this chair at all but will see in it’s place a wholly different reality. But in essence, you will both be in the same place.

Those who are accelerating more rapidly, will be as what may be thought of as gone from here It has been the awareness of many that beings will leave this planet and physically be gone from this dimensional frequency. There will be those that will be vibrating at a higher dimensional frequency and will still be here on this planet that you know today. The consciousness will be different. For those who are resonating on a slightly higher frequency, will still feel as they are here upon this planet, and will be experiencing the Joy, the Oneness, the Beauty the higher frequencies of this dimension.

You will be experiencing life as feeling Bliss, as feeling Joy, as feeling much of the God- centered Unity that exists on the higher realms, but you will still be here You will still be functioning within this body. Going to the market and the library and other activities will still be part of your same existence This one aspect has been foreseen by many beings for much time.

There is another aspect that will be happening, where beings will be at a much higher frequency and will not appear to be here physically as you may perceive the chair or the lamp or any other of the objects that are on this planet in the third dimensional frequency.

This new age, this new era, this new level of consciousness, this new way of functioning offers these two potentials of functioning for many humans. You may feel that you would wish to leave this level of life functioning completely or you would wish to stay and experience the Oneness and the Unity, the connectedness, the Bliss, the Divine God Christ consciousness here at this level of functioning on this planet. It is not the choice of your conscious mind to make, It is the choice of the totality of all the aspects of yourself to make.

For now, you presently exist on many dimensional frequencies other then this life where you are perceiving this communication. You are many beings, many thoughts and many existence’s all happening as “Now” It will be as a harmonious aspect, as an experience of unification of all of these aspects of yourself, that will either know that it is time to accelerate to a much faster vibration or whether you may experience Harmony and Unity within all yourselves and remain here in a only slightly faster vibrational frequency.

Eventually, within a long space of time, it will we that all beings will be at much higher levels of functioning. This is an individual experience. It is as some babies walk at 6 months and some walk at two years. so will you walk into another dimension. Some faster then others. Each will be in their own state of Harmony with themselves and their transformation. You will be doing exactly what is right for all the aspects of yourself. It is a harmony of that which you may call your Higher Self,or your Primal Self, or what you may call your subconscious, your inner child, and your aspects of yourself that are living other lives in other time frames dimensions, galaxies, and universes.

These are the aspects of yourself that you are not consciously aware of as you live your life in this reality you call life on Earth. All these will be in agreement, as they might not be at this moment. All these aspects will harmonize and be brought to a state of fullness. You may figuratively and literally will vibrate out of this reality, or you may stay here and enjoy a more refined, harmonious aspect of existence here. Either way will be filled with great beauty.

You will not consciously realize or choose which which aspect of existence you will live in. Know that either way-, this will be very beautiful. It is an experience of coming closer to the Godhead. It is that which you consider that Divine God Energy. Either way you are going closer to this energy You may be taking a large leap or a smaller step. Either way you are coming closer to experiencing, in manifestation, that Divine Essence that you are, and which you are a part of. that you have always been a part of. This is an end to the feelings of separation, and end to the feeling that you are not united with the Divine God Essence. Know that All is working harmoniously, in every aspect of your being. All that you are hoping for, all that you are feeling budding within yourself, will be brought forth with great ease.

See The Vision

We would wish to give to you this vision: See yourself in a beautiful forest. It is getting to be dark. It is the time of twilight, the time when night approaches. Know that there is a beautiful doorway standing in the middle of a open glen within the middle of this forest. This doorway and the door that is there is a beautiful golden door with many beautiful symbols of Unity and Oneness that have been handed down form many centuries upon this planet and in other dimensional frequencies as well. As you come closer to this door, you begin to have the feelings of Beauty and Harmony.

You are at the door and reaching out for the handle. The door opens easily. When you walk through the door, you will have a wonderful experience. Your experience will fall into one of these two general categories: One will be that you walk through this doorway and you will see the same setting as before, the forest, the night falling, but everything will be as vibrantly alive. You will se beautiful light energy radiating from every object. You will also feel this beautiful light energy. You will see yourself connected to this beautiful energy and to every object. You will look down at your hands, at your body at your feet and it will still be you, but you will see this wonderful light energy going through you. You will feel this Divine Bliss within yourself. You will connect to the state of Bliss that everything you see in this forest is also connected to. You will radiate this feeling of oneness. You will know that this is the Unity of God in manifestation.

The other type of experience will be very unique. You will walk through this doorway and nothing will look familiar You will not see familiar objects. You will not see colors that are familiar to you. You will see nothing that is like the forest on the other side of the door. Everything that you do see will vibrate and swirl with energy. The objects will speak to you . They will soothe you, and touch you. You will just as harmonious, just as much at peace as the other experience would make you feel if you were having it. These are representations of the two types of experiences that await you. This vision represents the two types of light transformation that are coming to the conscious beings on this planet.

These visions represent a whole new existence. No matter which experience you have, remember that one is not better than the other, it is only different. Know that all the aspects of yourself are choosing the correct experience for you. It has not to do with more evolved or less evolved, it has to do with what is right for you The term God has been very over used and under experienced. An what is coming is just that : an enhanced, improved, energized experience of God. It will be a feeling, a sensing, a knowing, not an intellectual idea.. God is not something you can read in a book, it is a knowing of what is already known.

This is the new dimension of existence that is coming to you. As you grow and expand, you will feel great peace about your decisions and you will have total acceptance of your new experiences. At first their may be confusion and what seems to be lack of structure. Familiar landmarks may disappear. Structures that have given you security will leave, and be replaced simply with feelings of knowing. This is a great blessing and honor to be in manifestation and to bring this forth now. It is the birthing of the new existence to come.

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