Don’t Let Fear Stop Manifestation

Fear may well be the BIGGEST block to Manifestations that you have. It prevents you from manifestation of all kinds – wealth, relationships, health and of course abundance in general. As always, fear and doubt go hand-in-hand especially when it comes to wealth manifestations. Don’t let fear stop manifestation, here is how you can handle it. I am going to explain this in detail, because I want to show you how you can apply the “holy trinity” (hey look i borrowed that from religion) of your conscious mind, subconscious mind and your higher self to handle any fear you experience.

BUT let me clear up something first. How you handle fear is what impacts manifestation. You can either multiply your manifestations or just allow them to be blocked. In fact, once you master the handling of fear you will start manifesting GREAT things in your life, in LEAPS AND BOUNDS. I absolutely guarantee that. Let’s examine fear for a moment and afterwards I will explain why.

don't let fear stop manifestation

Fear And It’s Message For You

Don’t let fear stop manifestation, it’s trying to tell you something. Fear is a message to you, saying:

“I think you are not prepared for what’s coming!”

This message is not a bad message in itself. It’s simply a message. In fact it can be very helpful at times.


How you respond to this message is going to make all the difference in the world. There are different ways that you can respond to the message that fear brings, but only one of them leads to great manifestation.

Your Response To The Message In Your Fear

Here they are:

Some people take the power of this message and turn it into worry. How do you do that? You take it inside and internalise it. What does that do you? You probably guessed that impresses your subconscious mind with a negative outcome. Remember your subconscious mind is impacted by strong emotions and feelings. Worrisome images and negative thoughts will only impress your subconscious mind and manifest more of them. You don’t want that! DON’T push the fear deep down and turn it into worry and negative emotions. That can lead to depression and major blocks to your manifestations.

Manifestation A Better Way

So, what should you do? Since you don’t want to impress your subconscious mind with negative thoughts, instead of internalising the fear you should externalise it. Use your conscious mind to take action. Let the conscious mind deal with it, NOT the subconscious mind.

Always and I mean always, impress your subconscious mind with JOYFUL feelings only. Protect it from negative emotions and images. You may ask “How do I use my conscious mind to deal with fear?” There are two ways that you can use your conscious mind to deal with fear, and only one of the two leads to great manifestations.

Some people externalise the fear and take action BUT, they do it destructively by being aggressive or angry. I’d say an absolute no to that. That may give some people temporary relief, but it’s not socially acceptable and most importantly it doesn’t address the message that your fear had in the first place – “you are not prepared”

Don’t Let Fear Stop Manifestation – Best Response

So finally, here’s your BEST response:

Take Action Constructively. That means that you should see what it is that you think you need to do to prepared for that which creates your fear. Take concrete steps. That’s the best way to erase fear without impacting your subconscious mind with images of worry. Use your conscious mind to handle fear – bring it to light and gather information to prepare for whats coming. That’s all fear is trying to tell you: “You think you are not prepared”. Once you recognise this and address it, it will go away.

Every time, fear starts showing it’s face, call it out! “OK OK, you are trying to tell me I am not prepared for this situation/event/person/whatever?” and then take action towards preparation. Fear will dissipate, even disappear when you recognise it’s message and take the appropriate action. Your higher self allows you to remove yourself from the perspective of being inside a situation. It allows you to stand back and take a broader view. When you master this it makes your fears smaller and farther away. Don’t let fear stop manifestation you can take this to the next level with any of my workshops. You can go even deeper into the advanced level and address the preparation. That’s where you can unleash the power of the subconscious mind…

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