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Greetings and Salutations! Many thanks for being here at this time. Many thanks for allowing yourself to be with this energy. We have begun on a new direction. We have come to discuss the beauties and the nature of what will be happening to your physical form, and what will be happening with many of your life agendas that you may have in front of you. Now it is time to concentrate on areas that will become of great importance to you in the next few months. As this year comes to its time of fullness, which we would describe the time of summer, you will then beginning to see many of these changes coming forth and taking place within your life. You will begin to see energy infusions coming into your life. This will be, as what we may call large blocks of energy that will be bringing with it movement and new direction into your life. You will begin to see certain areas of your life changing dramatically. This will be because there is an infusion of energy that you may think of as a cube or rectangular energy formation that will begin to connect to one area of your life and then begin to change this area and to bring forth healing and growth. So it is that you will then begin to bring forth new life experiences and you will find that this energy will be removing obstacles out of the way dramatically.

It will be as going before you in your life. It will be clearing the path. It will be releasing any changes that are necessary to be brought forth. It will be as harmonizing and balancing this area once this change had been brought forth. This is a time when great changes are coming to the forefront for all who are here upon this planet. It is a time when you will be receiving energy to bring these changes forth. The energy that comes about form your life experience will begin to grow and expand. It will begin work in many miraculous ways. It will begin to bring change to your life that you may feel have been stagnant or have not changed as dramatically as others. There will be several awakenings to new understanding, there will be many new organizations brought forth. There will be many different businesses and enterprises brought forth. There will be many unusual aspects of energy to be shared.

We would wish to encourage all to bring forth these changes and to allow this energy work in your life and do not try to block this or bring fear to this or in any way retard this progress. It will be going on for a short period of time. Then the energy will be dissipated and will be forming in a new direction upon this planet. So you may wish to think of one area of your life that you would wish to direct this energy to. It may be as your career, perhaps it would be your personal or romantic life, or it may be as dealing with your family and children. It may be for working on certain projects that are very dear to your heart. It may be that there are many things that you would wish to bring fullness to. Know that you may choose the direction in which you wish to have this energy utilized. You may choose the way this energy is being shared. You may choose the way in which you may wish to have this energy brought forth. So it is that you may also be bringing forth this energy to bring closure to a situation or to expand a new situation. We would encourage you to utilize this energy wisely. For it will be available to you for a short period of time. By the time that the season of Autumn has come into full swing, this energy will no longer be accessible. We would wish to encourage you to be realize that this is an important time and much beautiful, loving and compassionate beings are working with you to bring forth this energy.

They want to help you bring forth the nature of who you are and So we would wish to give to you this vision what you are capable of. It is the vision of the beautiful GOLDEN CIRCLE. We would wish to create for you and have you see a beautiful circle that is made out of a thin golden line. You may see it as out in space. It will be coming towards you. This beautiful circle will be very large, and right in front of you. It is then a scene or a symbol, or a person or a name or a word will come and be within that circle. It is then that this will give to you an idea of what it is that you would wish to direct this energy towards. Allow yourself to be sitting easily and effortlessly with this symbol. This symbol is a representation to you for what your Higher Self or Divine God Essence wishes to have you work upon. This symbol may not be that which you may feel is most important in your life, such finances, career or children. It is that this energy formation that is here will allow you to bring forth the changes to the areas indicated by the symbol. Know that this symbolic representation to you may also be utilized in another way. You may see this symbol coming forth you may see this block or beam of energy going through this symbol and bringing to you what it is that needs to be energized. You will see that the symbol will change colors after it has been energized by this beam of energy. Think of these as beautiful tools to utilize as you progress on your journey of transformation and energy expansion. For it is that you are all travelers now upon this road of expansion. It is not good to think upon this as having no choice. It is best to think upon this as a trend that is best to be used and also worked upon by energies of the planet.

We wish to compare this to a negative aspect. This is one of the major wars that you have had on your planet. For the one at the middle of this century, although it was only going on in places it effected the energies of the whole world. The whole planet was focused upon this and effected by it. So it is that even I this positive vein that is coming, only a small percentage of the major population will be actively engaged in working with these energies that are coming in, it will affect the whole planet. It will bring about changes. There will be energy infusions to everywhere upon the planet as well as places where the focus of this energy is not thought of as important or even necessary. Those of you who are focusing this energy within your own personal life, are giving direction to this. You are giving growth and expansion to the universe. You are helping this to formulate for the whole planet simply by working upon yourself and bringing forth the energies that are available. We would encourage this work to be done in the evening hours. As late in the evening as possible, before it is time for you to retire for the evening. It is at this time not a great amount of brain wave activity in the area in which you will be dwelling. You may find it easier to focus your energies at this time. So know that this transformation is being experienced is very valuable and very worthwhile. You will be able to bring forth these changes easily if you are willing to spend a small period of time focusing this energy and bring forth the goodness and the joy that is there for you. So we would wish to encourage you to think upon these energy changes. Think upon this potential. Think upon the fullness and the joy that is available to you. Know that you are in many ways blessed to be able to have this experience of consciously directing where this energy can best bring forth healing and growth in your life. For even to become aware of this energy potential is valuable. To be aware of how to use this potential is also very valuable. We would only wish to encourage you to realize that you have within your being, within yourself, a great opportunity to bring forth growth and change. To contribute to this Divine venture of transformation that is being brought forth is fortuitous indeed. For as this year comes to a close, there will be many powerful energies coming to this planet. There will be visitations of many types. This will be reported within the news media. Know that there will also be a time when the seismic activity of the planet will start to react and there will be eruptions on many levels. So know that the end of this year brings with it much change and transformation. It brings with it much need for healing, focus and determination. By utilizing the energy that is coming through now, you will be able to enhance these experiences as they come to the height of their fullness. Know that these energies that are coming forth are there for you to take advantage of.

You will not only be finding ways to direct them, you will also be having helpers, that will assist you in ways to use this energy. These helpers may be on the physical material level, or they may be on the etheric levels, the non-tangible levels. You will find ways in which to experience communication with them. So there will be great help and assistance in bringing this forth. If there is an area that has come forth to your consciousness through this vision, that needs to be expanded, then allow this to be your focus. You may have to redirect some of your life experiences and change some of the opportunities that are coming to you and utilize them differently. Then you will see the potential of this energy coming through, and you will feel honored and gifted that you are able to use this potential at this time. Know now that whatever symbol has come to you, it will become a very important part of your life, even if, at this time , it does not seem to be active or energized. So know that some of the ideas and concepts that are coming to you may be overwhelming, know that you are capable of integrating this into your life. Now we wish to encourage you now to think upon a new way of ordering your daily existence. This will also be helpful to you in making the most of this block of energy coming through. You may wish to re-arrange your schedule or work or eating. You may want to do some of your activities differently. This will all fall into place naturally, or will seem to be the most natural, harmonious way to deal with this when situations come up. You may find yourself working all night, or eating dinner at 4 in the afternoon, or doing many activities differently. Know that this is necessary for several reasons. First it is necessary to redistribute the energies that you use in your life. They may open or expand. Know that this restructuring of when you do certain activities will also help you to be more flexible to working with the new energies. Then there will also be times within your life when you will feel these energies more strongly. You will feel the desire to have them expand and grow in your life. Know that this energy and your new schedule will work harmoniously. You may not always wish to continue to utilize yur time in this manner permanently, but for this short time you will be working upon this and it will be easy to make these changes and expand into this new potential.

These new beings and energies are coming into your existence are coming into you life serve as guides. Their main purpose is to help you to use this energy. It is like you are holding a very large fire hose. Energy is streaming out of this hose. These guides are helping you to use the nozzle to enlarge the flow or decrease it, depending on what activities you will be having in your life. You will be guided at times to expand the flow of this energy. At times, when you may be engaged in business or family activities, the flow will be decreased. You will be instructed on how to expand or decrease the amount of this energy coming through your life. During the evening hours this infusion of energy may come strongly. It may be decreased during certain times in the daytime. This will also be adaptable to your own personal situation. If you work all evening, you may bring forth this energy in the morning. You will be able to coordinate your life to find the times when you will be freest to direct it. The effect of this energy on all states of consciousness will be profound to you. There will be a new vividness within the dream state. You will be having dreams that are clearer, easier to understand and also dreams that have more spiritual significance to you. The sleep state will become be deep and will be shortened as well. You will feel very rested if you only have 2 or 3 hours sleep. You will also realize a greater intensity within your waking state. This will be seem by noticing that events are going smoothly. Many projects and situations that need to happen will be going easily and effortlessly. You will feel a greater intensification of your appreciation of beauty, Nature and music. Sound will become a very important aspect. It will assist you in bringing forth this new potential. There will be times when you may wish to explore this energy in a way that has been discussed as astral traveling. You may go into a relaxed physical state where you may leave the body and sail out upon this energy field to new directions awaiting you. This will help you to journey directly to other dimensions and galaxies and other aspects of consciousness, so that you may see easily; within yourself what it is that existence really is. We would wish to encourage you to be open to these ideas. As you expand your awareness, as you bring forth your growth, you will also be utilizing the potentials of Humanity and what you know it has been created for. Once the direction starts to expand on this new project, that it will be amazing to you how these new ways of being will come forth by themselves. It will be like a wonderful wave of energy, washing over you and showing you that you are capable of this change. Everything that you have felt that you are in your heart you will bring forth with ease. Be easy with these ideas; think upon them. This is only one of the many energy fluctuations that are coming . It is our purpose to make you aware of this energy infusion so that you may work with it in the most appropriate ways for you, and utilize to the fullest what this energy wishes to share with you.

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