Discover Past Lives

Seven Simple Steps for Discovering Your Past Lives:

(1) Read Edgar Cayce Books on Reincarnation

THIS is the single most convincing step you can take to increase your belief in the possibility of reincarnation. It will increase your belief in spiritual matters as well. The Cayce books take up whole shelves in libraries and book stores.

Read chapter six and seven of Odyssey of the Soul, Apocatastasis, by Chilton, Harmon, and Light.

READ Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss, M.D.

PREPARING yourself with knowledge about past lives enables you to better recall your own.

(2) Pay Attention to Your Dreams

DREAMS in which you seem to be in another time and place are often indicative of a past life. Dreams in which you seem to be you but don’t look like you can also indicate a past life. Immediately upon awakening, write down or speak into a recorder how you felt in the dream, what happened and anything else that comes to mind. Paper and pen or pencil or a tape recorder should always be kept by your bed for this purpose.

WHEN you have a chance later in the day, sit and contemplate this information. Close your eyes. Relax your body from the head down or toes up. Then focus your eyes on the middle of your forehead (or between your eyebrows if this is difficult) and say or think: “Show me more about the past life I saw in my dream.” Start thinking about your dream. Let your mind drift more and more from the room you are in to the dream. Pay attention to the pictures you see and/or the impressions you receive. Be persistent with this. Nothing much may happen the first time, or even the second or the third time, but eventually your subconscious will “get the picture” and so will you. If it doesn’t happen “right then”, you may receive more in another dream.

(3) Learn Self Hypnois

CHECK the yellow pages for a professional hypnotist or hypnotherapist. Call each of them. Ask if they teach self-hypnosis and how many sessions this will require. (One to three sessions is average.) Set up free consultations with those you feel drawn to and while you are there check out their credentials, which should be posted prominently on the wall. 200 CLASS Hours is minimal for hypnotists and 300 CLASS HOURS is minimal for hypnotherapists. Ask all the questions you can at this consultation – no question is too silly. Hypnotists are used to people misunderstanding hypnosis because of years of misrepresentation.

THE ADVANTAGES to learning self-hypnosis from a hypnotist rather than a book are that you actually experience the process under the watchful guidance of a hypnotist who can help you find the most effective personalized method for you and can make a tape for you to practice this method at home.

(4) Seek out a Hypnotist or a Past Life Therapist That Uses Hypnosis

PSYCHICS can often “tell” you about one or more of your past lives, but that isn’t nearly as “real” or as satisfying (and often not as accurate) as experiencing a past life regression. Hypnosis enhances cellular memory as well as mental recall and will increase the feeling of ‘being there” – though it will sometimes take several regressions to “trust” yourself to “let go” and move deeper into the feeling. Further, there is no healing possible without the realization and experiencing of the past life.

(5) Know Your Subconscious Mind Has Perfect Memory

The subconscious mind uses the brain and the body for physical experience, but exists independently of the brain and the body. The subconscious is part of the spirit and as such does not die when the body dies. The subconscious is one of the most precise keepers of time known to humans. In a university study, subjects were hypnotized and told that at a certain signal the subconscious was to begin keeping precise track of each passing second. Each student was then given a precise number of seconds varying from thousands to millions of seconds and told that the instant this number of seconds passed they would feel a need to stop the stop watch, even if they were asleep. They were told once they had stopped the stop watch, they were to return it. The students were then sent out to go about their daily routines. The precision and accuracy with which the subconscious carried out these instructions was astonishing. If the subconscious can keep track of millions of seconds, why not hundreds, or thousands, or millions of years?

(6) Accept What Your Receive From Your Subconscious as Meaningful to You

IT IS POSSIBLE to tune into the past life of another rather than your own. If this happens, it is usually because that life holds great relevancy to your spirit. It does not matter so much to your spirit whether you were that person, what matters is that you gain from the knowledge available in a review of that lifetime.

REVIEWING another lifetime – whether your own or that of another – and gaining greater awareness and understanding of the events that happened, why they happened, and how they might have been altered for the greater good is spiritual growth for the spirit. When the spirit learns and grows, the mind gains greater balance and a balanced mind ensures a healthy body and a wise spirit.

EXPRESS any emotions you are feeling in the regression. Do not be concerned whether they are “real then”, they are “real now”. You are relating deeply to an event that triggers your emotions. The hypnotherapist will help you to know what to do with these emotions.

DON’T concern yourself with whether the past life is imagination or real. Your subconscious is bringing it to you because it has meaning for you. It may be the mind’s way of representing events going on in your life today. It may be an actual past life memory. Whichever it is, you can gain emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually by releasing the “negative” thoughts and emotions in the experience and replacing them with “positive” thoughts and emotions as you learn from the lesson presented to you..

(7) Research Details From Your Past Life Recall

Even small details can be convincing validation of your experience. You can be as scientific or non-scientific as you wish to be with this… is your life….and lives. At the very least, you will learn more about history in one of the most fascinating ways possible. At the most, you may add to the growing body of experiential and scientific evidence for reincarnation.

Authors Details: Discover Past Lives  –  Dr. Hugh Harmon, Ph.D. and Pamela Chilton Web Site


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