Directing Your Passage Into The New Age

Beloved masters, you have heard repeatedly that these are the end times, and many of you have moved into fear because you perceive this as a negative or cataclysmic occurrence. Let us assure you that you have been in the “end times” all of this lifetime. It will be as positive or negative as you choose to make it, for you are the writer and director of the script called “Your passage into the New Age.”

The energies of the third dimension are being brought into balance, and the energies of the higher dimensions are revving up as you become clear receptacles for the refined frequencies of Light. We speak often of returning to “Oneness.” Now allow us to give you a more in-depth explanation of the process.

We have explained how you are beginning to balance and integrate the many facets of yourselves, and how you are being reunited with your soul families both in the physical and spiritual realms. This is what you have yearned for and are striving to attain, and many of you have succeeded admirably. As you rise above fear and judgment, you begin to see the world through our senses with greater understanding, compassion and allowance. You radiate unconditional love and you trust the Divine process by staying focused on the eternal present. You realize that whatever is placed before you is ultimately for your highest good. All you have to do is observe, process, integrate and take the appropriate action as you move forward toward the next challenge or opportunity. Your lessons may be more subtle now, but they are coming forth into your consciousness at a faster and faster pace.

You are becoming more sensitive to the energies and thought forms of those around you as you begin to activate your telepathic skills, which is one of the many facets of unity consciousness. As some of you move toward mastership you wonder why your efforts are not being rewarded or why others perceive you differently than you perceive yourselves. Dear hearts, you must constantly monitor the thought forms/energies you project to others for they will not be easily deceived. Are you still in doubt of your self-worth/abilities? Is ego still a strong motivating force within you? Are you still playing the self-sacrificing martyr as you seek the approval of others? As you become what we like to call a “living meditation” you will automatically observe and monitor your thoughts as they drift into your consciousness. You will be discerning as to what you register in your subconscious and conscious minds as your truth, and you will speak and act positively with the highest integrity.

The wondrous healing Light of your Higher Self will permeate every facet of your Being as you seek a perfect balance within and without. Just as creation/evolution began with the whole or complete “Self of the God Mind” and radiated out into ever smaller fractal portions of Self, the process is now being reversed. It is inevitable. What we wish you to become aware of is this: not only are those who resonate to the higher fourth and fifth dimensions returning to unity consciousness, so are those who are steeped in the illusion of the third dimension, thereby compounding and magnifying the fear, guilt, hate and suffering. What you call television and your world wide web access of information via computers has made your world a small place indeed. You know almost instantly what is taking place around the world and you are constantly bombarded with the ideologies and doctrines of other races and cultures. You are watching as the world dramas take place and you are an active participant via your opinions, beliefs and emotions. Envision a wide band of energy surrounding the Earth. Herein resonate the thought forms of the third-dimensional mass consciousness-there is a wide diversity of thought, but it is mostly overlaid with fear, a sense of separation and ego-motivated concepts.

See yourselves (those of you who are well on your way toward integrating your Spirit Self) as you penetrate and move through this third-dimensional band of energy-it is no longer your reality and so it does not affect you. You have built a column of crystalline Light around yourself so that you can attune to your I AM Presence and the wondrous frequencies of the higher dimensions. Here is where you access your highest truths, receive new information and are bathed in the healing waves of Divine Love/Light from the Creator. Here is where you are reunited with your soul families and where we come together with you in communion and reunion. Those who are functioning in the reality of the third dimension experience this process very differently. There is a feeding frenzy of fear as they tap into the negativity of others. There is a broad spectrum of negative possibilities from which to choose, and once a person taps into a concept and takes it within their consciousness it is magnified exponentially. This drama is being played out around the world as families, neighbors, communities, corporations, religions and nations challenge each other, trying to dominate, conquer and destroy, or at the least, bring those with different beliefs into alignment with their doctrines as they endeavor to validate what they perceive to be the only truth.

The world is watching as the great country called the United States of America strives to become reunited. The political scenario that is being played out is a result of the mass consciousness beliefs of the citizens of the USA. We have explained how the spiritual centers of the New Age will be in North and South America where a great melting pot of humanity dwells-where every race is represented-where every civilization in this universe is represented as well. Can you not see that the Spirit consciousness of this great country is striving for balance and reunification? Diversity is a part of the Creator’s plan, but no thing or no one is to be held as better or above another. In the beginning you were all created equal as Divine Sparks of Love/Light. You are the ones who created the concepts of lesser than or more than one another. The world leaders are reflections of the mass consciousness of the peoples who are under their rule.

Those seeking power will be subjected to the dominance of others who are more powerful. Those who are motivated by greed will live in a world where they cannot trust others, and where their riches will bring them no satisfaction, no matter how great or grand. Those who seek love and self-worth outside themselves are doomed to a lonely life of yearning, for Spirit cannot dwell within a heart that is closed. We would have you know that there are wonderful spiritual leaders all over the world working behind the scenes or waiting in the wings.

There are members at all levels in every government and business quietly going about their chosen missions-allowing Spirit to work through them as they infiltrate and cast Light in the dark corners and change outmoded beliefs. It is time to take stock, beloveds: are you tapping into the mind set of doom and gloom or cataclysm because of the belief that God is punishing humanity for its sins? Do you find the world a more friendly place in these latter days, or has it become more fearful for you because you are not willing to allow us to guide, protect you and lighten your path? We will become real to you and we will take an active part in your lives if you will only allow us to do so. Are you functioning mostly in the mode of doubt, fear, criticism, guilt and negativity which fuels and feeds the shadow side of humanity and the third-dimensional mass consciousness? Or are you casting your Light wherever you go as you strive for greater and greater harmony within? As you become clear conduits or receptacles for the Light, you help to nurture and replenish the Earth’s vibrant energy, and through your loving intent, you also return to us the gift of God’s pure Light which has been blended with the frequencies of the Earth. This is Love/Light fuel that we can then distribute and shower down on Earth where it is most needed, for it is tempered with the human heart element so that it can readily be accessed and absorbed by those reaching up and out of the bonds of their third-dimensional prison and the illusion of the mass consciousness. You are the examples, my brave ones, the intermediaries between heaven and Earth who are anchoring the Light as you show the way.

It is true that there are many great changes taking place upon and within the Earth. It is true that many dear souls are choosing to transcend into the realm of Spirit, by their own choice, we remind you, to await a time when they will have a greater opportunity to fulfill their mission on Earth. You must begin to view death in a new Light, beloveds. It is not an end, but a beginning. You have made the transition into the realms of Light many times; you have just forgotten. The mass consciousness mind set of “Life at all costs” must be changed. For so many, the physical vessel has become a painful prison and brave souls are being kept alive against their wishes by physicians with a misguided sense of duty. Each of you must make your wishes known by taking control of your life and the way you wish to make your transition. Again, the mass consciousness rules, but you can move beyond and decide how you will live your life and how you will experience your transition. Seemingly, each of you make your journey from the spiritual realm alone as you descend into the material world, for the veil is drawn across your memory as your Spirit merges with the physical vessel.

The truth is that your guardian angels and guides are there as you take your first breath and are with you all the days of your many lives. For many ages it has been the belief that you must also make the journey back into the spirit world alone, but neither is this true. Many wondrous Beings are waiting to greet you and assist you into the realms of Light-your true home. Your living family and loved ones can also assist each other in the process of transition by sharing fond memories, and expressions of love. Assure your loved ones who are nearing transition that your separation is only an illusion and you can reach across the realms via your loving energy and intent-this is the key that opens all doors and transcends all levels of consciousness. Beloveds, you must decide which you will serve: the shadow side of the Earth’s consciousness or the side of Light and freedom. As you bravely step forth (as you have so many times before), you will find that your burdens seem lighter, your days will seem brighter and filled with miracles, small and large. You will move through your tests and trials with a minimum of effort and the sweetness of solitude will be enhanced, for you will be comforted by the presence of your angelic friends and guides. Be steadfast and determined as you eliminate all that is deterring you from attaining your vision of the future. View yourself, your beliefs and actions objectively so that you may gain a true picture of what is keeping you from claiming your Divine birthright as a cocreator of love, beauty, joy, harmony and abundance.

Close your eyes for a moment, precious friends, as we bathe you in the sparkling Essence of God’s love. Know that you are surrounded and protected by a host of angels and that your I AM Presence is radiating a full measure of blessings down upon you. As your earthly calendar year comes to a close and you look forward to a new year, so should you look forward to the New Age of en-LIGHTEN-ment and the end of your travail on Earth. We are aware of the trials and tests you have endured and passed, and we know what you have accomplished. We also know that your greatest desire is to serve the way of Light, and the mighty forces of Heaven are ready to assist you.

I AM Archangel Michael and I bring you these truths.

Authors Details:Ronna Herman Channeling Archangel Michael

Ronna Herman is a spiritual astrologer, counselor, new age practioner and teacher. She is also an internationally-known author, lecturer and fully conscious channel for Archangel Michael. The Authors Web Site


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