Devloping Psychic Ability – Part 2

(…Continued from Developing Psychic Ability Part 1)

Psychic Ability & Predictions

Some of the people who have written to me have told me how they predicted a plane crash, a car accident or some other major event. This sometimes causes great concern, which is understandable because these are often things we are unable to change. You can’t just walk into the airport and say “One of your planes is going crash!” Chances are folks will think you are a little disturbed.

So why then do we have these big premonitions? Often our psychic sense has been giving us little reminders that it is there, small insignificant signs. We may brush these off as being merely coincidence, so in an effort to get our attention, we see something larger, something more dramatic. This is our psychic awareness waking up and shouting, “Look, I’m here! Take notice.” It often works too! When people do write to me about these premonitions, they are in fact starting to discover their own psychic gifts. When you finally acknowledge that the gift is there, you will find the big events start to disappear, allowing you to concentrate on developing your skill in a more humble fashion.

Psychic intuition is a thought-based talent, and it can feel like you are remembering an experience that was not yours. Often what comes into your mind is a picture, much like a photograph. These “photos” can be black and white, color, still or moving like a short movie. There are also feelings to be picked up. This may not happen as quickly as the “photos,” as this is a deeper form of psychic awareness, but they may be a lot more important. The role of a psychic or medium often goes beyond just giving messages or making predictions. They need compassion and good communication skills to act upon the information received.

Please remember you are dealing with people’s emotions; mediums need experience in presenting this information. For this reason, please do not expect to be able to give readings immediately. You may also fail more than you succeed, and end up spoiling your chances for respect and credibility.

Of note here is another aspect of both psychic and medium development. It’s all too easy to become a little proud of yourself and think you are “special.” Let me tell you now, this attitude is a road to disaster and failure! Remember there are many people the world over who do predictions and have psychic abilities; you are just someone who has awakened your own skills. This thought will serve you well: be humble and have respect for those you are able to read for and you will continue to develop.

Please also adopt a policy of respect. You hold within you a special gift and great responsibility goes with it. People you read for will have come to you from many different backgrounds and belief systems. They may come in fear, sorrow and with little understanding. Your job is to inspire them and make them feel worthwhile, while at the same time honestly conveying what you pick up. Take your time to explain things they may not understand, but don’t rattle on beyond what they are ready to hear. This discernment will come to you, but it is good to think on these matters from the outset.

Developing Mediumship

I sometimes get asked how people can develop their own mediumship skills. While the process is not difficult, intention, sensitivity and respect for others are important.

Most would be mediums train in a development circle or with a teacher. A good place to start is your local Spiritualist church, as many groups start from there. However, you may have to be invited or wait for a suitable opening.

I advise all seeking to develop mediumship to first awaken their psychic skills, then read about other mediums and learn how they get their information. Give yourself an idea of what to expect, what is possible, what could be fantasy. Build a firm base on which to expand, and be patient but explorative. Pay attention to your dreams and what they tell you and allow them to guide you. Although you can develop the skills on your own, try to find someone who will study with you.

Contacting Your Spirit Guide

Our expectations of how spirits contact us are often too high. Spirit existence can best be described as thought energy, so it makes sense for them to contact us through our own thoughts. But how do you tell the difference between spirits and your own mind? The thoughts will sound like your own, but they may also be of better clarity, more structured and eloquent in delivery.

If you can still your mind, as with meditation for example, you may be able to detect these thoughts better. Ask questions, but don’t ask for predictions for your own life, and see what thoughts come to you.

“If you believe there are limits, you will work within them. If you believe there are no limits, then you may go beyond the generally accepted methods of communication.”
– Robin Stevens

How Do You Know?

How do prove to yourself that your psychic ability is real? By experience. You store the episodes in your memory. All those things you knew that came true, all the things you could tell other people about themselves, each and every episode fuels your proof. At some point, chance and coincidence are mathematically no longer a factor. You search your feelings, you begin to trust yourself and see the good you are doing and the comfort you are giving. The mysteries of the universe lay before you, no longer mysterious, but like a giant unread book.

Then you remember God gave you the capacity to read.

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