Dealing With Fear Part 4

…Continued From Dealing With Fear Part 3

General Information About Fear

The universal truth that we are all magnificent beings of light and powerful creators is not easy to swallow when you are feeling like a victim. You may need to play with the concept that you create your own reality as a hypothesis and simply discover, from your experiences and experiments, the enormous power you have. It is what you believe and focus upon that determines what comes into your life. This is the central point to understand.

If you have accepted the basic idea that you can create what you want but don’t see how to make it work for you, the companion workbook on Manifestation, by Toraya Ayres can help.

The fact is that much of the process of dealing with fear is a matter of giving up victimhood and mastering conscious creation from the inside out. If your fear is of an outer event in the future, then look to see what you have focused upon inside. You may prevent the event you don’t want by focusing upon what you do want. Shift your focus.
If you are unsure about what you want and clear about what you do not want, ask for assistance from your Higher Self and use the exercises in this workbook. This kind of situation usually means a need for some kind of emotional healing. It is following your excitement that guides you on your spiritual path. If your feelings are not easily available to you, some kind of emotional healing is needed to allow them to come more clearly into your consciousness. It is better to ask for help in any case, as you seek the path of greatest fulfillment.

Fear as a feeling of separation
In essence, fear is cause by a sense of separation from the universal life and loving spirit in which all of physical and non-physical manifestation is One. There are no exceptions to this. Learn to take note when you are feeling separate, whether from other people, nature, God or spirit. To be free of fear, you will need to be willing to allow different beliefs and concepts into your mind. This feeling of separation is a false perception built into third density experience but one you are capable of moving beyond. As earth moves through her ascension process we are all clearing fear from our systems and making room for more light, love and trust. Sometimes the clearing will take the form of physical illness.

Fear of our power, fear of enlightenment
As Marianne Williamson has reminded us in a quote often attributed to Nelson Mandela, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

Fear of lack of love or light
Fear comes when you forget that light is a thousand times more powerful than darkness.
And love is the most powerful force in the universe. If you attempt to solve a problem in an unloving way, either by not loving yourself, or by using unloving communications with another, you will probably feel fear. This is because self-betrayal is involved. If you balk at looking into the dark side of a situation, you will feel fear. This kind of fear disappears when you move straight into the unknown, willing to see and know what is there. The heart of the unknown is light even if you have to go through darkness to find it.
“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff shall comfort me.” (The Twenty-Third Psalm)

Fear caused by giving away your power
Be aware of any area of selfhood in which you have given away your sense of personal power, whether to another person, the other sex, the government, a religion, a philosophy, the ETs, or a credit card company! You are a sovereign entity, responsible for what you create, with access to unlimited love, power and wisdom. At this time on Earth, you are in process of bringing all the parts of yourself home to integrate them. The powerful being you are can live without struggle and effort.

Fear caused by accepting negative or limiting beliefs
Fear can be caused by lack of trust in yourself. It can be caused by seeing others as potential victims (not trusting the divinity within them), fearing loss, forgetting the bigger picture in which all is divine, not setting personal boundaries, and so forth.

These are all examples of the results of accepting some kind of negative/limiting belief. In that area of life, it seems that fear is unavoidable. “Proofs” of this will be in your mind but what you have forgotten is that the “proofs” were collected after the decision to view yourself or the world in a certain way, usually in childhood; perhaps in a previous life. This can be changed with a redecision. Fear is, in 99 cases out of 100, created by the way you are thinking/believing and has no basis in immediate external reality.

The exception is when you are dealing with something already set in motion by your beliefs or a previous soullevel agreement, or your current focus of consciousness. If so, then you need to remember your power is always in the Now and you can change any experience by changing your state of being (deep breathing and a new focus of attention, for example) which will automatically shift your perception and experience.

This statement applies to ET abduction experiences as it does to anything else. For more information on how to deal positively with repeated ET abductions, see Lyssa Royal’s book, Visitors From Within. Be alert also to the increasing literature from people who have managed to move from terror to love in their relationships with ETs. Joy Gilbert’s account, It’s Time To Remember, is an example.

It is quite possible to see something positively that you had previously interpreted in a negative way.

Each of us has the ability and responsibility to control not the external world but the internal one. That applies to where you place your attention, what you think, what you believe, what you fantasize. This is how you create your personal reality. You cannot control the feelings, thoughts or actions of others, nor do you have that responsibility.

That means that the temptation to manipulate others or control events in your external world is based on fear and a misinterpretation of where your power lies. The changes you want cannot be achieved through such manipulation.

You are not responsible for making others feel good. They will, however, automatically feel lifted if you have taken responsibity for your own good feelings and expressed them. On the other hand, you will not feel good if you intentionally do things which you know will hurt or provoke. And such actions draw similar events to you from others through the law of attraction.

You are always responsible for your intent, loving or not, conscious or unconscious. You are responsible for finding and expressing the happiness which is inherently within you. You cannot place the responsibility for that upon anyone else.

Other people do not have the power to make you feel good or bad, unless you give that power to them. You can choose to respond rather than react as you gradually heal the inner wounds that provide buttons for others to push. Infants, young children and the elderly are vulnerable because they do depend upon you. The power of their beliefs for them and yours for you still operates, though.

As a sovereign expression of divinity, you have access within yourself to unlimited joy, abundance, love, knowledge and creativity. You are never alone. You always have access to loving assistance from your Higher Self or other wise beings in the non-physical realms in addition to your personal resources. In other words, you are responsible for creating happy or unhappy experiences and asking for help when you need it. Remember, humans frequently choose to learn through drama and fear is often frozen excitement!

To summarize
Remember four things.

  1. All of your outer life is a reflection of your inner life. It is only by making an inner change that you will be able to obtain an outer one. Do that before you take action in the outer world.
  2. There is only Now. Your experience of the past and future are created from the present moment. Bring all of your energy focus back into the Now. This is where you have power to heal, to make changes and to create. Is there anything to fear in this moment?
  3. Remember the Oneness. Everyone and everything is part of you and you are a part of them. Send unconditional light, love and acceptance to the landlord, the bill collectors, the angry spouse, the viruses in your body, or whatever appears in your dreams. They are all reflections of portions of your consciousness or they would not be in your life. To learn to dialogue with these elements in your life and to understand their roles better, use the method described in the Dreamwork Dialogue manual by Carly Ayres.
  4. Remember love. The secret of life is in learning to love all of yourself. That means the whole world and then the whole universe. Loving, allowing and accepting your own feelings automatically guides you and changes your relationships and manifestations.

The ultimate secret of freedom from fear is opening the heart to complete surrender to the Higher Self, learning total trust.

The secret of becoming free after feeling fear is moving back into your power, recalling the larger picture, relaxing into higher vibrations, following the guidance from your Higher Self which is always given, and learning to view the situation as your Higher Self might see it.

Hold to the positive vision of potential fulfillment for your life which spirit is giving you no matter what is happening. All will be well in the end.

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