Mother Earth has provided us with wonderful beings called crystals. Crystals have special souls that lives within their physical body. A crystal’s soul dedicates it’s life to be of service, healing and transformation to mankind. There are many types of crystals. Each one has special healing and awakening properties. Many healers use crystals combined with their healing credentials to assist and heal illness, emotional trauma and spiritual crisis’s.

We believe that crystals are beings with a soul and conscious like us humans. They have a spirit inside them. However, we believe that crystals carry pure energy. They do not have an ego like us. They have moved passed that. They have learnt to just exist. I believe that they are very high up on the evolution chain.

crystals - amethyst

Clear Quartz, Amethyst and Rose Quartz

I have found the quartz crystals to be the most strongest in the mineral family when used in healing. Quartz is used in science for the use of clocks, computers, lasers and radios. It creates an electrical charge called piezoelectricity. Quartz crystal is able to store and amplify energy within it structure and send it back out. This has been proven scientifically. It can also hold an electrical charge within it’s form. When we use a certain crystal and it’s healing properties on the body it can help bring about positives changes and promote healing. The crystal acts as a channel that sends positive healing energy into the body.

Because quartz is a channel and record keeper of past and hidden knowledge, it is also able to record new knowledge and create energy that transmits outwards. You are able to program any crystal with the knowledge and healing that you need on any area or level in your life. For example when you use the Quartz crystal on someone who has a tumour say for instance in their leg, you would be able to place the crystal in your hand and hold it over the area where the tumour is. It would only focus on the tumour and would direct all the power of the crystal energy in that area. This is very much like laser surgery. You would be able to blast away at the poison and remove the blockage that is causing the tumour. The poison is absorb through the body, through the sweat glands, the bowel and bladder. But first you have to cleanse and then charge the crystal up with this intent. You need to meditate and holding the crystal you have to get to know the crystal. Clear Quartz, Amethyst Quartz and Rose Quartz all have these qualities, but each crystal works on different levels in the way that they amplify and heal an area.

Clear Quartz has a powerful laser like effect that can heal with great amounts of healing energy. Clear Quartz is usually used for illness in the form of disease, tumours and for the use of clarity and understanding. In fact clear Quartz can be used on any problem or illness that arises on a physical and mental level in the body. The Clear Quartz can also cleanse and eliminate blockages from the aura and chakras.

The Rose Quartz deals with the emotional and spiritual levels of consciousness. It is a gentle crystal that gives off gentle healing energy. Rose Quartz deals with the emotions be it love hate, anger, worry and so on. Working with this crystal helps to heal and deal with emotional problems. This is good if there is severe emotional trauma within the person. If the problem is leading to physical illness you can cure it much easier by removing the emotional block first. In one healing session you could help to remove all the problem and thus promote faster healing all round.

Amethyst Quartz deals with the mind on a spiritual level and can help open a person up to their beliefs, dreams and goals. Amethyst helps people to be open to their intuition, making sure that their judgement is sound and that their actions are honest. It also helps people regain their memory or improve their memory capacity. This is good when someone is trying to learn and study. Amethyst is also good for someone who is trying to build up their psychic abilities, as it helps to open you up to the other levels of consciousness. You can help them open up their third eye. Amethyst is also a valuable tool when working on the Aura and the chakras. It can help heal and repair damaged auras and chakras especially if they have past-life issues. People who are artistic in nature but are having a block can gain assistance with the use of the Amethyst. Also the Amethyst can help someone find their creative and artistic side. If you had someone who suffered from severe mental anguish, working with the power of this crystal would help to isolate the problem and remove the blockage in a gentle and easy way. Amethyst is a loving and gentle crystal that works on a spiritual level, making you feel connected to the earth and the universe. Also you feel closer to the universal awareness that created us. The Rose crystal and the Amethyst can help bring people together in a loving and unified way. If you do a healing with both these crystal you can help make a person open up to love and shut down to feelings like pain, fear and worry. You can also help them recognize their own self worth and the belief that they are a whole person in mind, body and spirit. There are so many types of crystals available which all have healing powers.

Crystals & Symbolism

A crystal is an earth element, mineral or gemstone. They have the ability to transmit and receive energy. Modern science and ancient cultures have both used the mysterious qualities of crystals for a variety of purposes. Some would say that crystals have special souls that lives within their physical body. A crystal’s soul dedicates it’s life to be of service, healing and transformation to mankind.

Here are some more crystals and their symbolism.

Amber: balance
Amethyst: spiritual awareness, transmutation, healing
Aquamarine: purification, healing, calming
Bloodstone: courage, physical energy
Calcite: balance, peaceful meditation
Carnelian: sex, self-esteem, creativity
Copper: purification, inspiring love, making peace
Fluorite: healing, releasing unwanted energies
Gold: courage, self-awareness, self-confidence, wealth, and virtue
Hematite: encouraging will power, concentration
Herkimer Diamond: dream recall
Jade: fertility, wisdom, and tranquility
Lapis Lazuli: communication, healing
Malachite: protection, money
Moonstone: love, psychic awareness, feminine principle
Nickel: youth, beauty, growth, and adaptation
Obsidian: inner growth, psychic development
Opal: passion, love, and emotional expression
Pearl: purity, integrity, focus, wisdom
Quartz: change, focus, used extensively in healing
Red Jasper: compassion
Rhodolite: love
Rose Quartz: love, compassion
Silver: fertility, nourishment, and growth
Tiger’s Eye: empowerment, willpower, courage, and clarity
Tin; flexibility
Topaz: new beginnings
Tourmaline: healing, balance
Turquoise: balance, friendship, positive thinking

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