Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

Here are some common crystals and their healing properties

Quartz: For crystal healing quartz is the most popular and extensively used crystal. It comes in many kinds, colors, shapes and size, among which are amethyst, citrine, clear quartz, snow quartz, smokey quartz, etc. I started out with the quartz crystals, learned as much as I can and started to work with a few Quartz family of crystals.

Clear quartz: Come as points, clusters, druze, in all sizes, shapes and inclusions. Quartz crystal unblocks energy centers and helps the body heal. Simply holding a quartz point each day helps boost the immune system.

Excerpt from Krystina Arcati’s book: Gems and Crystal healing for the Beginners About an eighth of the world’s crust is quartz, and it has been used in buildings for thousands of years. Many ancient people mistakenly believed clear quartz to be fossilized ice, Roman ladies used to carry quartz balls to cool their hands when the weather turned warm. I find clear quartz are very helpful in meditation. It helps the mind to focus;it helps dispel negativities.

Rose Quartz: Soft pink color in itself is very calming. It is the stone for self- love, to uphold self-esteem when it is being compromised, a calming stone. It helps promote forgiveness by releasing the anger and pain and the other negative energies. Rose quartz exposes emotional imbalances; keep a rose quartz in a room where arguments may likely occur;it helps keep the boiling point down. Sit with a rose quartz in meditation when you are feeling perturbed, helps calm you down emotionally and feel an inner peace.

Amethyst: Comes in deep shade of purple or lilac. t is said that those who choose rose quartz are also drawn to amethyst. This is a spiritual stone,indicates creativity,capability of spiritual healing. Keep one under your pillow, reduces nightmares, enhances dream state. Amethyst is a good crystal healing against alcoholism.

Citrine: Comes in deep orange-brown or bright yellow color. This stone does not absorb negative energies, also known as the merchant stone, good to hold when is under stress and anxiety. It is a stone that helps one in polishing communication skills.

Smokey quartz: Has been considered a good luck stone.In the past, it was given to soldiers about to go to battle. It helps alleviate negativities and promotes relaxation. Kept under the pillow at night,it is said to induce lucid dreaming. Explore your inner self with smokey quartz.It helps to balance sexual energy and helps in recall activities. Natural stones have stronger energies and healing properties.

Crystal Healing and Grounding

Sometimes we are vulnerable to stress because we are not properly grounded. The energy level is spread out all over, focus is lacking or absent, you know not whether you are coming or going.

Some grounding stones to help are: smokey quartz, hematite, tiger’s eye and black tourmaline. There are others that are equally effective.

Hematite: This stone is helpful when one tends to take on the negative energies of others,like when you allow yourself to be a sounding board for everyone.

Carnelian: A chalcedony, jasper, translucent, also called red agate, an orange crystal believed to help one find focus amid confusion.

Moonstone: Format like others off white in color, it is a variety of feldspar with aluminum. It has a pearly appearance – can be white, grey, pale yellow or almost colorless. It is believed that moonstone’s energy grows weaker and stronger as the moon wanes and waxes.It soothes stress, good for grounding,, being referred to at times as “mother earth” stone. It enhances intuitive sensitivites, helps promote smoother flow of life.

Lapis Lazuli: This stone is believed to have links to biblical, Sumerian and Egyptian origins. Its name is partly Arabic for “blue” (lazurite) and partly Latin ‘stone” (lapis). Lapis has been a popular healing stone for several centuries- for eyesight problems, to heal fevers and self -assurance. This is a good stone for meditation. People who show a natural affinity to this stone will find that it helps one to develop and increase psychic awareness. It also helps in cases of depression.

Tiger’s Eye: This stone is a member of the quartz family. It’s variety in color range from yellow, red, brown, golden yellow, green and blue, They make eye-catching jewelry. Tiger’s Eye is helpful as a protective stone. You can carry it around in your purse, leave it in your car, or as a jewelry. It is said to counter-act nervousness, increases self-confidence and provides protection. In meditation, the layers of dark color next to bright colors seem to be the epitome of the Yin/Yang principle, the positive and negative principle working together.

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