Crystal Healing for the Golden Age

All crystal healers develop their own style of healing. The reason people choose crystal healing can give an indication of the approach they might later adopt; some choose crystal healing because of their love of crystals, some to enhance other disciplines, and some because of their connection to the power within crystals. This initial impulse will often direct them towards the mass of information and advice commercially available.

The problem is that some of it is contradictory. So how does the novice healer, or someone who wants to experience crystal healing for themselves, make the right choice? I found that I needed to focus on three areas of development at the same time. A trinity if you like. It consisted of the practical: a diploma course. The personal: developing my own intuition, discrimination and spiritual power. Lastly the esoteric; I visit a deep trance medium who is able to bring through a crystal teacher from the casual plane. All three levels were equally important, especially the personal development because without that I could easily have given my power away.

Crystal healing is infinitely simple.

One piece of early advice from my spiritual teacher really created the foundation of my practice today:

” If you look at a famous surgeon who is successful, he uses the same technique over and over again. He is trying to perfect what he is doing, while at the same time trying to produce less pain or inconvenience for his patient, to make the aperture smaller and to create fewer lesions within the body and on the skin. He doesn’t say: ‘I took this appendix out with a one-inch incision – next time it will be six, to make it look more grandiose’. But this is what many want to do with crystal healing. They want a wonderful display of colours and stones in order to say ‘just look at what I have created here! ‘ If you could really analyse it or if one of us came along we would say: ‘Take them all away and put down that one little quartz, measuring the size of a thumbnail, because it will do just as much as all those fantastic stones.’ Now that is taking it a little bit far, but you know what we mean. If a stone this size works, why use one you have to carry in a sling?”

My initial response was pure disappointment, because he had challenged my attachment to the trappings of being a crystal healer. I looked mournfully around my house full of beautiful crystals and wistfully at my books full of the many more beautiful and essential stones that I was going to need to purchase. There was a slight pang of relief as I realised that I would not have to try to remember the endless lists of names and qualities. No longer would eager students, or even the occasional shopper or shopkeeper hand me a pebble, or a lump of indistinguishable rock, with eager anticipation in their eyes waiting for me to give it a name or a function.

But what was I left with? Only all of the beautiful quartz family. The clear, cloudy, smoky, snowy. The blue of the agate, the red carnelians, the gold citrine, the purple of the amethyst, the green of the aventurine, the chunks, and crystals, of rose quartz. Not to mention the quartz with rutile or tourmaline and even then I bet I have forgotten some. How I could be really disappointed I had at my disposal a range of colours, different shapes and sizes. I could match all the colours of the chakras. I could choose the rough stones, natural points, or the tumbled stones. What he was saying to me was look first to the quartz family, and when I looked, really looked, I saw I had plenty to choose from.

Why keep it simple?

In essence I would say that this approach works for me because the elements within the body that respond to crystals; the cell structure, especially the walls and the sheath within which encases the nervous system, all relate most easily to the quartz family. If I am looking for general healing – the relief of tiredness or exhaustion, mental stimulation or emotional clearing then I look to the crystals that will affect all those elements within the body.

Why is keeping it simple so complex?

In my view you could apply some of the nature v nurture arguments to a simple quartz crystal. I believe that the country of origin has a bearing on the vibration rate within the crystal. Indeed I would argue that some of the characteristics of human culture are shaped by the crystalline structure of the earth on which we walk. Therefore, in simplistic terms, the vibration rate from an Arkansas quartz is faster than a Brazilian one, and that in turn that is faster than the slow, laid back quartz that can be found in Madagascar. I consider Brazilian quartz to be the most valuable stone for general healing. But if you should want to enhance your meditation practice it seems natural to choose a more laid back stone, a Madagascan cloudy quartz for example. I always strive to use crystals from the same country wherever possible. If for example, I am creating a healing grid either side of the chakras and around the client in a protective spiral then I will try and keep the vibration rate uniform. So within my basic healing kit I am looking not only at the type and size of crystal but also at its country of origin.

Choosing a healing crystal

Defining one characteristic of a healing crystal is an impossible task; not every Brazilian clear quartz has an innate healing power for example. You will need to become aware of how you choose your crystals; for some it is the look of the crystal, they are aware of lights and rainbows. For others it will be the sensation it evokes within the palm chakra, for others the sound that it makes. It does help to have a specific task in mind as you look at a particular display and then to learn to trust your instinct, and to back it up with a pendulum if you use one.

The impact of colour

Part of choosing which crystal to use, is to consider the impact of colour on the body. I have two considerations; firstly that the colour itself has a vibration rate that may be needed to balance the aura of a client. So for example, if clients are asking for more mental clarity I may well consider a blue crystal, and if they ask for, or I think they need balance, I am likely to a consider green stone. The second is to echo the colours of the chakras in the layout of the stones, as the chakras echo the normal colour bands within an aura. This means that you echo the natural energy patterns within the aura and do not conflict with it. So, for example, I place the darker stones below the waist, and the lighter colours above. That might mean using green calcite above the waist, and to maintain the calcite theme honey calcite below. If I am using a clear quartz layout around the whole body then I will ensure that the client has a darker earthing stone at their feet.

Putting crystals on the body

I never put crystals onto the body. The reason for this is that some crystals can cause irritation. If they do the protective mechanism within the aura kicks in and closes down the energy field. Therefore the healing energy cannot get through and this counteracts the purpose of the healing which is to open up the energy centres and to let them drink their fill of this cocoon of light and energy that has been loosely woven over the client. On a more mundane level it means clients do not have to lie still for fear of tipping all the crystals onto the floor. I know that the moment I know I must not move I develop an itch between my shoulder blades or a dry cough. I would have great difficulty lying still for twenty minutes and concentrating on anything other keeping the stones in situ. I hope that by leaving the clients free to move and covering them with a silk and velvet cover that they will be able to relax, meditate or generally co-operate with the healing.

How do I create this cocoon?

I create a healing grid by laying five stones on the floor all about three feet (1m) from the client. Two double terminated quartz either side of the heart, and one larger double terminated quartz at the feet, all laid parallel to the table. In a diagonal line from the solar plexus I lay two green calcite pieces, like guy ropes either side of the bed. After joining that circle, of stones up using a wand. I lay the chakra stones either side of the client, about two feet from the body (?m), on a special shelf that I place around the bed to widen it. I lay the crown stone to the left of the crown, and then moving down the right hand side of the client I lay every other stone, the third eye, the heart, the knees. Coming up the right hand side I lay the stone for the feet, the solar plexus and the throat. This means I always work in a clockwise direction, and minimise the number of times I circle the table. As a general rule I don’t work with the base and sacral chakras unless they are specifically depleted, but I do work with the chakras in the knees and the feet to ground the client.

What happens during a healing?

It is difficult for me to describe a typical healing because they are all so different, so I conclude with the words of a client to give you a flavour of what happens:

“I am waiting for a crystal healing, lying on a massage table in the basement of the author’s home, which has been turned into a healing sanctuary. The walls are lined with shelves that are filled with beautiful crystals of every shape, size, colour and texture. But it is not these that she uses for her healing work – her healing stones are few; not polished or large or even particularly beautiful, they have been chosen for their energy rather than their looks. They are lying, carefully prepared, on a small table next to the wall. My eyes are closed and I can hear her moving around the room. She places two long planks on special supports at either side of the bed and then, with one hand over my body, starts to place the crystals on them at strategic points. I can feel the energy change as she does so. Slowly I feel my body relax, I feel safe, my breathing becomes easy and deep and my heart rate slows down. I hear her place the last crystal and she comes round and sits quietly at my head. She says nothing; the crystals say all that needs to be said. I gradually become aware of a profound stillness. I lose consciousness of the passing of time. Images start to flicker through my mind, I see healing colours moving gently behind my eyes, it is as if the crystals permit access to another realm, a spiritual realm where everything is now, a realm of gentleness and peace. I feel as if I am part of the stones themselves, as still and enduring as a stone. Nothing matters in the way that it did before, my problems and pains gain a new meaning, a new perspective, and slip away. After what seems like forever I hear Zanne gently calling my name and gradually I re-surface. I listen with my eyes closed as she removes the crystals, hear her placing them into the sink under running water to cool and cleanse them. Surprisingly, I feel gratitude towards them, they have earned their bath.”

My basic healing kit

I have seven small stones of each of the following stones, balanced in size and all from Brazil.

  • Clear quartz
    Many people without any adjustment can easily accept the pure vibration rate. It is at its most powerful when it has as little movement (cloudiness) within it as possible.
  • Rose quartz
    Has all the qualities of the clear quartz, but with a slightly more diffuse energy because it grows in massive formations, rather than single points or clusters. It can be very calming, especially for people who are agitated or anxious. A large piece in a living or consulting room can assist relaxation.
  • Amethyst
    Has a dual effect of calming and of exhilaration. It can bring calmness to those that are overexcited or anxious. When that subsides, it can allow more of an exhilaration to take place, so that people can appreciate the environment, enjoy what is happening around them.
  • Citrine
    This stone tends to stimulate clarity and decision making. The golden citrine is useful for clearing upper respiratory system.
  • Rutile
    Useful for clearing the upper respiratory system, bronchial problems, or an inflamed throat.
  • Calcite
    The only other family of healing stones that I use regularly is the calcite. I find them to be absorbing, softening and calming. Green Calcite, for example, is very calming; honey calcite is more grounding and blue works with the mind. Calcite has an opacity and a depth to it that belies its strength. Do not let the fact that it is gentle distract you from its power. When I lay a protective spiral of clear quartz around the bed I lay two green calcites either side of the solar plexus, to strengthen the emotional body of the client and to enable them to benefit fully from the healing.
  • Wands and pendulums I use one clear quartz wand to join up a grid or layout, and use a smoky wand to clear the aura. I have two pendulums that I work with; one to help me choose crystals, and one to assist me to pinpoint any areas of difficult for the client.
  • How to programme or dedicate a crystal
    Some people talk about dedicating because that implies aligning your requirement of the crystal to its natural purpose. Some use the term programming that implies exerting your will over the crystal. Whichever route you choose the important thing is that you use each crystal for a singular purpose, such as healing. Once a crystal is aligned to a single purpose its molecular structure aligns itself behind its task. Whichever approach you choose your crystal needs to be informed about the purpose, which you wish to use it for. Think of a short affirmation, for example:
    ‘I want you to work with me in meditation, to inspire, guide and protect me.’
    If the crystal is small enough place it to your third eye and repeat that affirmation several times in your mind, directing your thought towards the crystal. If the crystal is too large, hold a smaller piece of cleansed crystal to your third eye and repeat the affirmation. Then, point it at the larger crystal and direct the thought pattern from the smaller crystal into the larger.

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