Crop Circles Tools for Peace and Healing

Crop Circles Tools for Peace and Healing.
We would wish to thank you for your desire to grow and expand. Many interesting events will be coming forth this coming year. There will be public demonstrations of spirituality that will manifest at this time. There will be those in positions of notoriety who will be having many types of healing. This will help the general public to be more receptive to Divine Love.

There is also a great deal of interesting information coming from what you call crop circles. Very interesting presentations are coming forth from the fields in various areas of the planet. These formations will be found in new places all over Europe. There will also come to be more formations within the United States where there is a concentration of farming. There will be new formations coming forth that will be bringing transformation to many upon the planet. These forms in the crops are being brought forth for many reasons.

There are many people here on earth who have a wide variety of ideas and philosophies about this subject. We would wish to speak to you of the perspective that we have upon these creations. These formations are becoming more and more complex. There are several reasons for this. One reason can be seen in the expansion of consciousness that has sprouted upon this planet. As humanity opens to the light of the Divine, more knowledge will be presented in these formations. As the consciousness of those perceiving these sacred forms grows, their ability to understand and ingest the wisdom through the many layers of themselves will increase dramatically.

The spiritual expansion of humanity is being stimulated by the greater complexity of the formations. The forms of the last three years are now facilitating opening within humans. Great knowledge is held within these forms. The crop circles also stimulate a willingness within people to be open to the ways in which Divine Energy may lead them to healing. There are many types of beings that are bringing forth this communication through the crop circles. They are coming from beings that have many different objectives. Some beings are wishing to help mankind evolve. They wish to stimulate the nerve centers within the brain that will help this process. The crop circles have this ability.

The formations are made by many different types of life forms. Some of these beings have no physical body as you would know it. Some of them have physical forms that you would feel are grotesque. Some of the communications come form humanoids similar to yourselves. They are wishing to create new connections to the human psyche. They are planting seeds about themselves that will come to blossom at another time. They are preparing humans for contact with their species that will be brought forth within the coming years. The formations that have come forth within this year are laying the ground work for communication from other dimensions of existence.

These formations elevate the ability of humanity to understand more then what they can experience with the five senses. They are preparing humanity to expand on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. This will make it possible for the acceptance of communication and interaction with other life forms. The ones who make these formations come from many different places. The style in which they are made contains a lot of information about the sender. At this point in your evolution, you are not able to decipher this with your conscious mind and procedures of present day analysis. This is why some are more complex then others. Some beings have special vehicles that relay the patterns that they are transmitting. Some crop circles are sent through transmissions using techniques of group mind power. This is why some are clear and some are not very distinct. The technology that is used in transmission is more advanced for some senders. This is why some communication is more successful then others.

The transmissions are being sent at a time that is very close to the time they appear in the fields, even though they are sent from very far away. They are being sent from places throughout the galaxy. This is why they seem to be done by invisible hands. The senders are usually not present in the vicinity of the planet when the crop circle is manifested here.

There are many types of energies that are sent through the formations. Within the next two to three years, there will be crop circles that will have some very powerful energy within them. These circles coming will be able to affect noticeable physical healing. These communications of light and love are here to assist you. This is true even if some may feel adverse physical affects from being near them. There may be feelings of pressure in the head, nausea and also difficulties with equilibrium. These formations are here to stimulate and awaken you. They are here to remind you that other forms of life exist in countless places other then this planet.

Many of the circles have the intricacies of what you have termed sacred geometry. It is used because it is a form of symbolism that is used to communicate the same ideas in many different places. Another reason for using geometry is that is a more powerful symbolism then any of the written languages that are used upon this planet. The geometry can resonate with all people of your world, no matter what language they speak. Those that send these messages know that the geometry will resonate with many levels of yourself. There will be formations that will incorporate many of the platonic solids. It is important to realize that the crop circles are here to bring out the beauty that is within you. They will help you understand many different aspects of creation. These formations will also bring forth descriptions of future events. They will show scenes of situations that will manifest. They will bring healing of the pain, tension and sadness upon the planet.

The crop circles of this past summer are the beginning of a new level of communication through the crop circle medium. In the next 5-10 years, there will be a series of communications through the crop circles that will state when contact with extraterrestrial races will begin. We would wish to encourage artists to use the designs of the crop circles in their creations. It would be good for as many of these symbols as possible to be before the public. There are many conflicts of ownership with those that photograph them and bring them to the public. It is important for all to realize that ownership cannot be attached to a phenomena such as this. These forms must be spread throughout the planet. When the crop circles are seen or experienced in some way, they activate the DNA formations within humans that are beginning to emerge.

Viewing the crop circles will enhance your connection to the beings that are creating them and working to help your planet evolve. We would wish to encourage all that are involved in bringing the crop circles to the public to be open to sharing them with all that wish to use them. It is important not to restrict the places where these circles may be found. The crop circles are tools for healing that this planet sorely needs. The more people that view them, the faster this world will transform. We would encourage all to use these symbols. Place them in all the places that make up your life. They have come forth to bring healing. Those that do not have sight can experience them through the medium of Braille. It would be very beautiful for these formations to be drawn on walls. It would be wonderful to experience them in places such as parks where children and even animals can experience them. When people touch a drawing of a crop circle with their eyes closed, they may see light patterns. Using the crops circles in this way can bring about many types of healing.

The circles are here to enhance your mental abilities. They are here to release the pain and trauma of emotional experiences. They are here to enlarge your pathway to the divine. When you look at a crop circle, you are bringing healing to yourself. These are not the manifestations of a few earthlings. They are not pranks or tricks. They have a powerful purpose: they bring profound peace and healing.

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