Creating Wealth Or Any Result You Want

You have the ability for creating wealth or absolutely anything you want in life. You simply need to understand HOW to produce desired results. There’s a very simple 4 STEP formula that you can use for creating wealth or any other result you want in life. To illustrate how this process works, we’re going to suppose that it’s your desire to create WEALTH. If creating wealth is not something you’re interested in, simply replace WEALTH with whatever you desire when following the exercise.

Let’s look at the steps you’ll take to CREATING WEALTH in your life.

creating wealth

Step One – “BE”

To have wealth you must BE wealthy. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Yeah, that’s right. Tell me something I don’t know. I don’t have wealth because I’m not wealthy.”

Your state of BEING is a critical step in becoming wealthy—or any other change you make. The next 3 steps won’t work correctly until you can change your state of being.

Think of it this way. The ability to “BE” something is really nothing more than an image that you hold of yourself deep inside your mind. You can “BE” many things—a football fan, a Christian, a vegetarian, a mother/father — the list goes on. You know it’s a state of being when you don’t have to think about it and question it all the time—you just ARE that particular role or attribute.

The problem comes in when we need to CHANGE our state of BEING in order to produce a new and desired result. For example, let’s suppose you’ve been overweight your entire life. In your mind you ARE a fat person. That’s a state of BEING. And let’s assume you go on a diet and as you lose weight your body is transformed into a thin and trim picture-perfect model. Are you a fat person or are you a thin person? Unless you’ve done something more than just go on a diet—which only effects your body—you are still a fat person. Given time your body will revert back to its old self. Why? Because the change MUST take place from the INSIDE out. Otherwise, your outer body and your inner self will be in conflict. The body (the thin person) is fit, trim and full of energy. Your inner-self (the fat person) still holds the image of someone who is overweight. Eventually, you inner self will win the battle and your body will concede.

In order to produce lasting change and create the result that you really want, you must CHANGE your state of BEING. You must erase the old picture and accept your new role or title as WHAT and WHO you are. The truth is, you can BE anything you choose to be. Today, right this very minute, you can BE wealthy. Just decide. You have a RIGHT to BE wealthy. You CAN be WEALTHY. It’s just a matter of a simple decision. So, BE wealthy.

Step Two – “THINK”

In regard to creating wealth this step is a little bit harder. The first thing you need to realise is that your THOUGHTS create your life. If you don’t believe me, look around right now at your life (where you live, the job you have, the cars you drive, the relationships you have, etc)—ALL of these things are a direct result of the THOUGHTS you have constantly focused on up until now.

You (and your THOUGHTS!) are responsible for both the good and the bad. Like we mentioned previously, what’s great about this idea is that you can STOP living your life as a victim and START taking control and creating the life that you desire. To be wealthy you need to begin to THINK thoughts of wealth. You MUST completely eliminate negative thoughts. As soon as a negative thought creeps up on you—SQUASH IT! Get rid of it right away.

Begin to THINK positive and prosperous thoughts. Don’t think about NOT having money or NOT being able to pay your bills or NOT being able to buy something you want. Instead, think ONLY POSITIVE THOUGHTS. Imagine every outcome as the best possible scenario. See yourself with lots of money, with MORE than you need, with financial abundance. Not tomorrow… not next week… not next year… NOW! You must see it NOW!

NOW is the only POINT OF POWER. Yesterday doesn’t matter, tomorrow doesn’t exist. Only NOW makes any difference. You can eliminate almost 100% of fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, guilt, etc., if you’ll simply REFUSE to live in the PAST or PREDICT THE FUTURE (as far as the negative things that “could” happen.)

NOW is all that matters—it’s all there is. Begin to live in the NOW—seeing yourself has BEING wealthy, as HAVING MORE than you could ever want or need. If you’ll do it—barring doubt and negative thoughts—YOU WILL HAVE IT! What you THINK ABOUT you BRING ABOUT. If you want to CHANGE YOUR LIFE you can only do so by CHANGING YOUR THOUGHTS. So, if you want to BE WEALTHY, you must begin to THINK as a wealthy person. The results will follow—I know it’s true.

Step Three In Creating Wealth – “SPEAK”

Your WORDS are very powerful. They tend to follow your thoughts. Just as with “being” and “thinking”, your WORDS can work FOR YOU or AGAINST YOU. The choice, as always, is YOURS. The Bible gives us many great examples of the POWER of WORDS. In Genesis we witness the first demonstration of the power of WORDS (or the LAW OF COMMAND). God SPOKE the world—and everything in it and on it—into existence. He started with NOTHING and began SPEAKING it into existence. You must WATCH YOUR WORDS—because just as it is with “thinking”— what you TALK ABOUT, you BRING ABOUT. This is another immutable law. You can’t change it but you can benefit from it if you understand how to use it properly.

You need to begin SPEAKING yourself into wealth. Begin using “I AM” statements. I AM WEALTHY. Not “someday” I’ll be wealthy… or I’m going to be wealthy. I AM WEALTHY—present tense—IN THE NOW! Pay attention to what you say. Don’t go around speaking yourself poor, sick, unhappy, etc. Say ONLY positive things. You can literally change your entire life by simply changing what you think and what you say.

I take this very seriously. A rule in my company is that everyone MUST have something good to say, to every person, every time. And no one can walk around saying “we can’t” do something or “it’s too hard” or “we don’t have enough” or “it’s not working” or “I just knew (whatever bad thing) was going to or is going to happen.” This kind of talk is absolutely forbidden.

WATCH YOUR WORDS. A good way to really get a handle on how you speak is to get a tape recorder and walk around with it for a few days. Tape record everything you say and play it back at the end of the day. You’ll be shocked—even while knowing you were being taped—what kind of negative, self-defeating and critical words you use in a day.

CHANGE your speaking right away. Practice saying very little and not reacting to any news verbally until you can speak POSITIVE, PROSPEROUS outcomes in every situation.

Step Four – “ACT”

You’re already “BEING” a wealthy person. You’re THINKING like a wealthy person and SPEAKING like a wealthy person. Your last step is to ACT like a wealthy person.
How do you ACT wealthy? It’s simple.

Go where wealthy people go. Visit affluent neighborhoods. Drive around and pick out your new house. Visit car dealerships and test drive your dream car. Go window shopping in upscale malls or shopping areas. Spend the day in a museum. Rub elbows with other wealthy people.

You don’t have to spend money to do this. Wealthy people don’t spend every moment of the day spending money. But if you do, spend it with a GENEROUS and GRATEFUL spirit—knowing that you have PLENTY of money for what you want or need.

Any time I begin a new venture or build a new business I teach the people working with me to “act as if.” I tell them this from the very start. That regardless of what our current circumstances may be—let’s say we’re building a company with a vision for thousands of customers, but when we first start we may only have a dozen or so customers—we must “ACT AS IF” we were already servicing the thousands.

This is a very important practice to master. It’s a natural expression of BEING, THINKING and SPEAKING.

Creating wealth means you need to start right now. Begin ACTING like the wealthy person that you ARE. It doesn’t matter if your current surroundings or circumstances make it appear that you’re not wealthy. If you will BE, THINK, SPEAK and ACT wealthy, YOU WILL BE WEALTHY.

The Importance Of Understanding

That’s the 4-STEP FORMULA for creating any result you want in life. It’s a simple process to learn, but it will take some time to do. You have to really be aware and live in the NOW. Don’t let your mind wander off and create scenes of “lack” or “scarcity.” Don’t let your words get away from you and speak in negative or scarce terms. And don’t act poor.

Wealth is a state of being. As soon as you understand this you will BE wealthy. This is the reason that a wealthy person can lose all of their money and within just a short time be right back on top. Look at Donald Trump. He has more money today than he did before he lost everything. You can separate a wealthy person from their money—temporarily—but they will always be wealthy. And money or riches is just a by-product of wealth.

The same works in reverse. There are many accounts of poor people coming into large sums of money—winning the lottery, receiving an inheritance, etc. Within just a short time they’re back to being poor—many times even worse off than before they received the money. Why? Because they’re poor. They don’t understand the principles of wealth. Even though they may have money, they’re still operating like a poor person.

These things I’m sharing with you may or may not make a lot of sense to you, but regardless, I promise you that they’re true. And I guarantee that they’ll work for you if you will truly follow my instructions and make the changes necessary. If you’ll follow these steps for creating wealth and practice positive living every day, your life will be transformed before your very eyes. You have my personal promise!

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