Contacting Your Guides Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides. There are a few things you should know about contacting your spirit guides.

Firstly – You already have contact with your spirit guides. It may not be on this physical level but rather in other altered states of awareness.

Secondly – You could experience contact through dream state or your subconscious and superconscious.

Thirdly – It could be through obe state where you go to a special landscape of both your choosing and discuss things and to learn. They take you to these landscapes and you become pure energy as they are. Here they can do healing work and also have a special kind of physical contact.

There are different types of spirit guides.

There are spirit guides that you knew in a past life that have decided to stay back this lifetime and aid you in your journey. These guides have already learnt the lessons you are facing this lifetime and act of teachers for you to learn your lessons this lifetime. There are guides that come from other planets, dimensions, and realms that you once travelled with and experienced lessons in your past journeys. These guides still have the appearance, wisdom and understanding of your past life you lived. These guides aid you in remembering how important your journey is and help you to integrate your previous knowledge here on earth. These guides cannot effect changes on the physical because they are not physical beings. They can only offer you advice and wisdom. You need to go to them through astral travel to connect.

There are angels, shape shifters, sorceresses, witches etc that are dedicated to helping you create your dreams and goals, offer you protection, understanding and healing. Only a certain group of angels and guides have the power to effect changes on this level. There are good and bad in this section. Though in truth, in the higher realms good and evil does not really exist. More they are simply different types of energies that a soul integrates and learns from.

There is also a telepathic link to your soul group, family etc. This telepathic link enables you to keep in touch with your family. They may be existing here on earth or on other planets, dimensions and realms. This link enables you to keep in touch and also offer and receive wisdom and guidance. As they and you learn their/ your wisdom, they / you share this wisdom with you/ them. That is why many people wake up and discover they know something they did not know the day before. Your group collective share with you knowledge and your soul integrated this knowledge. There is a group of souls that are dedicated to sharing and teaching all the souls in this universe. These beings do not become close and or attached to you or your life personally. Rather they simply offer assistance without interference. These beings can be accessed at any time and work in our subconscious and as you grow in understanding can even be channelled in the physical. They are excellent communicators in the dream state. There are simply spirits that float close to this dimension that offer friendship, even love, advice and if they can, healing and protection. These spirits simply attach themselves to you and your quest. Maybe they experiences simular experiences and wish to help. As I said earlier, you already have contact with these beings. You have to bring your awareness and focus to how you are communicating with them. Through meditation, you are able to open your channels up and remember and see your guides. It takes sometimes time and practise. Although many people these days are reaching their spirit guides quickly.


Make yourself comfortable…

Take slow, gentle breaths in and out through your nose…

Feel the air going into your lungs, feel the air releasing from your lungs……

Breathe in, breathe out… Breathe in, breathe out…

Place your focus and attention only on your breathing…Feel your body begin to relax…With each breath you take in, feel all the tension sift away from your body, leaving you calm, relaxed and peaceful…Your thoughts drift in and out through your mind…Let them flow until your mind is calm…Place a white protective bubble of energy around your whole body. This bubble protects you from any negative thoughts and energy…

Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out….Relax your body, relax your mind…Do not allow any noise hinder your meditation. Make it a part of your relaxation….

Place your focus and intent on wanting to reach first your own personal guides. Create a place where you can visualise in your mind and later obe to. Your guides can take on any shape. So at this point create how you would like your guide to look. In time they will take on their own form. But for now, you can control the physical features. For your first contact. Simply have a list of questions you want answered. Please understand the information may take days to filter from your your higher self down to your physical being. It is important you keep a diary of any changes that commence after these meditations. Once you have reached a certain level of understanding and control with this form of contact. Your natural ability to contact your guides will filter through. Good luck.

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