Consciousness Research Using the Out-of-Body Experience

Do you wonder why you are in this life? Would you like to know where you have been before this physical existence and what will happen to you after physical death?

If we accept the premise that we are not simply physical beings who have a single life on this planet, but that we have experienced a multitude of physical existences and will continue to do so, then we will probably have a natural curiosity about our past lives. How can we access this information to find out who we have been and what we have done? And if we have had past lives, is it not logical to presume that we may have spent a period between lives – perhaps preparing for our upcoming physical existence? If this is the case, then how can we tap into this information that can tell us what our existential program (task or “mission”) is in this physical life?

The International Institute of Projectiology is a Brazilian institution of research and education that instructs individuals how to work with bioenergy and employ the out-of-body experience (consciousness projection, astral travel) in order to perform individual consciousness research. In this way we can begin to arrive at answers to age-old questions such as: Who am I? What am I? Where am I from?; Where am I going?; and Why am I here?

Dr. Waldo Vieira, founder and president of IIP, is a Brazilian physician who has been researching consciousness full-time over the past 30 years. From his independent research, he has codified a wealth of information in the fields of consciousness (spirit, soul) and out-of-body experience. The result is the body of programs offered by the International Institute of Projectiology. The goal of these programs is the effective dissemination of IIP’s research findings in a format that is both informative and useful.

If we are going to begin to find answers to the questions that have been taunting mankind for millennia, then we are going to need a technology that will allow us to directly access this much needed information about ourselves and the multi-dimensional nature of the world in which we live. IIP is dedicated to the research of consciousness and the development of technology that allows the interested individual to perform this investigation on his or her own.

A tool that is most useful for this purpose is the out-of-body experience (OBE) or projection of consciousness (PC). What makes PC so effective is that we are all multi-dimensional beings or, rather, we are able to transcend this physical dimension and participate in the infinite number of non-physical dimensions that exist beyond this world. Since we invariably come from these non-physical dimensions and return to them upon biological death, we can appreciate that the physical dimension is not our source. Actually, our origin is the extraphysical (non-physical) dimension. Indeed, we are all essentially consciousnesses that are repeatedly reborn into physical life for a relatively brief period of time.

Although physical life is somewhat short, it is very important. Many individuals refer to their existential program (task or “mission”) that they feel they need to realize. IIP research indicates that many of us prepare for this physical life before being reborn into this dimension. We do this in order to take maximum advantage of this physical opportunity to grow, learn and develop – in order to accelerate our evolutionary process. But if we have performed this preparation, why can we not recall it? How can we reclaim this information from our multi-dimensional data banks?

What is the out-of-body experience? OBE is not a new phenomenon. IIP research indicates that it is a perfectly natural physiological phenomenon. It is, in fact, innate to being human. It occurs when one’s physical and non-physical bodies are in a state of non-alignment. Everyone leaves their physical body every night when they sleep. Statistics from international surveys, however, show that approximately 10% of the population has OBEs with relatively little awareness, while only 1% (55 million) has fully conscious OBEs.

OBE is a completely different experience from dreams (lucid or not) and also from any other altered state of consciousness. It is not an imaginary event. OBE is a real situation experienced in another dimension.

OBEs can occur in a number of conditions: while walking, sitting, relaxing, meditating, or sleeping. Most often, for those who are not developed projectors, OBEs are experienced spontaneously, when the individual is in one of the foregoing conditions.

Projections of consciousness can also be provoked using various OBE techniques, many of which are taught through IIP courses. If one is going to develop their capacity to willfully produce projections, it is essential that they also develop their capacity to work with bioenergy. Also called life force, prana, chi, etc., bioenergy acts as a kind of adhesive, serving to maintain the physical and non-physical bodies connected with each other. If one wishes to promote their ability to have projections, they must develop a certain looseness between the bodies. This is accomplished by working with the bioenergy that holds the bodies together, in order for it to become more supple and pliable. This will, in turn, allow the easier separation of the bodies when desired.

Projection of consciousness can also be forced, resulting from a traumatic incident, such as an accident, surgery, illness, etc. The near-death experience (NDE) – an example of a forced type of OBE, in which the individual is resuscitated from a traumatic incident, and sometimes from clinical death – is currently being widely researched. References to it are made in ancient Egyptian and Greek records as well as the teachings of Buddha, Herodotus, and Plato. Nowadays, it is receiving much more attention as more scientists investigate this phenomenon. Laboratory experiments, for example, have been conducted in the last 3 decades by American researches such as Dr. Charles Tart, Dr. Karlis Osis and Dr. Janet Lee Mitchell.

Why can the out-of-body experience be regarded as the most important of all psychic phenomena? All psychic phenomena (clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychic readings, etc.) involve the utilization of non-physical capacities to perceive non-physical events and/or information. They thus require that the individual consciousness be operating, to some degree, from a non-physical body or vehicle, using its perceptive capacities. In order for this to occur, one must be at least slightly projected from the physical body – in an altered state of consciousness.

One reason that OBE is such a valuable tool for self-development is that it allows direct access to information about ourselves and the multi-dimensional nature of life. We can access information about past lives, for example. There are also educational facilities outside the body that one can frequent in order to gain information that would otherwise be unattainable. Many of the greatest insights throughout history have been achieved through projections of consciousness.

The out-of-body experience allows us to access not only multi-dimensional reality, but facilitates our regaining the road map or “blue prints” that we drew up for use in this physical life. If we can access these directives, we will be able to live much richer lives in the here-and-now; lives that are more clearly focused on our personal goals and allow us to realize the next step in our evolutionary development.

One of the most important uses of projection is assistance to others. As we develop our capacity to project, we can perform much needed energy treatments while outside the body. This can be applied to imbalanced and ill non-physical consciousnesses, as well as to physical consciousnesses who are temporarily projected outside their body for the purpose of receiving energy transmissions.

There are a multitude of individuals, for example, who do not pass through the transition of biological death in a good condition. These consciousnesses, when they return to extraphysical status, end up as psychotic post-mortems or “earth-bound spirits”. In other words, they are not able to completely orient themselves in their new non-physical environment. In this case, an extraphysical consciousness may conclude that they are still physically alive or may simply remain confused and disoriented regarding their unfamiliar surroundings. In other cases, the newly extraphysical consciousness is aware that they have passed through physical death, but are upset about having lost their human body. Regardless of the specific reason for their disorientation, the result is that they are dysfunctional citizens of the non-physical dimensions.

While this problem is not readily perceived in our day-to-day physical life, it remains a very real one. Whereas there are a multitude of practitioners and therapists who attend to a variety of physical issues in this dimension, there is a severe shortage of competent extraphysical therapists. As our energetic abilities, projective capacities, understanding of multi-dimensionality and maturity develop, we can begin to serve as much needed projected therapists in increasing partnership with the extraphysical Helpers (spirit guides, guardian angels).

An example of this is illustrated in Dr. Vieira’s book Projections of Consciousness: A Diary of Out-of-Body Experiences, when he relates, “I moved away with the extraphysical consciousness and transmitted energy to him, focusing the emissions on the extraphysical brain of the suffering consciousness. I sensed the transmission of a great flow of energy that was not my own. The ailing extraphysical consciousness immediately recovered and stated, ‘It’s gone! I’m better!’ ”

The variety of experiences one can have while outside the body is quite extensive. This book relates 60 of Dr. Vieira’s most illustrative OBEs (he has been having lucid projections continuously since the age of nine), serving to give the reader a realistic idea of what can be experienced through OBEs. Nevertheless, the best way to understand the scope of what awaits us in the extraphysical dimensions is to develop our own capacity to have projections.

Following is a possible scenario of what one could experience during an OBE:

After sleeping a short while, you find yourself lucid, but having sensations unlike the ordinary waking state. Feeling numbness and a difficulty in moving, you begin to experience a certain lightness and then a floating, bobbing sensation. You start to feel a kind of electrical current running throughout your body. Suddenly you see interesting, but perhaps unrecognizable images and hear things that are quite different from the ordinary, ranging from light whistling or hissing noises to loud successive pops. After feeling neither here nor there for a while, you sense that you are rising out of and leaving your physical body. Feeling amazingly light and without the need to walk or breathe, you are swept up in a sudden euphoria – you are free from the heavy process of physical life.

You experience a degree of lucidity that you have never had before, feeling much more intelligent, perceptive and creative than in physical life. It is clear that you are not physically awake, as you can see your body calmly sleeping below.

Slowly turning away from your static physical figure, you glide effortlessly out through the window of your bedroom – which is still closed! Rising higher and higher into the night sky you sense an unequaled freedom that words cannot convey.

After zooming around a bit, you sense that your return to the physical body is imminent. Your landing is as effortless as the takeoff. As you begin to experience breathing again, you open your eyes. The vivid memory of this brief but vibrant journey confirms that this was not a dream.

This is a very simple example of a projection of consciousness. As one develops their projective capacity and relationship with the Helpers, the benefits and problem solving possibilities available through the use of OBE increase exponentially. The experience of cosmic consciousness (also known as nirvana, samadhi, oneness with the universe, etc.), for example, is actually a very high-level projection of consciousness.

Dr. Vieira relates such an experience in Projections of Consciousness: “I was suddenly sure of being a participant in a formless gathering, composed of bodiless points of mental focus, of masses of energy that was taking place in a nirvanic atmosphere that was of an unimaginable level of mental elevation, unapproachable with earthly descriptions, and indefinable in known terms….This projection, having a curious distortion of the time-space continuum, had gone from a temporal and spatial level to the cosmic level – beyond all material restrictions and physical impediments.”

The point here is that we are all able to achieve extremely high quality results if we are willing to dedicate ourselves to this end. As well as a fair degree of perseverance, a certain amount of courage, sincerity and ethics are necessary to achieve truly profound results. But the technology needed for this is currently available and is offered through the International Institute of Projectiology.

IIP gives experiential training seminars through its Consciousness Development Program (CDP). It includes both theoretical classes that serve to orient the participant to the dynamics of the out-of-body process and practical classes that allow one to practice with time-tested OBE techniques.

Participants of the CDP have experienced specific benefits as a result of the program in the following areas:

Health: prevent and correct illness; manage stress and emotional problems; maintain good health; promote sound natural sleep; assist others to improve their health.

Personal Success: expand problem-solving ability; amplify intellectual capacity; build confidence; improve interpersonal relationships.

Consciousness Development: expand self-awareness and psychic abilities; learn how to provoke and use the out-of-body experience (OBE) to gain insights and understanding; develop past life recall capabilities and use them to define and accomplish current life projects; eliminate the fear of death.

Anyone can project him or herself if he or she can overcome the fears and insecurities that most people have, knows how to work with bioenergies and acts in accordance with the cosmoethic. The long-term benefits of interdimensionality are so many and transcendent that the effort and discipline required to realize lucid projections is well worthwhile.

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