Commitment & Perseverance = Extraordinary Performance

Commitment & Perseverance = Extraordinary Performance

I have always loved and played the game of basketball. Still, on 25 different occasions I was handed the opportunity to take the game winning shot and I missed…

…as my team mate “would you be willing to give me one more opportunity at the game winning shot?”

Would 9000 more missed shots be enough for you to say enough!

You probably wouldn’t have given me another chance and maybe you would have started to look for another player, or would you?

The stats I shared are real.

Just in case you haven’t figured it out, they are not my stats. They are the stats of one of the greatest basketball players ever to play the game: “Michael Jordan!”

Have you missed a few shots or made a few mistakes? So what, get over it!

Did you know that Jordan was even cut from the varsity team? He didn’t “quit!” He practiced, and often. Here’s what I know is true. Michael worked hard to become the great player he was. Was it easy? No! Was there doubt? Yes! In fact Jordan was convinced as a youth, that until he was taller he wasn’t going to be as good a player as he wanted to be.

Jordan finally learned from his father that practice, determination, and a commitment to playing his best were the ingredients of a champion. Jordan made the commitment to be a great basketball player. He literally devoted his life to the game.

What about you, what are you committed to? In your work, are you just going through the motions?

Are you waiting for someone else to give you a chance? Even worse, have you given up and decided that something better isn’t possible. Either way, there still is another option and it requires you to take a stand. It requires you to “make a commitment to YOU and what you want!”

Take time to consider, are you really committed? If so, what are you committed to? What is it you want? You are sitting on a bench facing a basketball court and on the court there are a couple of people each with a basketball. One person is simply sitting on the court with the ball between their legs, not showing much interest. The second person is taking one shot after another. Despite the many misses she keeps on shooting. In fact you can sense that she is a little frustrated with the number of misses. Who are you more inclined to want to reach out to? The one who is taking the shots, and out there making an effort.

How different is this scenario from your business or work environment? If you are the boss, which of your employees are you most likely to offer an opportunity? If you are an employee, who is it that seems to be given the most opportunities on your job? (Sure there will be exceptions. Just know that they exist and that they are just that “exceptions!”)

Just like in sports, more often than not, it is the person who is committed to something and who is out there making an effort and taking action that will command the most attention.

Why would it be any different?

After some 2,000 tries, and a year and a half of work he finally found success. It is one of the most shared stories out there, and as I sit here writing this article I can tell you why. In a phrase “let there be light!” The impact from Thomas Edison’s commitment to creating the practical incandescent light bulb has benefited billions of people.

Edison, just like Jordan, was committed to finding a way.

How far are you willing to go to achieve what you want? Do you even know what you want? What about you? Is there something keeping you from going all out? Are you playing, working, and living everyday at 110%? Both Jordan and Edison were committed!

Each had a vision that kept them going with every failed attempt. When Jordan was tired and was ready to call it a day, he would close his eyes and see the lockers without his name. Suddenly, he wasn’t tired. For Edison it was a lifetime of reading, and learning that inspired him.

Edison was known for saying things like:

“Genius is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration.”

“I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.”

Did Edison stop with the incandescent light bulb, no! He immediately went to work creating a method, a system, to deliver power to the location of the light bulb. Without power the light bulb wasn’t much more than a novelty. Decide what you want and be committed.

Learn what motivates you best and use it. Don’t worry about having all of the answers. Don’t worry about being the best.

Focus on being consistent!

It is so important to realize that your results are “NOT YOU!” Your results are simply “the results.”

Your results are an indicator for you to either change course or not. If you don’t like your results then change what you are doing. Before you can achieve something that is out of the ordinary you must be committed to something more than surviving.

Like Edison said: “Hell, there are no rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something.” What is it you are wanting to accomplish? If your trying to do everything, stop!

Pick one thing and do it “EXTREMELY WELL!” Heck,why not be the best you can be at what you choose? Being the best you can be doesn’t mean you have to be the most talented.

The world is full of talented and extraordinary people living ordinary lives in quiet desperation, waiting for a miracle.


You always have a choice, it’s your life! It is always “YOUR CHOICE!” Remember that commitment and perseverance = Extraordinary Performance

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