Color Magic & Candles

Magic Colors

Colors are important to every magical system. They can change environments. Some colors are soothing and others are relaxing. They are perfect for meditation purposes. Candles are used in contacting the dead and each one has a different meaning.

White is for ridding one of evil spirits. It is also for psychic dealings.

Black is for communicating with the dead. It helps to seal endings yet it represents the beginning. Black is also used to retaliate.

Yellow represents the stimulation of the mind, achieving, and learning.

Red symbolizes strength and determination. Red helps bring good luck.

Blue represents occult protection, healing, and it is the spirits color.

Gold is the color of huge achievement, living long, and wealthy.

Silver represents intuition and psychic visions. It is also the color for latent potential.

Green is for fertility and wealth. It is also calming and soothing.

Pink is the color for love, compassion, happiness, and perfect harmony. Pink is also the color of friendship.

Brown is the color that is used as a shield of protection.

Purple represents strength spiritually, and a attachment to a higher plane.

Orange is the color that represents the joy and optimism. It is also a symbol for the drive of success.

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