Chakras – 7 energy centres of our being

Chakras – 7 Energy Centres

What is a Chakra? What are the chakras 7 energy centres? Recently, while considering the chakras, I wondered, “How many people know what a chakra is? Are they aware that a chakra, is an energy centre, who’s state, affects our state of being?”

There are seven chakras, and one night, I awoke with the inspiration, ‘The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World!’ I knew that ‘the Chakras’, were somehow connected to ‘the Wonders’. After researching the ‘Seven Wonders of the Ancient World’, I learnt two things –

Although six no longer physically exist, each Wonder still resonates a strong energy where it once stood. Each Wonder correlates with a particular chakra, proving that everything and everyone is somehow connected.

We, as human beings, and those ‘Wonders’, are made up of energy – powerful yet subtle. Energy exists with or without the solidity of physical matter, but physical matter cannot exist without energy.

The state of ‘dis-ease’ is caused by energy blockage. When energy does not flow freely within us, it can create pain and a general sense of unwellness. Our Chakras, meaning ‘spinning wheels’, are simply the centres in which energy is ‘housed’, and distributed to other parts of our Being. They can close down due to stress, and this in turn can create disease. The Chakras take in Universal energy, and transmute it to a level that our bodies can use, to heal any imbalances.

Belief systems and negative thinking play a big part in the functioning of our Chakras, and any imbalances can be healed, by way of colour visualization and positive affirmations.

There are seven main chakras within the human body, each with a particular colour, connected to certain emotions.

The Base Chakra is the first of the seven. It is located below the pelvic floor, is red in colour and when balanced, fills you with a sense of being fully grounded, and present in the ‘now’. Imbalances in the Base Chakra affect the physical body. It is linked to the solid aspects of bone, muscle and flesh. If there is disease in the solid parts of the body, the origins may be traced back to the problems connected with the Base, such as self-esteem, self-acceptance and survival issues. Resulting problems, can manifest in painful hips, legs and feet, which can deplete energy within the body.

The ‘Seven Wonders’ parallel to the Base Chakra, is the ‘Hanging Gardens of Babylon’. King Nebuchadnezzar, who ruled the city of Babylon for 43 years, began building the Garden in 605BC as a gift for his homesick wife, who had come from a green, rugged and mountainous land. He hoped that the Garden, would help feel more at home and ‘grounded’. Thus, we have the correlation between the ‘Base Chakra’ and the energy of ‘Hanging Gardens of Babylon’.

Colour visualization, is a great tool for healing and balancing the chakras. With the Base Chakra, begin by drawing in white light to clear, and then red light to replenish. Positive affirmations are powerful, especially when used in conjunction with colour healing. Some suggested Base chakra affirmations are –

“Mother earth supports and nurtures me with love”
“All is very, very well in my world”

“I am filled with health and vitality”.

The second chakra, is known as the Spleen Chakra. It is located in the lower stomach area, is orange in colour, and is connected with the Base. When the Base chakra is filled with a sense of being ‘good enough’ and grounded, one of its gifts to the Spleen Chakra, is a feeling of high self worth. If the foundations of security have not been laid at Base level, then this will cause imbalance and blockage in the Spleen chakra. Consciousness of sexuality and sexual choices are related to the Spleen chakra, as well as the acceptance of what it means, to be a woman or man in our culture. Blockages in the Spleen can begin to take place as a child, if one is held back from creating in some way. As a result, you can grow up feeling unaccepted, and lack the courage to take risks.

The ‘Seven Wonders’ parallel matching the Spleen chakra, is the ‘Temple of

Artemis.’ It was a shrine to the Goddess of Artemis, said to be built around 800BC.

Artemis was the goddess of fertility and birth. This correlates with the creative energy,of the Spleen chakra.

Healing any imbalances in the Spleen chakra can be done by visualizing the colour white, as it fills and clears the chakra, followed by orange to replenish. The following affirmations can be used to assist the healing –

“I create my own reality with love”
“I love and approve of myself”

“I am loved and supported by all the people in my life”.

The third of the seven chakras is the Solar Plexus chakra. It is yellow in colour, located just below the breastbone, and is the center of self-identity and self worth. Healing of the Solar Plexus, can assist in releasing anger related issues, due to the limitations that may have been placed on you, while growing up.

The ‘Seven Wonders’ match is ‘The Colossus of Rhodes’, which carries with it the energy of survival, and was a symbol of the city being an important economic center in the Ancient World. It ruled economic decisions for the island of Rhodes. This parallels the intuitive decisions made when the Solar Plexus chakra is well balanced.

To balance the Solar Plexus chakra, fill it with white light to clear and yellow light to strengthen. In some cases, this can help to alleviate and prevent stress breakdowns. The following are helpful affirmations –

“I am a beloved child of God”
“I am filled with clarity of mind and I make decisions that are for my highest good”
“I now and always live the life I am meant to live, in love and compassion”.

The Heart chakra is the fourth of the seven chakras. It is located in the heart center above the Solar Plexus, and is green in colour. Imbalances can occur in this chakra as a result of taking on responsibility of others, and neglecting your own needs. This can happen at an early age, should a child take on responsibility for family members. As a carer, the child forgets to ‘play’ and the Heart chakra can close down. At a physical level, it can trigger asthma and allergic conditions.

The ‘Seven Wonders’ match for the Heart chakra is ‘The Maussoleum of Halicarnassus’. The city of Halicarnassus, was ruled by Hecatomnus, who died in 377BC, and left control of the Kingdom to his son, Mausolus. He and his queen, Artemisia, then ruled for 24 years. The beautiful Maussoleum was built, in honour of Hecatomnus, and statues of Mausolus and his beloved Queen Artemisia, stood within the pinnacles. The energy of this ‘Wonder’ is love.

When the Heart chakra is functioning normally, one is usually very good at loving. It is the central chakra and the meeting place for the energies. This energy centre when balanced, gives you the feeling of peace with yourself, and the environment. One method of healing, is to clear the chakra with white light and then bring green light in to replenish. Affirmations to assist are –

“I am an expression of unconditional love”
“I open myself to the good that exists in every human being”
“I open myself to the Divine and I am richly blessed”.

The fifth chakra is the Throat chakra. It is blue in colour, and is the centre of creative expression. It is linked with the Spleen chakra, in that any self-esteem issues will block both the Spleen and Throat chakra. For example, holding back from expressing a talent can cause blockage in the Spleen chakra. This is because such suppression can fill you with a sense of low self worth. Both chakras need to be cleansed and replenished with colour.

The correlating ‘Wonder’ for the Throat chakra is ‘The Statue of Zeus’. Its energy is that of expression and creativity. On a physical level, the Olympics, which were first started in 776BC, were held at the shrine of Zeus, and were a true expression of creativity and competitiveness. Though the temple and statue were destroyed, the stadium now stands at the site.

Keeping in mind that the Throat chakra is strongly linked with the Spleen chakra, it is important to work with both when healing. For the Throat, draw white light in for clearing, and the colour blue to strengthen. The following affirmations can assist –

“I communicate freely in truth and love”
“I am free to be me”
“I express my passion, and live my life purpose, with ease and grace”.

The sixth chakra is the Third Eye chakra. This energy centre is indigo coloured, and located in the middle of the forehead. A well-balanced and open Third Eye chakra, brings about a feeling of completeness, inspiration and insight. It is linked to the Solar Plexus chakra, because both have a connection with light and vision. Third Eye imbalances can often result in suffering from guilt. Balancing any Third Eye blockages, helps strengthen the relationship between the personality and the spirit.

‘The great Pyramids of Giza’ is, at the age of 4500 years old, the only one of the Seven Wonders still standing, and resonates most strongly with the ‘Third Eye chakra’. Both carry the energy of ‘observation’ and ‘seeing beyond’.

The Pyramid was set up as an astronomical observatory and until the 19th century, was the tallest building in the world. The correlation between the Pyramids and the Third Eye Chakra, is the energy of strength and insight. We, as humans, can achieve this by maintaining a state of balance and well-being. It enables us to see true beauty, and helps to keep man made structures in balance and harmony with nature.

To heal any Third Eye blockages, bring through white light to clear, followed by indigo (dark blue/purple) to strengthen and open the chakra. Try these affirmations to assist –

“I see all things with insight and inspiration”
There is beauty in all that I see”
“I am divinely guided in every moment, and in all areas of my life”.

The seventh chakra is the Crown. It is located at the crown of the head, and is violet in colour. Connected with the Third Eye chakra, a state of bliss can be achieved through opening and healing both, leaving you with a sense of oneness in Mind, Body and Spirit. States of confusion are usually a result of blockages in these chakras. Balancing them unblocks the channels, allowing in the flow of light, strength, clarity and joy, from Divine Source.

The final of the ‘Seven Wonders’ that correlates with the Crown Chakra is ‘The Great Pharos Lighthouse’. Both carry the energy of being the ‘Entrance of Light’. The Pharos was the Great Lighthouse of Alexandria, built in 290BC, and was a means to guide many trade ships into the busy harbours. So too, the Crown Chakra is the entrance, through which divine light can travel into our Being. This enables healing to take place wherever it is needed.

To maintain balance in the Crown, bring down white light to clear, and violet light to replenish. Affirmations, which can enhance the healing are –

“I am one with all and all is one with me”
“I am divinely inspired to live as I am meant to live”
“I see the truth in all and all is love”.

Colour visualization is a very effective way to heal the Chakras, along with the power of positive affirmations. All chakras are connected in some way, and an imbalance in one can affect another. Rebalancing one chakra, can bring about the healing in another.

This brings me to a very important and final point…that everything and everyone is connected. Our Chakras, all Human Beings, and yes, even The Seven Wonders of the World, are connected. It is only physical matter, that creates the illusion of separateness. In essence, there is only love, and this love is channeled down as a form of energy, into our Being. It can heal any imbalances and blockages that we carry. As we travel through life, there are always going to be shakeups and readjustments. With the knowledge of self-healing, we can find the strength to work it through.

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