Building Your Ascension Column Of Light

Building your Ascension column of light is Ronna Herman channeling Archangel Michael. Ronna Herman is a spiritual astrologer, counselor, new age practitioner and teacher. She is also an internationally-known author, lecturer and fully conscious channel for Archangel Michael. Find her at

Beloved masters, I bring you greetings from the Most High, our Father/Mother God. Pause for a moment and allow our loving essence to permeate your Being as it bathes, refreshes and energizes you.

Never in the time of human history has there been such a wondrous opportunity to advance along the path of spiritual evolution. You, who are reaching ever higher to absorb and integrate the refined frequencies of cosmic energy, are making great strides. However, the chasm between those who are reclaiming their birthright with Spirit as their guide, and those who cling to the illusion of the third dimension, is widening perceptively. It is decision time, dear ones.

building your ascension column of light

Each person, at whatever their level of awareness, must decide whom they will serve and follow – the God Light or the phantom/shadow. For you see, the third dimension is a phantom existence, a shadow land, where all is distorted and mostly illusionary. Those of you who have removed the veil from you eyes and memory recognize that you were living in a semi-dream state where the ego and emotions ruled your existence. Isn’t it wondrous to have clear vision and a clear purpose, to be in control of your destiny and know without a doubt that you have a company of angelic helpers at your beck and call?

Each step you take on the ladder of ascension brings new opportunities, new wisdom, insights and additional help from your spiritual counterparts. We, as you, are evolving and growing from this multifaceted, grand experience. Together, we are breaking new ground and new pathways are being woven in the heavens, charting a new course and adding a rich new experience to the collective God Mind. Allow us to plant a seed thought in your mind and see if you are not ready to allow it to take roots and grow. It is time to expand the concept of unity consciousness. It is time for all races, religions and cultures to seek a mutual cause or common ground. First, you must realize that the Creator manifests Itself in a myriad of forms – from the greatest to the smallest – ALL is from God and all is a part of God, so how can you honor or love the wrong god?

We often use the term Star seed and there has been some confusion regarding the expression, and also the question has been asked by several, “What or who are the holy innocent ones?” It is gratifying to know that you are questioning and no longer take what is said with blind faith. Remember, we have told you that blind trust/faith is not a desired attribute of a spiritual master. As you reclaim your spiritual mastery, you no longer accept what others say without seeking validation via your mental faculties and confirmation via your heart monitor. There are many facets and shades of truth, and higher more refined truths are emerging all the time as you become more spiritually conscious. Your origins/heritage and the master plan of the universe are now available to you as you expand your consciousness beyond the Earth, the solar system and galaxy.

The term Star seed means that many on Earth are from other star systems, galaxies, even other universes. When the God Mind sent forth Its radiant energy in the form of a Great Central Sun, two wondrous Beings were designated to be the Father/Mother God aspect of this new universe. Many of you who were birthed into consciousness Aeons before in other universes were most desirous to be a part of the birthing of a new universal creation.

Beloved ones, know this, you were brought forth into individual consciousness to be cocreators, to manifest an ever-expanding variety of worlds, realities and expression to add to the richness of the God Mind. As this new universe began to take form, envision God lovingly gazing down upon us as we joyfully followed the grand design we were given, and as each facet of the plan came into manifestation, a joyous hosanna rang out as we all acclaimed, “I AM THAT, I AM.” At the moment this universe was born, all the cosmic energy that had been allotted to it from beginning to end radiated forth at once, (in this respect, the “big bang” theory is true).

All of you who had been birthed into individual conscious awareness before came forth once more infused with the new energies of the God parents for this universe, as well as a new blue print and your own special divine mission. Also, sent forth was a great cosmic egg of new souls (just to give you a mind picture), an incubator, you might say. New souls who had never before been birthed into individual consciousness – these were the holy innocent ones.

When it was time to bring forth humanity onto planet Earth, these holy innocent ones were infused, in turn, with the DNA, attributes, traits and characteristics of each new root race or sub-root race. Remember, we have told you that one of the reasons the Earth is so important is that all the great diversity of creation was brought to this small planet to become a great melding pot, and to see how long it would take all of you to claim the gifts others had to offer and return to unity consciousness.

An important aspect of this experiment is that all souls who embodied on Earth were given total free will to create and evolve in their own desired way. And so, there are now on Earth those of you who came from the far reaches of the Omniverse and also those of you who were brought forth especially to be a part of the great experiment on planet Earth.

Does this make some of you better or more worthy than others? Indeed, it does not. Just as you have the elders in your families as well as the young ones, all are honored and considered to be an integral part of the whole. And we will tell you, dear hearts, that many of the holy innocent ones have made greater strides in awareness and soul advancement than many of those who came as Starseed to oversee the plan on Earth. Many of these beautiful, innocent, but bold ones have made unbelievable strides and spiritual advancement during their earthly incarnations.

Many of them are in the vanguard and are way showers for some who may have come into consciousness before, but who have faltered or fallen by the wayside. The innocent, young ones will lead the way. This statement has much broader implications than many of you realize. The same opportunity to return to a state of spiritual conscious awareness is available to all.

Remember, I have also told you that your I AM Presence is waiting to shower down upon you all the divine Light substance you can contain and use – that means each and every one of you – that was the Golden Promise made to all of you before you incarnated in this lifetime.

Now, let me give you another example of how each of you may draw forth the wisdom and cosmic life substance that are so prolific and accessible to all in these times of great change. But it is only available to you at the level you are ready to understand and integrate. This may bring forth memories of the past, for many of you were there during the glorious time we will describe. During the mid-golden age of Atlantis, there was a great temple of wisdom.

The priests and priestesses who taught the novice priest/priestess class and other students used powerful crystal wands to inscribe the wisdom teachings on thin, clear sheets of crystal. As they wrote in the Language of Light (not left to right, but right to left) they projected into the crystals via their minds the wisdom teachings and universal laws sent forth from the higher causal mind (in which they had clear, constant communication). The information, as well as the corresponding energetic frequencies, was infused into the sheets of crystal, which would then be read by the students using individual smaller crystal wands.

What we want to impress upon you is this: each student received a different level of information from the crystal tablets according to the frequencies that radiated from within their aura/heart/mind. It is the same with you, beloveds, each of you receives a different level of understanding from the messages and wisdom teachings presented to you, according to your present level of awareness and the vibrational frequencies you are able to access.

As you become more attuned to your Spirit Self, your mind expands and you have access to portions of your brain that previously have not been available to you. New vistas of understanding and awareness open up, and as new information comes forth, often, it stirs memories from deep within so that you know, without a doubt, what is or is not your truth.

So, dear hearts, do not expect everyone to appreciate or get excited about something you have read or heard that has so much meaning for you. Just as you are seeking your highest truth, you must allow others the same right.

It leads you all to the same place eventually, en-LIGHTEN-ment, and a return to your previous radiant state as a beloved master of cocreation. In our last message, we gave you the vision of a great pyramid of Light that was formed in the etheric realm. We endeavor to give you a mind picture or a clear vision that you can understand as to the workings in the higher realms, but we are not always totally successful. It is sometimes difficult to explain the fluid world of Spirit in terms you, in the solid world of material form, can understand.

We were giving you another example of the ascension process and how many of you are swiftly climbing to the pinnacle to become the beacons for others to see and emulate. The question was asked, “What happens when the pyramid of Light is full and there is no room for those just awakening?”

The answer is simple, beloveds, we create another pyramid, and another, and another, until eventually they will encompass the Earth. You may even journey from one pyramid to another, as you rejoin your spiritual family so that you can assist each other to access the next level of awareness. You are also creating group thought forms of common purpose which will one day manifest as Light centers and Light cities around the world – for eventually, you will be able to manifest these wondrous creations in physical form. Watch as more and more architects begin to create pyramidal-, domed- and hexagon-shaped buildings. You have heard of the “waves of ascension,” and you were led to understand if you missed the first one, you could catch the second wave, or the third, on and on. This, too, was an analogy of the ascension process now in progress.

No one will be left out, no one will be left behind, for eventually all will join the procession of ascension – IT IS YOUR DESTINY and it is assured. Beloved warriors of Light, you cannot comprehend how powerful you are becoming. You, the conscious Light workers, are creating a mastermind, mass consciousness which is gradually infiltrating and changing the old third-dimensional mass consciousness thought patterns, thereby assisting others to release their deeply ingrained fears, sense of shame, unworthiness, guilt and impoverishment.

As you expand your awareness and tap into the higher dimensional frequencies, and then make a commitment to live your truth as you know it, you began a process of positive self-expansion that radiates out into the world. And as you join with others of like mind, you create a synergy that expands exponentially into an ever-widening circle of group consciousness.

Many of you have a desire to travel to the places around the world which are said to be sacred or have powerful vortexes of energy. Yes, there are many of these, but allow me to give you another insight. Call upon your Divine I AM Presence and ask your company of angels to attend you, and make it a habit of sending forth thoughts of love and gratitude and most important of all, maintain a state of joy. Connect to the mother Earth and acknowledge the sweet elementals and lovely devas who oversee the Nature Kingdom, thereby creating an energy vortex of Light right where you live. For you see, if you create the right environment, Spirit in all its beauty and in a multitude of forms will descend and take dominion.

Build your own ascension column of Light and they will come. I was with you when you first stepped onto planet Earth so many ages ago, and I will remain to guide, inspire and sustain you until you are ready to return to your true estate in the glorious realm of our Father/Mother God.

I AM forever your friend, guardian and companion in Spirit, I AM Archangel Michael.

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