Boost Your Immune System

My beloved readers, one of the most important understandings every light worker needs to incorporate in order to achieve Integrated Ascension is how to develop an extremely high functioning immune system physically, psychologically and spiritually.

In my personal opinion the four keys to achieving Integrated Ascension are learning to fully own and claim your personal power, developing your semi-permeable bubble of light, developing unconditional self-love and self-worth, and maintaining an attunement to your Higher Self, Monad, the Ascended Masters and GOD at all times. These four principals are the psychological foundation of your entire spiritual life. If any one of these are not functioning properly your entire life will be off kilter. In other sections of this book I have spoken of the importance of personal power and self-love. The issue of attunement to your Higher Self, Monad, the Ascended Masters and GOD fill all the pages of this book and all the other books of mine you have read, so it is unnecessary to explore this aspect further in this chapter. The issue that I do want to explore in this chapter is the revolutionary concept that we have actually three immune systems, not just one.

In the mass consciousness or common language, when we think of the words “immune system” we think of physical health. Our physical immune system is what protects us from disease. As I think all of you, my beloved readers, know there is no such thing as a contagious disease. This is an illusion and stems out of a belief in victim consciousness which is also an illusion. We are all masters not victims. We are causes not effects. This applies on the physical immune level as well. There is no such thing as contagious disease, there are just people with compromised immune systems. This last statement is not a judgment but rather a simple statement of fact.

Our Physical Immune System

My beloved readers, the first question that we must ask is how do we develop a high functioning immune system and what causes a physical immune system to be compromised. This is a very multi-faceted subject. The answer to the question of how to develop a high functioning physical immune system lies in a proper physical diet, getting a good night’s sleep, proper physical exercise, getting enough fresh air and sunshine, removing all of the residual toxins in the organs, glands, cells and blood which I spoke of in the chapter on spiritual healing tools for the physical body.

Other factors that affect the physical immune system are your work/play balance, and stress factors in your work and personal life. Other factors are past life karma, speed of spiritual growth, inherited genetic weakness, and overall balance or lack of balance in your life. Other factors that can affect the immune system are living in cities and on a planet that is filled with pollution, receiving vaccines as children, and seeing doctors that prescribe drugs like candy who have no understanding of holistic naturopathic or homeopathic remedies that are not toxic to the human body. Again other residual toxins such as mercury fillings, pesticides, metal poisoning, chemical poisoning, preservatives in our food, sugar addiction, eating too much processed food, bad food combining, over eating, not drinking enough water, under eating, and lack of life force in our food because the nature kingdom devas and plant spirits have been driven from our gardens because of pesticides and Humankind’s rejection of their existence.

Other factors are depletion of the rainforest causing lack of proper oxygenation of the planet, burning of too much fossil fuels instead of using natural spiritual forms of energy. The gaping hole in the ozone layer that is allowing certain ultraviolet rays in that we should be protected from. The pollution in our rivers and drinking water, the use of aluminum cookware causing aluminum poisoning, all the electrical power lines in big cities and electrical equipment in our houses, and the use of microwave ovens which places actual holes in the aura of the food.

The rampant use of recreational drugs as well as pharmaceutical drugs instead of using homeopathics and herbs. Using factory and synthetic made vitamins and minerals instead of using natural forms of these substances in our vitamin/mineral supplements. Also the new practice of the FDA of allowing markets to irradiate our fruits and vegetables with toxic radiation. Also the radiation contamination from being too close to color TVs and microwave ovens. All the low grade electromagnetic toxicity from electrical appliances in our home. Just living in a big city is compromising to the immune system. Using cell phones too much and/or sitting in front of a computer without proper energetic protection, which can easily be obtained from your local New Age homeopathic pharmacy or bookstore. These, my beloved readers, are just a few of the physical toxins that compromise our immune system. Is it any wonder people get sick so much in our world?

Three quarters of the things I have mentioned traditional doctors have no knowledge of. Just going to a traditional doctor compromises our immune system. It is close to impossible to get well in a hospital there is so much negative energy imbedded in the walls. Ronald Beasley the famous spiritual teacher from England who passed on a number of years ago, said that hospitals should be burned down every five years. The tests that traditional medicine uses to diagnose disease are often extremely invasive. They fill you full of dyes, poke holes in your spine and fill you full of radiation, and give you blood transfusions or organ transplants which are spiritually totally poisonous to light workers. I do not mean to get down on traditional medicine because it definitely has its place and in a certain sliver of understanding it is even brilliant. From a full spectrum prism perspective it is extremely fragmented in its understanding. Fifty years from now much of what they do will be viewed as barbaric and as being a product of the Dark Ages. In the future, testing and diagnoses will be done through energetic means not physical means. So, my beloved readers, is it any wonder that so many people are sick and have compromised immune systems? Most people aren’t exposed to the information that I have shared here until their adult life. By this time all these factors have taken a great toll on the physical vehicle. It is almost a given if you incarnate into this world that your immune system is going to be very stressed. What I have spoken of so far, my beloved readers, is just the physical toxins that affect the immune system. I have not even begun to speak of the psychological factors, or spiritual and energetic factors that affect our immune system on all levels.

The crux and final point of this that I would like to make is for all of us to be much more compassionate, loving, and understanding to our fellow brothers and sisters who have health lessons of one kind or another. For the truth of us all is that “But for the Grace of GOD go I” and “By the Grace of GOD go us all.” We have all been born into a world that is extremely lacking in New Age understanding and very backward in many ways. This again is not a criticism but a fact. This makes incarnating into this mystery school called planet Earth an extremely courageous proposition. We should all develop great compassion for ourselves for making such a gallant decision. It is our job as light workers to raise the consciousness of the planet so our children do not begin learning these lessons in adult life rather than in the early stages of schooling where this information should be taught. This is the new wave of spiritual education that is reforming every aspect of our society in politics, spiritual education, economics, the arts, the sciences, religion, business, medicine, psychology and spirituality.

Our Psychological Immune System

My beloved readers, equally important to developing a high functioning physical immune system is developing a high functioning psychological immune system. In truth, developing a high functioning psychological immune system is even more important to developing a healthy physical immune system than even a great many of the physical factors. This is true because our thoughts create our reality. Even if you do every thing right on the physical level and the psychological immune system is not functioning properly this will compromise your physical immune system. So let us now explore what I mean by developing a healthy psychological immune system. This begins with each morning getting up and claiming your personal power and putting on your mental, emotional and spiritual armor, love and attunement. Just as we put on physical clothes every morning we must also put on mental, emotional and spiritual clothes each day. This begins with putting on your personal power, then your semi-permeable bubble of protection, then your unconditional self-love and selfworth, then your attunement to your Oversoul, Monad and Ascended Masters and GOD. Then you must put on your overall Christ attitude and consciousness which could also be called your positive mental attitude. Some of the other most important attitudes to put on are to having preferences instead of attachments, looking at things as lessons, non-judgmentalness, and forgiveness to name just a few.

The other most important attitudes to claim is that you are the cause of your reality by how you think. Part of this understanding is to fully own that every feeling and emotion you have is caused by how you think and not by any person or circumstance outside of self. That your thoughts not only create your feelings and your emotions but also your behavior and what you attract, magnetize and/or repel in your life. It is this attitude of being a cause rather that being an effect, a master rather than a victim, that also makes you invulnerable. When you fully own your mental and emotional invulnerability and that you cause your reality and can demonstrate this in your daily life you have a healthy psychological immune system. Through the process of self inquiry this means every time a negative ego thought tries to enter your conscious mind you push it out and deny it entrance and instead replace it with a Christ/Buddhic attitude and/or feeling.

The negative ego in your own subconscious mind is like a thoughtform virus or thoughtform bacteria. If you let the negative thoughtform into your mind you will be mentally and emotionally sick and hence have a weakened psychological immune system. If this continues to happen over time this is the initial cause for actual physical viruses and bacteria to form as well. The same principal applies to negativity coming from other people. This is why it is essential every morning upon arising to affirm and visualize that you have a semipermeable bubble of light around you that protects you not only from other people but also gives you a certain degree of detachment and protection from your own subconscious mind. So this semi-permeable bubble of light protects you from your own subconscious mind and from other people and outside negativity. The bubble is semi-permeable because it allows in positive energy but keeps out any and all negativity. This is the proper masculine/feminine balance that is needed to stay psychologically centered. When negativity comes towards you when your psychological immune system and bubble is intact, it hits your bubble and slides off like water off a duck’s back and/or bounces off like a rubber pillow. My beloved readers, do you see the profundity of this concept? The semi-permeable bubble of light gives you the needed protection and detachment both inwardly and outwardly to not become victimized and not to react. The ideal is not to react, but to respond without victimization taking place. Then one can respond out of calm, loving, rational observation, spiritual discernment and non-judgmentainess. Children even understand this when they say “…sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me.” They are affirming their psychological and/or emotional invulnerability. Now it is important to understand here that when I say you are invulnerable I’m speaking of this on the mental, emotional and spiritual level, not the physical level. Obviously none of us are invulnerable physically, for another person can kill, maim, or hurt our physical vehicle. Even though this may be the case no one has any control over our thoughts, emotions or spirit.

Our spirit and soul, as you all obviously know, is indestructible and eternal. The ideal is to make your mind and emotions reflect this aspect of self rather than being over-identified with the physical vehicle which, in truth, is the definition of what the negative ego thought system is about. When your thinking and emotions are attuned to the Christ consciousness you will not only be in your power at all times and in your bubble at all times, you will also be in unconditional love, joy, evenmindedness, equanimity, and inner peace at all times as well. The only thing in truth that takes you out of this is your own thinking. There is no judgment when this happens, however when it does it is important to know where the truth lies. It is inevitable for everyone to lose their happiness, joy and inner peace at times, however, by practicing the science of attitudinal healing, over time one can have longer and longer periods of total unchanging inner peace, joy and love. Any time you have negative emotions in you it is a sign aftitudinal healing is needed and with no self-judgment you should make the needed attitudinal and emotional corrections. We don’t always have control over what happens in our outer circumstance in life, however we do have total 100% control over the attitude we take towards outer circumstances. Herein lies the secret to inner peace, happiness and joy. The Master Jesus gave the ultimate example of this in his life on Earth 2000 years ago. He was whipped, beaten, crucified and had nails stuck in him and yet he still demonstrated not only his mastery over outer circumstances but also mastery over his physical body when he said, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” Even though his physical body was tortured and ultimately physically killed, he retained his Christ consciousness. He set this example for you and 1, my friends. If he could do it in such an extreme circumstance, then certainly we can do it in all the spiritual tests, lessons and worldly tribulations we confront in our daily lives. Just as when you have a virus or bacterial infection you are sick physically, when you have negative ego thoughts and emotions you are sick psychologically.

My beloved readers, can you see what havoc to your physical immune system and psychological immune system you will cause if you don’t own your own personal power, semi-permeable bubble of light, unconditional self-love and self-worth, attunement to your Higher Self, Monad, Ascended Masters, and GOD, and your Christ consciousness and positive attitude? I know many many light workers who eat good diets and do all the right things physically, however their physical immune systems are in terrible shape predominately from having unbelievably weak psychological immune systems. To be healthy physically, in truth, all three levels of immune systems have to be functioning properly. Having a healthy psychological immune system in order to not catch the psychological diseases (moodiness, anger, depression, fear, unhappiness, upset, judgmentalness, meanness, self pity) is essential not only for physical health, but is also essential for spiritual health, the achievement of GOD- Realization, the passing of your initiations and Integrated Ascension. Most people on this planet have very compromised psychological immune systems which is effecting their physical immune systems as well as their spiritual purpose for being on this planet. This again is not a judgment but just a point of observation and insight which this chapter is hoping to correct and remedy or at least lead one in the proper direction. For those who have lessons involving a weakened psychological immune system I again highly recommend reading my books How to Clear the Negative Ego, Soul Psychology, and the newest book I have just begun working on called How to do Psychological and Spiritual Counseling for Self and Others. Next year I plan to have videotapes demonstrating how I do spiritual counseling on all these different issues with people. I also recommend that you sign up for the correspondence course that I am right now in the process of putting together. There are different levels and aspects to this correspondence course involving books, audiotapes, manuals, phone consultations with high level initiates in the Ashram I have trained, and the Wesak Celebration among other things. The crux of the correspondence course is to help light workers to fully integrate the ascension process into their mental, emotional, etheric and physical vehicles. One last point I want to make on the psychological immune system is in regards to the issue of unconditional self-love and self-worth. If this psychological work is not achieved the light worker will seek the self-love and self-worth outside of self instead of within self and from GOD. This will psychologically cause a hole to be created in one’s bubble of protective light from the inside. In truth, every improper negative ego attitude will do this, unconditional love and self-worth being so important to a healthy psyche.

The real keys to Integrated Ascension lie within personal power, self-love, self-worth, your bubble and attunement to GOD. Ponder on this. If you don’t own your personal power this will also sabotage your semi-permeable protective bubble of light for by not owning the power, you are automatically giving it to your subconscious mind, emotional body, inner child, lower self desire, negative ego, and/or other people. A healthy psychological immune system begins for most with owning your personal power. Your bubble of protection, self-love and self-worth and attunement to Higher Self, Monad, Ascended Masters and GOD won’t hold if you don’t do this. In truth, all four of those keys are totally interdependent on each other. Lack of self-love and self-worth will sabotage the other three. Lack of your semi-permeable bubble of light will sabotage the other three. Lack of attunement to Higher Self, Monad, Ascended Masters and GOD will sabotage the other three. The work begins with owning your personal power, however all four plus an overall Christ consciousness and positive mental attitude must be maintained in an integrated and balanced manner for psychological equilibrium and homeostasis to be maintained.

Our Spiritual Immune System

The third and final immune system that needs to be developed is what I call the spiritual immune system. My beloved readers, I am happy to say that this is the easiest level of immune system to develop if you will follow my simple instructions. What I am about to share with you is truly a Divine dispensation which has been given in other forms before but not as succinctly and precisely as what I am going to share with you now. The key to developing a high functioning spiritual immune system is to, in this moment, as you read this book call forth His Holiness Lord Melchizedek, the Mahatma, and Metatron, and request in this moment that they anchor and activate the semi-permeable wall of light around your twelve-body system. Ask in this moment that this semi-permeable wall of light be anchored permanently. This is a most profound and wonderful gift given forth by these three Cosmic, wise, and loving Masters. This semi-permeable wall of light is the spiritual counterpart to the semi-permeable bubble of light that I mentioned was so essential to your psychological immune system. The second that it is asked for it will be installed and given. This is a personal promise from Melchizedek, the Mahatma, and Metatron. Forevermore this semi-permeable wall of light will protect you. It is slightly different from normal spiritual protection for it is semi-permeable in nature, which means it will allow in all positive, loving energy, however it will keep out all negative energy. What is also unique about this gift is that it is being permanently installed not just in this moment or just for today. Thirdly, what is unique about this gift is that it is made of platinum white energy. As I’ve told you before, platinum is the highest frequency color available on the Earth. This means there is no negative energy in the universe that can penetrate its frequency of protection. You never have to request this again after this one time for its effectiveness is eternal. What this semi-permeable wall of light will do for you is to filter out all personal and impersonal negative energies trying to enter your field of an energetic, astral, mental and ethereal nature. This is a great blessing to have this protection.

Now it is very important to understand that this spiritual, semi-permeable wall of light will not replace or take the place of your semi-permeable psychological bubble and will not replace the need to keep physical toxins out of your body. Each immune system must do its part. The spiritual immune system is incapable of doing the work of the psychological immune system. This is the big mistake that many light workers make. For example they call forth to Archangel Michael for protection and Archangel Michael gives it unfailingly. Light workers don’t understand why they may continue to be attacked by dark forces, negative extraterrestrials, their own subconscious mind and other people. The answer is quite simple. If we as light workers do not maintain our own psychological immune system this creates gaping holes in our aura that even the cosmic Masters cannot remedy. It is not their job to think for us or create our emotions for us. If they did so they would be defeating the prime directive of non-interference with our free choice and in truth would be taking the lessons away from us that we incarnated to learn. If we as light workers do not own our personal power, maintain our bubble, develop unconditional self-love and self-worth, stay attuned to GOD, and maintain a Christed and positive attitude we can pray from here to kingdom come and the protection we seek will not be forth coming. It is not because it is not given, for it is always given and is always given one hundred percent. The key lesson here being that the spiritual immune system will not suffice to replace the psychological immune system. So again, my beloved readers, we come back to the concept of Integrated Ascension. Just as each mind in our spiritual constitution (subconscious, conscious, superconscious) has its part to play, the same is true of the these levels of our immune system.

The spiritual immune system by the 3 M’s will work wonders and will be an incredible support as long as we as light workers take responsibility for operating our own psychological immune system, and also take responsibility for keeping toxins out of our physical vehicles. When all three immune systems are integrated in this manner it is then and only then that someone can develop a fully functioning physical immune system and can achieve Integrated Ascension. It is my sincere hope and prayer that this discussion has brought greater light and understanding to this most fascinating subject!

Authors Details: Dr Joshua David Stone

Dr Stone has a PhD. in transpersonal psychology and is a licensed marriage, family and child counselor in Los Angeles. The Authors Web Site

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