Be: How to live fully in the present moment.

Indeed, individuals that be in the physical reality offtimes live in a manner which is against the self, fighting always the concept of time, and hence they would exist by worrying or feeling grief and guilt of past experiences. They would fret over probabilities for the future and would miss the present moment.

Individuals, indeed, would gain much when they accept and ” know” that they are in the reality to live, to excel, to learn to experience and more over, to enjoy. For, indeed, that which that you have referred to in your lives of your present reality as God or the Godhead, he, she, it, is the formation of all that IS. Indeed, for you have heard, the term “GOD “IS”. For all entities do exist in the energy of the Godhead, therefore, you are as well. And in order to be, all one needs be is to “be present” so that ye can experience all that “is” to assist the understanding of the physical reality from the spiritual point of view and from the physical.

Indeed, many entities struggle with their understanding or concept of spirituality. For much too much of your human nature’s core understanding of spirituality is to be in that euphoric state where all doth exist with purity, with peace, with love and that the mystical state of bliss, whatever their concept of “bliss” be. Yet, indeed, those that do exist in the spiritual realm view the physical and be in “awe” of those that do live in your beautiful world with its color, textures, sounds and sensation and admire those who hold the experience of the moment. For the moment you believe that you “are” you do, indeed, create the very foundation of your probable future that ye have spent so much time worrying about.

The moment that you “are” is a result of your past that you had spent much energy and time fretting or grieving over. Be aware that your dreams, thoughts and actions doth create your probable future. Indeed, that which ye spend much time and energy worrying about creates what you experience until ye learn and understand the lesson of that experience and see the gains of the past.

Indeed, a wise entity of your perceived history that is said to have once walked the earth, known as Jesus the Christ, did state, “Be as a child,” and “Be in the world and not of it,” is to live in the environment and not to be controlled by the external forces. Indeed, and it is also stated, “Suffer not the little child to come onto me.”

This refers to not limiting the child within but to touch the christo within who be that little child, who doth know how to “be,” play and appreciate the moment. And yet your race would work so diligently to become adults and miss the opportunity to experience that important child part of the self. For to “be in the moment” is to accept the spirituality of the physical for the Godhead in you or the Godliness of ye can gain experience and share it. For the experience of being is totally understood at that very moment of your time that one of feels the pure enjoyment at being alive. For God “is,” you “are,” and therefore “BE!” And we do thank thee for your energy!

Authors Details:Donna Kinniburgh

Donna Kinniburgh is a Deep Trance Medium who works in the style of Edgar Cayce with her husband Steve who acts as her director/conductor for these sessions. Donna Channels a group of spiritual entities who call themselves ‘Reflection’

‘Reflection’ is a large grouping of spiritual entities who choose to interact in our dimension through Donna to help human kind understand itself. Their purpose is to give information and advise, empowering others to be their own leaders, they state that”we create our own reality”
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