Basic Techniques Of Sex Magick

Here are some basic techniques of sex magick based on the Aleister Crowley teachings in regard to this interesting subject. There are other ways to do it but I will leave that for another article.The main requirement for doing any kind of sex magick, in fact any type of magick is the ability to concentrate single-mindedly. In other words with no other thoughts intruding. This ability is difficult and the ability to do this is greatly enhanced when you release emotional blocks. This is one of the things I teach in my Speed2Enlightenment workshops.

techniques of sex magick

When doing any type of sex magick you should formulate your ‘purpose clearly beforehand, then concentrate on it single mindedly and then move it to the ‘background’ of your mind.

During sex, concentration is best directed towards the matter at hand. Focus on the act and build arousal.  Stay in the moment – don’t think of past events or future events, – just what is occurring at the present moment.

The trick to getting the techniques of sex magick to work is  the following. Once in a state of heightened arousal and in a state that is close to a trance, your ‘purpose’ should overwhelm your mind up to and including the point of  orgasm.

Solo Sex Magick

This is the “Crowley” O.T.O VIII degree.

  • Formulate your “purpose” background it and begin sexual stimulation.
  • At Orgasm:
    Males – your purpose should overwhelm your mind; your semen can either be consumed or used to charge a prepared talisman – needless to say the talisman should also express your ‘purpose’.
  • At Orgasm
    Females – with each orgasm your ‘purpose should overwhelm your mind; as the orgasm recedes put it to the background of your mind again – repeat until done. Your vaginal fluids can be treated in the same fashion as for the semen above.

This technique is particularly well adapted to the creation of ‘magickal children’ which are spirits dedicated to a specific purpose. In fact some mystical groups believe that every time you masturbate you create a spirit. That’s probably the religious basis for “do not masturbate”.

Heterosexual Sex Magick

This is the “Crowley” O.T.O IX degree

First of all it’s possible for one participant to do this with the other completely unaware of what is going on. Of course there is a wealth of opinion on this – is it morally / ethically right or wrong?

From a strictly practical viewpoint it’s all or nothing. If you are going to use another person to do something like this then it will work best if they are either completely ignorant of what you are doing or completely on board – meaning a willing, knowledgeable and experienced participant. Partial awareness could adversely affect the performance or the result of the work.

Under the assumption that both participants – male and the female are conscious of the working;

  • The ‘purpose should be agreed upon beforehand, concentrated upon, and backgrounded by both participants.
  • The male participant’s orgasm should be delayed as long as possible
  • Multiple orgasms in the female participant are desirable.
  • Same rules apply at orgasm as for solo sex magick
  • After the male participant ejaculates, the mixed fluids are taken up by him via cunnilingus and shared with the female participant in a kiss.
  • This elixir is then consumed.
  • The elixir can also be used to charge a Talisman

There are slightly different formulae employed depending on whether the female participant is menstruating or not.

Homosexual Sex Magick

Crowley also developed several formulae for homosexual sex magick which is the O.T.O XI degree. There is debate on whether this O.T.O degree actually means “homosexual sex magick” or whether Crowley meant it to be, whatever  you have the most personal inhibitions built up against and therefore this would charge your arousal to a higher state and give  the work more power. My personal opinion is that he meant the later.

So if all of the above sounds simple you are in for a surprise as it’s both difficult to do and the subject is very complex – plenty more to read and study. Have fun.

When It Doesn’t Work

The main reason that the techniques of sex magick will not work for the majority of people who try it – is that you will not be clear enough in mind and emotion to set the correct wheels in motion. Most people have thoughts that are scattered and unfocused the vast majority of the time, let alone during sex. Further to that you have so many thoughts that you are unaware of what you are actually thinking and the direction your mind is taking you. Most peoples emotional makeup will block the results of what you are trying to attain. That’s why I teach the Speed2Enlightenment Method, 3 powerful steps, you can find out more through personal coaching or one of my workshops. Let me know what success you have had with sex magick. Comment below or join me and comment on Facebook

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7 Responses to “Basic Techniques Of Sex Magick”

  1. Adrain Bach

    I would not use Crowley as my guide for sexual magick. His books and practices are based in the Satanic and he sought out the ugliest partners for his perverted exercises. The Hindus, although practiced, used it mainly among the highest castes and women were merely instruments of its practice, therefore depersonalized. It is to our benefit that they preserved Tantric practices and techniques. Modern Wiccan, a devised religious and natural philosophy with many elements based in Earth religions, I think, illustrates the best practices. It is the only one I know that recognizes the essential duality of nature and puts each on both an integrative and equal dynamic level. It is also one that recognizes pleasure and ecstacy for both. Its adherents know that a woman’s route to sexual fulfillment is different from a man’s, that orgasm is not necessarily the goal, but mutual and spiritual enjoinment. It does not stifle the climax as do other religions, but embraces it. It is also the one that recognizes the value of the post coital state. We not that at least in Southern California there are sexual therapists who while using Tantric methods also marry them with other systems such as those developed by the Self Actualization model and developed Japanese techniques derived from as such as the Buddist. Nowadays the truly effective professional sexual therapist uses systems of modalities to help their clients achieve healthy practices and goals. I do not think this was a very good job.

    1. You dont even know what satanic means. also, gardener Based his system off crowleys work. Self righteousness and puritanical attitudes dont protect you from anything except actual initiation.

      1. Frater Shan Tao

        Nice one star well put. Adrian obviously you cant read between the lines… To much knowlege is a dangerous thing. Aymen, nice introduction. Your use of crowleys work is insightful and logical not mention filled with love and gentility. Adrian I will agree that you picked up on some of crowleys less desirable traits of gender inequality…but remember the period of time he lived in history and show me a man who wasn’t sexist. Times change, so do we.

  2. Great information here! Just wondering: Are there certain acts a woman can perform to increase chances of success?

    I ask because I’m new to this world. I’ve read much about the occult, but just now got into actually practising. Or trying to at least.

    The few times I did, I found myself aroused differently. Almost a sexual perversion kind of way. While in a trance like state, I would spread my legs as wide as possible and just sit there like that. I felt as if many were watching and I loved it. Is thisnormal?

    1. Hi Layla,

      The best thing to do to increase chances of success are to work on the following;

      1. Being “present” and watching your thought process
      2. Practicing concentration and focus.
      3. Practicing watching your thought process when you are aroused.

      There is no “normal” it’s what you want and like. There are many people who have an exhibitionist streak in them and I would suggest there is nothing wrong with that if you are not breaking your local laws or offending anyone.

      In regard to people watching you. When you are aroused it’s possible that you open up “doorways” it depends on – who you are, what your current state is and many other factors that are individual to you. It’s difficult to answer for you with out talking to you at length.


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