Astrology Signs – Part 1

We all know people who show us the negative side of their Sun sign. Aries attacks, Taurus is lazy, Virgo is critical, Scorpio is vindictive … all astrology signs have their negative side. The following are little suggestions as to what is going on inside people when they display such negative behavior. If we can understand how it feels inside, we will be able to choose a more helpful response.

Astrology Signs

Each of the Astrology signs have their difficulties.

The astrology signs of Aries and Taurus are first.

Aries people are learning how to use energy, but they often get it wrong. They are glad when people stand up to them, because they don’t intend to hurt or destroy. They need to be encouraged, or they can become unsure and depressed. They begin new things, or revive things that were thought to be over, and they feel the need to keep moving on to the next new thing.

Taurus people, at heart, are silent, preferring to commune with Nature. Being so in touch with earth energy, they can heal others with it. They can seem slow or lazy, but they need time to feel secure before they can speak or act. They tend to use no more energy than is required to achieve something, and they appreciate the value of leisure.

The Astrology signs Gemini and Cancer are next.

Gemini people have difficulty linking the two halves of the brain. When in the left-brain mode (rational), they think and talk well. When in the right-brain mode (intuitive), they are silent, not knowing how to communicate. They need to accept and express the imaginative, creative side.

Cancer people, by nature, feel emotions like waves on the sea — up and down and up again. They need to be given time to come back up. Cancer people are part-parent, part-child, and need to learn to mother their own inner neediness; otherwise, they will get someone else to play one of these parts, and will feel possessive of that person.

astrology signs

Leo people present themselves as being much larger than they feel inside. It is easy to crush them with coolness. It takes much courage and energy to radiate so much, and they need lots of love and smiles from others to keep it going. They need to listen as well as radiate, and it is not easy for them to do both at the same time. If appreciated, they will do anything for you.

Virgo people criticize themselves more than anyone else, feeling that anything short of perfection is not good enough. They give themselves a very hard time. They often point out only the faults, forgetting to voice their more appreciative thoughts. They thrive on being recognized as helpful and will assist you if you tell them how their talents can be useful.

Libra people are afraid to upset the balance. When they have all the facts about a situation, they will recognize the best course of action, but not before. The only decisions they can make quickly are those that they know don’t really matter, but deciding whether a decision is in that class or not may take some time. They lift what others cast down.

Scorpio people are emotionally vulnerable at a deeper level than the other signs. They use many methods of protection: silence, directing attention at other people, or being prickly to keep others at bay. As they explore and accept their own emotions, they become able to understand and support others through the worst disasters.

Sagittarius people may not be able to prove what they know, or say how they know it. Their imagination takes them beyond the rational, and their teaching creates a linking bridge. Their enthusiasm is intended to inspire others to make their own efforts, not to lead them. Their natural good humor can produce jokes that offend others unintentionally.

Capricorn people carry responsibility like a cloak, which is heavy during childhood, but feels lighter as they get older. Their innate knowledge of the physical makes their achievements seem magical. The pleasing results of their hard work matter more to them than emotional expression, so they often omit to tell people when they are feeling overburdened.

Aquarius people may seem cool, but they feel they are levitating over a sea of emotion that threatens to engulf them if they look down. Their detachment gives them wonderful vision, but it will exclude the feeling aspect of humanity unless they have looked into their own sea. Their strong attachment to principles can lead them to be hurt by others with different priorities.

Pisces people have no boundaries, which is difficult in the material world. They need to learn to create personal boundaries in order to know what they are feeling. When centered in their hearts, they can identify with spirit itself, which knows no boundaries.

Astrology Signs – Exercises

1. Check inside yourself to see how you feel when you express the negative side of your own Sun sign.

2. Ask your friends how they are feeling when they act negatively.

(Continued in Astrology Signs Each Has It’s Difficulties Pt 2…)

Authors Details: Margaret Koolman. Astrology Signs excerpted from ‘Soul Purpose Astrology’ Web Site


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