Astrology Signs – Part 2

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It is interesting to look at the people you know in terms of their astrology signs or sun signs. The Sun represents the quality of a person’s spiritual radiance, if they give their spirit the opportunity to radiate by expressing the sign.

Negative Opposites to Sun Signs

When a person’s spirit is being expressed, they will show strong characteristics of their Sun sign: positive when feeling good, and negative when having difficulties. Positive or negative, the whole personality is holding together, and their light is shining even though it may feel uncomfortable to others. You would say of such people that they are reasonably well integrated, and there will be a light in their eyes.

If this is not the case, the personality will be scattered and the person will feel every obstacle as a great hurdle to be overcome, instead of being just the next thing to deal with. There are many ways of being less than our best, and they are all part of being human. However, when people start to behave like the negative of the astrology sign opposite their Sun sign, it shows that they are having difficulty being themselves, operating from the heart. This opposite sign will be behind the Earth and is sometimes called the Earth sign. It indicates the personality without its spirit, so it is a sign of darkness.

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For instance, an Aries person who isn’t expressing force, energy, aggressiveness, or impatience, who is not starting new projects with great zeal, will tend to seem wishy-washy and indecisive; i.e., negative Libra. A Pisces person who is not being sensitive, looking after someone else in some way, or expressing emotions or reflecting the emotions of others, will often appear to be a cold perfectionist with a tendency to criticize; i.e., negative Virgo.

People who are expressing their negative-opposite state are very possibly out of touch with their Sun sign, and, if that is so, life will be more difficult for them than is necessary. Great help can be given in a chart reading by showing in a sensitive way how these people can change their behavior or thought processes very slightly, tipping the balance back toward their own sign.

When we are moved to help our friends feel better, we tend to go about it in ways that make us feel better, but each Sun sign has its own needs. If you know the Sun signs of your friends, you can, in daily conversation, encourage them to “be themselves” (their sign) more. Such a change will naturally lead to behavior that opens the door to their own spirit, which can then express again through their personality. Their light comes on again and life starts to flow more easily.

The following are some of the negative traits of opposite signs, accompanied by a few possible ways to bring people back to their own Sun sign. Many more ways could be found. It takes not only knowing something of the signs, but also a good knowledge of the individual character to find the right way for each person — the wrong way can just make matters worse!

Aries, when afraid to act, or staggering from a perceived attack, can become negative Libra — indecisive, worried, inactive, going on about different possibilities without enthusiasm, “Yes, but . . .”, etc.

To bring them back to their Aries heart center, say to them, “Just do what you want to do,” “Do it your own way”, or, “You can do it!”

Taurus, when feeling unsteady, uncertain, or unsafe, or having lost a treasured possession, can become negative Scorpio — angry, seething, hurtful statements, blaming, vengeful, etc.

To bring them back to their Taurus heart center, suggest a walk in the park together, a meal out, a day in the country, or a massage.

Gemini, when feeling unable to think or communicate, can become negative Sagittarius — head in the clouds, can’t be bothered to explain, witty jokes at another’s expense, wanting to get away, etc.

To bring them back to their Gemini heart center, ask them, “What have you heard about (something topical)?” “Read anything interesting lately?” Or, “What’s the problem?”

Cancer, when feeling unloved, or heavily responsible for their loved ones, can become negative Capricorn — getting on with their work huffily, “I’ve got all this work to do,” or “The world’s going downhill.”

To bring them back to their Cancer heart center, put your arm around their shoulder, ask what has upset them, listen, and don’t try to make things right.

Leo, when feeling a lack of energy, or when rebuffed or hurt, can become negative Aquarius — keeping away from people, won’t say how they feel, apathetic, etc.

To bring them back to their Leo heart center, tell them what you like about their warmth, verbally appreciate something about their appearance or their style, smile into their eyes, or help them laugh about something.

Virgo, when feeling unable to cope, or when their helpful intentions are misunderstood, can become negative Pisces — emotional, unfocused, martyred, weepy, feeling useless, etc.

To bring them back to their Virgo heart center, ask them, “What would you advise me to do about (something they are good at)?” “How can I help you?” Or point out how truly helpful they are.

Libra, when feeling challenged or criticized, or feeling pressured to make a decision, can become negative Aries — aggressive, argumentative, etc.

To bring them back to their Libra heart center, say to them, “Take your time,” “What color would best describe how you feel?” “How can these two viewpoints be reconciled?” Or, play music they like.

Scorpio, when feeling exposed and vulnerable, or deeply hurt, can become negative Taurus — stubbornly silent, obstructive, etc.

To bring them back to their Scorpio heart center, say to them, “It may be hard to put into words, but can you tell me how you are feeling?” Or, if you can accept it, let them express their anger, grief, or pain, or point out the funny side of the situation.

Sagittarius, when feeling trapped by responsibility or overburdened with commitments, can become negative Gemini — flippant, superficial, talking without meaning, upset and not talking at all, etc.

To bring them back to their Sagittarius heart center, ask them which of their commitments has the highest priority, and then say, “Is there an adventure in disguise here?” Or suggest an outing or a party.

Capricorn, when feeling overburdened with responsibilities and unsupported, can become negative Cancer — moody, possessive, emotional, etc.

To bring them back to their Capricorn heart center, say to them: “I really appreciate all the work you are doing,” “It is wonderful how I can rely on you doing what you say you will do,” “That was a great achievement (something they worked hard at),” or, “What are you upset about?”

Aquarius, when losing their detached point of view about something, can become negative Leo — dogmatic, domineering, not listening, etc.

To bring them back to their Aquarian heart center, ask them: “Why do you think that happened?” “You sound a bit involved, could you say what it is that’s getting to you?” Or, ask in a group, “What do you others think about that?”

Pisces, when feeling taken for granted or exhausted from caring for others, can become negative Virgo — cold, critical, perfectionistic, etc.

To bring them back to their Pisces heart center, ask them, “Do you ever get the feeling that no one appreciates you?” “It must be really difficult sometimes being as sensitive as you are,” or, “What’s the worst of the situation?” Encourage them to have a good cry about it to let it out of their system, or ask what boundaries they feel they need.

Important Note

When any person (including yourself) is acting out the negative of their own Sun sign, there is no need to interfere. Most people feel better when others give them their undivided attention, and listen to them without interrupting or trying to solve their problems for them. They do not need help, just the opportunity to express themselves without being judged!

On the other hand, there are often times when people are expressing the positive behavior of the Zodiac sign opposite to their own. Opposite astrology signs, when positively expressed, are complementary to each other, and even need each other for balance within the Zodiac circle.

Aries needs some Libran diplomacy to get away with being themselves.

Taurus needs the Scorpio depth of feeling to be truly secure with people.

Gemini needs the Sagittarian broad focus to bring value into their communicating.

Cancer needs to take Capricorn responsibility for supplying the needs of their inner child.

Leo needs some Aquarian detachment, when faced with their audience, to maintain enough courage to be sincere.

Virgo needs to be in Pisces’ selfless service to prevent their critical skills from becoming painful.

Libra needs to be centered in themselves, like Aries, to balance their world without unbalancing themselves.

Scorpio needs their feet on the Taurus bedrock to keep their head above emotional water.

Sagittarius needs to communicate with Gemini versatility to get their brilliant ideas across.

Capricorn needs to acknowledge their feelings, like Cancer, in order to stay connected to those they support.

Aquarius needs to come from the heart with Leo sincerity to have their unpossessive love appreciated and received.

Pisces needs the focus of Virgo to become self-aware in the midst of sensing everyone else.

Perhaps the most important point to make about the Astrology signs is that all people feel better about themselves when the gifts of their own Sun sign are appreciated by others. If we would appreciate children when they are expressing their Sun sign qualities, they would have a better sense of self-esteem, a better start in life.


1. Think about times when you act out the negatives of your opposite sign. What would bring you back to your own Sun sign?

2. Notice a friend displaying negative behavior. Is it the negative of their own Sun sign, or of the opposite sign? If it is the opposite, how do you think they could be helped back to their own sign? Does it work? If not, why not? What does work?

Authors Details: Margaret Koolman. Astrology Signs excerpted from ‘Soul Purpose Astrology’ Web Site


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