Astral Projection: Voyages Of The Mind

Indeed! Astral projection, what is this? Many individuals do believe that it is a new frontier that which needs to be explored to be further understood. Astral projection was utilized by many ancient individuals from that of the Aztec Indians to the Egyptian individuals, those that would not exist onto the planet Earth and as well the Atlanteans.

Donna Kinniburgh channeling ‘Reflection’ in March 2001, a large grouping of spiritual entities who choose to interact in our dimension through Donna to help human kind understand itself. Donna is a Deep Trance Medium who works in the style of Edgar Cayce with her husband Steve who acts as her director/conductor for these sessions. Find here at

The format of astral projection is that of a tool, a tool to be utilized in understanding the physical existence. For one would oftimes believe that only the consciousness exists. This is not the case. For the consciousness would not exist without the subconscious, without the astral experiences. For that which you desire on the consciousness here is, in fact, laid out, carefully planned, projected, weighed and measured and chosen on the astral experience.

astral projection

Individuals enter an astral state every evening upon retiring. It is not something that one needs to learn to do for one already does it, else you would not exist on the physical. For to deny that of the astral body would be like cutting off the head from the rest of the body. You would not survive without such. Indeed here, many individuals have learned to tap into their astral learnings and recall such and as such do utilize it in their consciousness to understand the self, to direct the self, to work in cooperation with the self. Indeed, such as the Atlanteans used astral projection to further create a desired reality. So then too can those that exist in that of the primitive understanding of the present utilize this useful tool.

Here we shall begin with the questions.

Steve: Primitive. Are we really that far behind?
R: For some would understand such indeed.

S: Ok. I understand there are helpers who assist us in astral travel. Who and what are they and how do they help?
R: These are what you refer to as your spiritual guides. For each individual does hold with themselves a myriad of individuals not of the physical existence that have chosen to interact and help the individual learn of the physical that they have existed in. These are called your spiritual guides or some would refer to them as guardian angels. Indeed!

S: You’ve answered this, I think. Can anybody experience or everybody experience astral projection and I think, of course, yes, you’ve said so.
R: Indeed!

S: How can we learn how to do it? Now that seems a little strange because you say we already know how. So what is the process that we’re missing?
R: You are missing the conscious recall of the experiences you are already having. That is all. And why do you lack this? For as individuals grow within their physical existence, there are certain conditions that are learned as they do develop, certain fears and blocks. For individuals become so attached to the physical environment that they would have a tendency to block out all that they cannot understand, see, touch or smell and therefore deny the self of these experiences. Some would hold within themselves the fear of loosing control. Loosing control of what, we do state? Control of the physical, when it is the astral body that does, in fact, control the physical, if you will? This would be somewhat difficult to understand from our perception.

S: How can we learn then how to regain this awareness and could you give us some practical techniques?
R: Indeed! There are techniques that one can utilize. First of all, overcoming the fears that do prevent you from recalling these experiences is the best thing to look at. How does one overcome these fears? Some would need to face the fear before they can understand it and one does that by looking at the self honestly and discarding the fear that is not beneficial for their existence. Through the use of meditation, through that of music, one can utilize this as a useful tool to overcome the fear. To program the self would be to simply state onto the self, upon retiring, that you are recalling your dreams, recalling your astral experiences into that of the physical. Now what is the difference between dreams and astral, some would state? Indeed! The dream body is the remembrance of the astral experience. They do work together. There is a difference here. The dream is like a movie, like the astral body watching a movie, if you will. But yet individuals recall their dreams sometimes and have difficulty recalling the astral. This is because they fear that ghostly image of themselves and fear facing the self and they would not wish to remember such.

S: Is this why we oftimes can’t see ourselves in dreams yet we’re aware that we’re a part of it?
R: Indeed. For you are participating in the dream yet you are, in fact, viewing the dream through the astral state.

S: Ok. Why is it sometimes during a dream that we will feel as if we are snapped back into our bodies? Is this a sudden return to the body or just a remembrance of the astral or what is happening here.
R: Indeed, what occurs here at these times is that a fear suddenly is triggered and indeed the conscious mind wants that control and the security quickly, you see, and so therefore individuals flip back into the body. For the whole idea of life is to in-cooperate that of the astral self and the conscious self. The astral self will cooperate with the conscious self. Yet indeed the conscious self has difficulty cooperating with the astral.

S: Our tendency to do things backwards, yes? Ok. You talked about the astral body, the dream body, how does this differ between the soul or the personality essence and is there a difference in this essence or body before or after death? The spirit body as it’s sometimes called.
R: Indeed. The astral self is a portion of the personality that exist in the physical and is that which is connected to the greater aspect of this personality or character connected to the soul essence. It is the link between the soul and the conscious mind or personality of the individual.

S: What we sometimes call the soul entity the spirit? Would that be the same…?
R: Indeed. What is spirit? Spirit is, in fact, energy. When one states that individual is lacking in spirit, what does this mean? They are lacking in energy.

S: Of some description.
R: The essence of such. However, it is far greater than that.

S: So really this is a wholistic thing we’re talking about not several different things that may or may not work together.
R: Indeed.

S: Is there any way or chance that the astral body can inadvertently be separated from the physical body during projection?
R:Not during projection. For realize that the desire of the astral self is to cooperate’ with the conscious self. Why would the astral self choose to separate? It is the conscious self that choose the separation and this occurs at the point of casting off clay.[meaning: the phyisical body at death]

S: Alright, to further that, is there really a silver cord or similar connection between the astral and physical bodies or is it merely a symbol of something else which has been misinterpreted or misunderstood?
R: Indeed. This is more to the point here. The silver cord or the spoken about silver cord is but that of a security blanket that the conscious mind requires to ensure that separation does not occur. Because the conscious mind has difficulty understanding what is occurring, would create an assurance and individuals oftimes do see the cord for indeed in order to continue their astral journeys and experiences, they would allow the self to view the silver cord. Such as a child when riding a bicycle requires training wheels and every once in a while look at the wheels to make sure they’re there. As a one thinketh and believeth in the heart so shall they create. This also exists on the astral, you see, to pacify that of the conscious mind so that the fears are not triggered.

S: I see. So in actuality there is no silver cord that snaps when we die?
R: Indeed not. This is a fallacy, indeed.

S: Is there any way or chance that the astral body can inadvertently re-enter the wrong body upon returning?
R: And what would happen with the inhabitant of the body at that point? Does he suddenly pack his bags and move out?

S: Ok. This would probably be in the area of discussion of Ruth Montgomery’s assertion of walk-ins and that kind of thing. Does this have any connection?
R: Indeed. From our perception, there is no such thing as a walk-in. For indeed all that does exist is through agreement and choice. Indeed. An astral body, if you will, cannot knock on the door and say “please move over, I’m coming in.” And unless it is invited in, it will not enter. But why would one invite or why would an astral portion of an individual invite another astral aspect within its realms. There are enough bodies around for everyone.

S: In fact, by some people’s recollection, too many, I would suppose. Ok.
R: The next question is what is a walk-in. In actuality, a walk-in is perceived by another individual in the conscious mind that would to be one who has changed drastically and to excuse the change, to justify it to themselves, would say this one is ‘possessed’. A walk-in has occurred. That way they take way the responsibility of themselves and of the other individual. Those that would have difficulty accepting changes of another would perceive it as such.

S: Ok. In the process of learning to do astral projection or as you’ve made us aware becoming more aware of our astral projection, is there any danger of doing self harm and if so, how can one alleviate these?
R: First of all, understand that the purpose of astral projection is for self-healing. So therefore, there is no harm done here. This is the timeframe whereby the physical body rejuvenates itself, the cells indeed work in harmony and balance itself. Tis during this portion. That is the purpose and as well to create a desired reality.

S: What or to what extent, you’ve commented on a few things, but could you give a broader extent of how we benefit from the astral projection, emotional life, spiritual life, spiritual growth…
R: Would find here that there are many things which do occur on the astral vibration. We do not choose to use the word level for all does exist in a vibration. Karma is balanced through astral experiences. For indeed, realize that you have encountered many individuals in many lifetimes and indeed would choose to interact with many on the astral for you would need to balance karma but there is not enough time in the physical to balance this karma. If you would choose to meet every individual that you need to balance karma with in the physical, can you imagine what you would be doing here? So indeed, this is as well done through the dream state and the astral experiences.

S: That much karma, eh?
R: Indeed. For some. Not for all. It is a useful tool for learning.

S: How so?
R: For example, for those that wish to understand freedom and indeed find that on the physical, there are many restrictions, they learn this lesson on the astral experience and this way bring these lessons into their own evolution and soul’s experience. They would create a lifetime of the physical. They would lay down the path, create the opportunities. For that which exist on the astral level here or vibration is, in fact, not restricted by space and time. For there exist no past. There exist no future. There only is the now. Some would choose to make agreements for the physical. For example, individual wishes to give birth. All individuals in question would interact on the physical as well as the astral and agreements are made to choose the opportunities for such.

S: So even the entity or the child…
R: Indeed.

S: Is part of this agreement or decision, if you will?
R: Indeed. This is correct.

S: This is done on the astral level?
R: As well here, one would interact with their own spiritual guides on the astral vibration to learn and to share and to experience.

S: Ok. Is learning, you may have answered this but again I’ll ask it for the sake of making sure, is learning to astral travel consciously beneficial to us at this time? And the second part of that was how can we do this but you’ve already given us…
R: Indeed! It is beneficial. For then when you are consciously aware of your astral experiences, you would greater enhance the cooperation between conscious and subconscious mind. Aid to communication here.

S: You mentioned earlier reality creation. Is this, in fact, how we create the reality that we have now? Did all of us at some point agree to be here tonight on an astral level?
R: Absolutely. Indeed, 18 months prior to your interaction of the physical. This is chosen, agreed upon, opportunities seen and those who would have thought that they were to attend this very evening, why did they choose to change their mind. Indeed. This was chosen at the time, for you see these individuals were not even at the astral meeting.

S: Yes, ok. Takes a bit to sink in but alright. Getting into a little zen here. Is astral travel more easily accomplished in groups? In other words, a group of people get together and work on astralling together or would that be a suggestion?
R: It is indeed beneficial. For when one creates a group mind, one enhances the energy and one does aid each other to make the choice and lessen the fears. There is something to the thought form that man has created, safety in numbers, you see. They would feel less fearful.

S: Survival again?
R: Indeed! That which frightens many individuals from recalling their experiences is their fear of being alone. And that is why mankind fears casting off clay as well.

S: So that’s tied into the fear of death also?
R: Indeed!

S: Alright, case in point. Harmonic convergence. Thousands, possibly millions, of people as a group mind got together. Was this a connection through meditation on an astral level as well and did this, in fact, do anything?
R: Not only was it a connection on an astral level, it was connected before the actual physical experience. Indeed. Many did believe that the convergence took place on the 16th and 17th of August. Would state here that it began 18 months prior to that date from an astral experience. As well you see, there are many individuals present at that meeting. Those that would not exist on the physical. Those that would not exist in the vibration of the planet Earth.

S: Meaning extraterrestrials?
R: Indeed. For these are, this is how they do communicate with individuals, through the astral experience as well. For they have mastered it, you see.

S: Ok. What is soul travel and is this just another name for astral travel and I’d even take that a bit further and mention the word Ekankar. Or the belief in Ekankar, whatever?
R: Soul travel and astral travel do differ.

S: In what way?
R: For indeed astral travel is the personality that exist on the physical exploring and utilizing the vibration of the astral to create the reality of the physical. Soul travel is broader still. For it is when souls exchange experiences. This is what is known to others as integration. That is what exist from a soulmate experience.

S: When records are exchanged on higher levels?
R: Indeed!

S: Do we exist on the astral plane simultaneously with our life here on the physical?
R: Indeed! Only life on the physical exist in the linearity. On the astral vibration, there is no space and no time, so what does exist is simultaneous.

S: Ah, the butterfly imagining it’s a man? Ok. Is astral travel the transfer of consciousness, is the consciousness transferred totally to the astral when we’re travelling?
R: Not totally. What would keep the heart beating?

S: Ok. It’s just a partial…
R: Indeed!

S: I love this question. Is physical life a form of astral dreaming?
R: That is a good question. Indeed! From the spiritual vibration, for example, if one of us chooses to incarnate into the physical, to the others that exist on our vibration would take the appearance of a death.

S: From your, you mean, one of Reflection would choose you mean?
R: Indeed so. Realize that this is, if you will, more of a dream for there is less control to the conscious mind. It is more of a dream.

S: Is then all dreams a result of astral travel in one way or another?
R: In one way or another, this is correct.

S: Amazing. How is the astral state similar to what we call or perceive right now as the trance state? Are you, in fact, a dream we’re having too?
R: Indeed! This could be perceived as such. How does it differ from the trance state? For there are many individuals involved in the dream. Whereby on the astral experiences, there is one individual experiencing.

S: Ok. Are frequent dreams of flying a type of astral projection or, I know as a child, I felt there was certain point in my life where I wanted to go to bed early because I enjoyed the feeling of flying so much that I wanted to go to sleep so I’d feel it. Is that in actuality astralling or is that something else?
R: Indeed and so, in fact, is the dream of the child falling. That is where the term falling asleep comes from. Individuals fall. They indeed enter into another vibration to experience their life and to review it, to project into the future from the conscious perception, bearing in mind from the astral perception exist not the future.

S: Is there then a limit to the distance one can astral travel? Can some people only go to Venus and others can go to Pluto, you know, that kind of thing?
R: This would be limited only by the fears of the individual.

S: So again, it’s the thinking that limits.
R: Indeed. Some individuals do choose to enter into other realities through the astral state and can actually visit themselves in another lifetime.

S: Wouldn’t that be neat?
R: Indeed! Some individuals go into their past existence.

S: So this is where recall or dreams are…
R: Indeed!

S: Alright. Do we have…do you have an understanding of the space/time relationship or does it not exist on your realm, as we know space and time?
R: First of all, to further understand space and time, it is humankind’s excuse to limit the self. Time is an illusion created by the thinking of humanity. It is as illusionary as Christopher Columbus in his timeframe, whereby it be believed that the world was flat and you started at this point and when you received the other end, you fell off. That was the belief. The Christopher discovered that the world was not linear. The same does apply to time. Time is an illusion and when man is ready, there will be the opportunity to surpass time.

S: Will man ever be ready?
R: Not for many years to come.

S: So we still have something to work toward?
R: Indeed. You are still caught up in time.

S: Yes, we are. Ok. Where do we go when we leave the body astrally? Do we meet other entities? Do we connect with what is sometimes called the God energy? Or do we become a unit of this?
R: If you believe that you need to leave the astral to connect with the God energy, indeed, this would create more difficulty for you. For the God energy exist in your physical as well as the astral. You do meet other entities. Some individuals would choose to interact with others from other galaxies. Some would interact with the spiritual guides as we have stated. And indeed as well would choose to balance karma from the astral plane. For you see, indeed, for those individuals whether or not they are existing in the physical from your time perception, they too balance karma. Karma is not limited to the physical that you exist in.

S: Fascinating. Do we look at, I think you’ve answered this but again for clarification, do we look at probabilities in the astral state and then choose the ones that we want to manifest and is this done always over an 18 month period and why do we settle for such a timeframe in advance? Is it always alike, is it 18 months for everybody or is there a variance there?
R: Not necessarily. That is indeed the general statement. In general. You see, each individual is an individual and you can do this in 18 months and create a reality of your choice, 18 weeks, 18 days, 18 minutes or seconds. That is when you have surpassed time that you would accomplish this.

S: And conditioning and programming and all of that good stuff? Is there then any limitation to astral projection as we know it?
R: Absolutely not. The limitation occur only on the conscious understanding through that of fear.

S: This question probably doesn’t apply but I’ll ask it anyway. How does astral projection differ from other forms of tuning into oneself, i.e. trance or meditation but as you said it doesn’t. It’s all part of the same thing.
R: Indeed. Doesn’t differ.

S: So this is a natural ability everyone has.
R: Absolutely!

S: All we have to do is become aware of it. Getting more here. As there is no time and there is no space, therefore we really do not travel anywhere, I love it…
R: Excellent.

S: Is astral projection simply a change of focus?
R: Indeed. That is what we were indicating. Astral projection is simply changing your mind from one reality into another.

S: Amazing. A more practical question. Again I think you may have covered this but I’d like to ask it anyway. Can astral projection be used to learn academic topics such as mathematics, physics, etc., and how does that process go in with learning and what’s the connection or correlation there?
R: How do you think Einstein received his information?

S: Ok. It was…you mean the theory of relativity was one big astral projection?
R: Part of this was. Indeed, it is stated that this individual would take cat naps. Did receive the information from his cat naps. Did remember the information and woke up and wrote it down.

S: Then took a few months to figure what he wrote down?
R: Absolutely.

S: And now quantum physics is blowing that all to hell. Why?
R: For the time, for the temperament. A stepping stone, a stepping stone.

S: One of the steps we’ve need to take to understand who and what we are. I’m not sure I understand this question but I’ll relay it as I was given it. While in astral projections or projection, you experience the feeling of dying, is there any chance that you would really die in this life? I would imagine because you astral project, not whether you will or won’t die in this life.
R: When one chooses of cast off clay, as one is constantly giving in to their fear of dying, if you will, one will create it. For this is a conscious fear, not the responsibility of an astral experience.

S: So in essence, is the astral body or the astral experience just a tool that we have to utilize and how we choose to utilize it is up to us?
R: Absolutely. Indeed.

S: So there’s nothing we can really blame…alright.
R: You see, man oftimes looks for externals to blame.

S: Yes, we tend to do that quite a lot, don’t we? A moment please while I turn over the tape…..

S: Do continue. While someone is astral projecting and this was a question that was sent in by somebody who couldn’t attend this session, they seem to be able to move objects in an astral state or at the same time. Why does this happen and can it be controlled? In other words, the old vision is is that you’re floating around and putting your hand through things and cannot touch things but in actuality can one do that? And what is the process and why?
R: The process is thought transference. It is the mind that moves the objects, not the physical.

S: So it’s psychokinetic?
R: Indeed. If one wishes to move an object, one can with the mind. You see, the reason why you don’t lift things with the physical or the astral body, shall we state, is because there is no need on the astral vibration to touch with the hand for indeed the mind does the work. The mind is the builder and the creator.

S: Ok. Another question from the same individual, what crystal would most enhance the astral state and how could we program it to do so? Is there a specific type of crystal that’s more of a…
R: The quartz crystal does hold this clarity for it is an all-purpose crystal. Rose quartz as well, for rose quartz is beneficial for the mind and does enhance that of the brow chakra. As well as this, one would use amethyst as another useful tool here.

S: And one would what, just simply instruct the crystal?
R: Indeed. You can instruct the crystal but moreover, it is beneficial to sleep on the crystal. Place it under your pillow.

S: Hopefully, it’s a small crystal.
R: Indeed. Why does man always believe that bigger is better?

S: You did specify man. I think woman have a problem there too but anyway. I just didn’t want any sexist remarks here going on.(humour) Ok. Are there any other objects and the question was sort of posed that objects like the Ark of the Covenant were used purportedly to communicate with other entities or extra-terrestrials, whatever, would a model of this as instructed in the Bible be an object that once could enhance astral projection or is there any colour, sound, word, whatever, mantra that would be beneficial or does that just…
R: First of all, would find here that meditation and crystals be useful. There is indeed an object that would aid referred to as radionics. For it would work on the energy levels. Would find there is another object, a tool, it has been known under many names. It is referred to by some as the ion machine. This has been known to many so we shall use this term and what it does is it balances the polarity of the individual, erasing the fears and the blocks, works on the chakric bodies, giving balance and creating harmony and when this occurs individuals do astral more easily without emotional attachment to the physical.

S: Just for clarification, the ion machine was a bed that rotated at a certain orbit, if you will, and one laid on this and there was a certain field that was put over the body while you were doing that and it tended to enhance this.
R: Would find here as well another would be that of floatation tanks would aid in astral experiences. There is meditation music. Would find here that indeed there are mantras but mantras are individual to the individual. For one would not state one mantra. For if one has different experiences and would need to use different tools.

S: So it’s more not the mantra but the focusing on one thing that does it. Alright.
R: And all of the colours do aid. Not just one.

S: So the more we clear ourselves out, not just physically, mentally, and emotionally, but also on the chakric levels, then this enhances our perceptions.
R: Indeed! Polarity therapy also is useful.

S: For balancing the body?
R: Indeed! Balancing the auric field does give use as well, here.

S: So balance plays a major role in our perception. Does this also affect the effectiveness of our astral projection or only our perception?
R:Perception and recall. Ionization is also used.

S: So to put an ionizer in the bedroom would be beneficial?
R:Indeed. This will enhance your experiences and recall.

S: So there’s not just one specific thing?
R: Indeed.

S: Depends on the individual. How are astral projection and deja vu tied together or are they? Are they two completely different things?
R: Deja vu covers many different grounds. Sometimes it would be that of two individuals meeting and would recognize each other from an emotional standpoint, not always from a visual. Some would recognize through the visual. Others through the emotional. And then there is the deja vu where recognition does exist but it may not necessarily apply to a past life, reincarnational standpoint. For individuals may have met on an astral experience. For example here, think for a moment you wish to create a job of your desire. You tell yourself consciously over and over again, this is called affirming to yourself, using, of course, the present tense for the astral and the subconscious all exist in the present moment. So you see yourself in that job. In the astral state, the astral prepares the opportunities that will bring you to that job. Agreements are made. Your future employer and yourself meet on the astral state and agreement is made. When you enter into the physical, your spiritual guides give you guidance through your choice, of course. They do not do it for you but they lead you to the opportunities. Of course, the more aware you are of yourself, of the present moment, the more you’re apt to make use of the opportunities that they have led you to which you have created. When you meet your future boss, you look at him and you say, “have we met before?” This is deja vu. But where have you met before? Sometimes it is from another existence but sometimes it is because you have have met on the astral.

S: Ok. Can one find one’s soulmate or job, obviously yes you can because this is what you’re talking about. So one can then literally go out and create one’s reality?
R: Absolutely!

S: And obviously does?
R: Without limit.

S: Why is breaking down limitations such a difficult process for us as human beings?
R: Indeed. It is the fear of the unknown. Individuals fear that which the cannot see, touch, or smell. You see, the unknown is conceptual. Individuals like to know what exist from one day to the next. They can deal with what they know. They have difficulty dealing with what they aren’t sure of. And when one doubts the self, that, of course, amplifies the fear.

S: Ok. When one and I’ll use the example that I was given for the question, when say a Tibetan master is projecting himself visually to a student and the student has conscious awareness of this, is this a subtler form or a more fine-tuned form of a astral projection?
R: It is mastering astral projection.

S: So instant reality creation?
R: Indeed. Many refer to as Force 5 experience.

S: Yes. Wayne Dyer calls it that, yes. So this can be as vivid a physical image as, ok, I’ll use the example of the Masters of the Far East, the books, where visions or physical apparitions, if you will, would manifest in front of people. Was this, in fact, just again an expanded version of astral projection?
R: Indeed. It is astral projection. Individuals, of course, made an agreement on a subconscious level for to experience this in the physical.

S: So there then can be conscious awareness of these meetings then?
R: Of course. That is the whole purpose. To have the conscious and the subconscious in conjunction with the astral self which is part of both. The astral self is part of the conscious and the subconscious, indeed, is the link here. To have it working together in unison.

S: So from another perspective, the astral is just coming here and then we become aware of it.
R: Indeed.

S: Do animals astral project as we do?
R: Not in the same way. They would experience their own form of astral projection but realize that they exist in balance within the physical and have integrated their astral self and conscious self. There is an etheric experience. Animals do not plan their future. They do not worry about their past. Indeed there are habits that they have formed but these are habits that are learned from humanity, if in captivity or controlled. For they merely amplify what exists within humankind. That is why a dog can sense fear for, if an individual is fearful, they amplify this within themselves and respond to that which exists within themselves. There is an etheric form, for the animal does experience healing in the same methodology. And yes, indeed, there is interaction between animals and individuals who would astral. There is interaction here for particular experiences, but it is not experienced by the animal in the same way that individuals do.

S: Is this why some of us may have a strong feeling to save the whales, go out and protest about seals being killed? It’s not just what is going on physically that we view but it is also some sort of subtler connection between the…
R: Absolutely.

S: Amazing. What senses do we have then on the astral plane?
R: Indeed. The sense of being. The sense of belonging.

S: Again our need to label and have things in tiny little boxes that we can put on shelves. So there is not taste, touch, there’s just being, alright. Can we, I think you’ve answered this but again I’ll ask it because it was asked. Can we view past lives or future lives in the astral?
R: Indeed. This has been stated. This can be done.

S: What is…is there anything more you’d like to add to the relationship between dreams and astral projection?
R: Indeed. Dreams is that which your spiritual guides use in conjunction with the astral self to bring messages to the consciousness of the individual so that they can understand, overcome fears, view their limitations, and this is done through symbology, not through actual verbages, though for some they have clarified the communication between their spiritual guides and the self so that it is understood through voice techniques. But moreover, because the subconscious portion does work in wholistic thinking or creative aspects, would use symbology as a form of communication. This is done through the dream state.

S: Alright. Now is a series of questions here. Are you finished on that or…
R: Indeed! This is also here simply to add sometimes it is necessary to bypass the fears and the spiritual guides would give information in somewhat shaded symbology. The more you overcome your fears, the clearer your understandings will be.

S: So dealing with the self, working on the self, expanding one’s intuition…
R: Awareness.

S: Is definitely to one’s benefit. Ok. These questions relate to astral projection but to yourselves as well. How would you describe your vibrational state versus ours while in the astral state? Is there a difference between our astral state and the state you’re right now?
R: Only into that from your perception that you make the difference.

S: How so?
R: The difference being that we do not have the physical and you do, but that which we do, you as well can understand and do. You have the best of both worlds. Would find here to further understand our vibration and the concept of time and linearity thinking versus wholistic thinking, imagine for a moment a radio. Bear in mind that there are many different channels, many different vibrations and wave lengths here. Just because you are listening to one station, does not mean that there are no other stations playing. Tis simply that you have tuned in to one.

S: Consciously?
R: Consciously.

S: Are we still aware of all of the rest subconsciously?
R: Indeed so.

S: What colour, appearance does your energy form have in the astral state versus our energy form? Or is there a difference?
R: What is the colour of all colours? What does that equate to?

S: To some white but I would question that now that quantum physics is?
R: It is the totality of all colours as you are the totality of all colours. Yet you choose to see the different colours, to understand the whole colour.

S: Last question, not really on the subject but pertaining to yourselves…wait a minute. We got a last minute arrival here. Are our inner senses astral senses or vice versa? You mean clairvoyance, clairsentience, that kind of thing? Internal sensing?
R: Do you refer to these utilized on the astral? Would consider this similar. However, on the astral state, it comes more naturally. It is without conscious thought. Conscious thought limits the use of the inner senses.

S: Ok, final question. Again not totally to the topic but probably has relevance or you can give it some relevance. What means is used for you to arrive at this location and how does that relate, I suppose, to astral projection?
R: Are you referring to our entrance into the channelling aspect?

S: Yes.
R: This is done through agreement, agreement with that of the sleeping Form, agreement of all individuals present, the director and all that would exist within the room, pre-planned, designed for the experience. Simply that the Form steps aside the conscious mind giving us permission to bring information that is necessary for the learning of those that are perceiving such. Indeed. It is like tuning into a radio station. One moment you wish to listen to rock and roll. The next, you choose classical.

S: So our tuning in would be choosing to be here tonight?
R: Indeed. Making the choice.

S: Ok. Could we have your parting comments please on astral projection?

Parting Comments R: Indeed. The time is right for mankind and when we do say mankind, we are referring to the wholistic portion. The time has come for individuals to allow for their own personal development and awareness. You have entered the Aquarian Age and it is time to accept the responsibility of such. Doing this is to accept the responsibility of the self, that includes the total self, not just the conscious self. For it is but a small percentage of who you really are. To accept this is to give yourself permission to explore and to learn more of you. Through astral projection, the acceptance of such would be to accept the self and create a reality that you would desire. Remember your fears are a limit. That is all. You are not limited by time, only your perception of time. You are not limited by labels, only your perception of labels. You have the choice, the tools. All you need to do is to pick it up and build your world. And we say unto you, remember you are never, ever alone. Not through astral projection, not through the conscious experiences. For you are walking hand in hand with God. And we do thank thee for your energy, blessed be.

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