Are you willing to be an Angelic Emissary?- Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman

Beloved masters, some time ago we asked you to envision yourselves moving back through the energetic skeins of times past, transmuting all the negative memories along the way, as you also move in an upward spiral toward the future. As the process of ascension into the higher realms gains momentum, in order to give you a clearer picture and a greater understanding of what is taking place on Earth and within you, we must go back to the beginning to see what took place at the time of your descent into physicality.

Your bible states that you were made in God’s image and this is true – you were projected from the heart of our Father/Mother God as pure Spirit in luminous forms of Light, in multitudes of sizes, shapes and colors – a minuscule but perfect replica of a particular facet of our Creator (which could be called your original ancestral lineage). Many aeons later, when you were called forth from the far reaches of the Omniverse to be a part of the experiment on planet Earth, it was necessary for you to journey down through the multiple levels of creation in order to take on a physical form. While the Earth was being prepared for the future inhabitation of humankind you, who are often called the Starseed, came first in order to help prepare the planet for the “holy innocent ones” who would follow. You were encased in a golden sphere of Christ Light which was filled with Divine radiation for your journey down through the dimensions. This ovum of Light was also encoded with the electromagnetic seed/thought forms for the creation of the Adamic spiritual/physical species who were to inhabit the Earth.

At that time, the Earth was resonating to the frequencies of the lower planes of the fifth dimension and the seventh plane of the fourth dimension (often called the seventh heaven), as its shape and form were being perfected. The sun was in place, shining down on the newly created flora and fauna, majestic mountains and verdant plains, and the great expanses of crystal clear water. On Earth, large bodies of water are the closest representation of how it is in the higher dimensions: fluid, crystalline, sparkling, refracting Light which nurtures and energizes everything it touches. In other words, the elixir of life on planet Earth. The Creator’s perfect plan called for you, the Starseed, to descend to Earth and in your spheres of golden Light to submerge into the waters. There you stayed for thousands of years, attuning to the planet Earth, and infusing the waters with the divine blueprint for the human form: the golden etheric web, the emotional body, mental body and finally, the physical form of humankind.

When it came time for the third golden age called Lemuria to come into manifestation – a time when the new earthling souls would begin to take physical form – you, their guardians, took them into the waters to help them become acclimated to the frequencies of the Earth. The element of water represents the emotional nature and there in the living waters, they began to create their emotional/physical vessels You were not made from the dust of the Earth, my precious friends, but from the essence of the Earth – her waters infused with God Light, along with the thought form of your divine blueprint and the primal cosmic energy. Slowly, over thousands of years, you built a physical form to house your Spirit. In those early times, you could breathe under water for you were breathing the life-giving Essence of God. Many of you have dreams in which you can breathe under water-memories, dear hearts, of those times long past. As you are discovering, there is some truth in many of your myths/religious controversies. Yes, you rose out of the waters, not as amphibians, but as spiritual/human Beings. Yes, there was an evolutionary path of amphibious creatures who rose from the waters and developed into land creatures, but it is a distinctly separate evolutionary path from that of humanity.

The whales and dolphins are beautiful Starseed who agreed to stay with you on Earth to revitalize and continually update the encodings within the water. Is it any wonder you have such an affinity for these beautiful creatures and that you have such a fascination and love for your oceans and lakes? Rarely is there anything on Earth that brings such a sense of freedom, such joy and feeling of being healed and refreshed, as when you swim or submerge yourselves in water. Is it any wonder that you are constantly being told that water is one of the most important factors in maintaining good health? Your body is composed mostly of water – you are part of a water-dominant biosphere. Are you aware that the practice of being baptized in water is symbolic of returning to the place where you first became attuned to the Earth plane, and where you were submerged in the living waters which carried the activating frequencies of your divine blueprint? It is a symbolic ritual of returning to the perfect beginning of your sojourn on planet Earth – of being cleansed and reborn.

During the age of Lemuria, there was a great inland body of water which covered a large area east of a great mountain range called the Sierra Nevada mountains in western United States. What remains of this lake was named Pyramid Lake in recent years because of a large pyramid-shaped rock formation close to its eastern shore. The lake is located on an Indian reservation and has always had the reputation of being sacred and mysterious. Another myth based on fact, because this small lake is what remains of the sacred waters where many of the souls who came to Earth spent so much time as they joyously adapted to the physical realm – the same waters where you came in your spheres of Light and began your earthly sojourn. This beautiful lake, located in the center of a desolate desert landscape, never fails to delight those who see if for the first time. It often triggers emotional memories in those who visit the lake and they know not why. Does this stir a memory deep within your Being, beloveds? It should, for many of you who are reading this message were there. Another better-known lake, the beautiful Lake Titicaca, located on the borders of Peru and Bolivia, high in the mountains at an elevation of 12,500 feet, served the same purpose and has always been considered a powerful spiritual vortex. This is a favored place of the Goddess and is a major focal point for the increased influx of her energy. There are other sacred bodies of water around the world that are familiar to you. These are the waters which have mostly maintained their purity, waters which draw people to them and leave them feeling refreshed and revitalized. Can you see why it is so important to maintain the cleanliness of your oceans and lakes? They are one of your pathways back home, beloveds.

We will use the ebb and flow of the ocean tides as an example to further explain what is happening on Earth at this time. The heartbeat of your sun and the Great Central Sun are becoming stronger as they send out greater and greater pulses of cosmic energy. You all are feeling the ebb and flow of this energy and it affects everyone, no matter what their level of understanding. Jewels of higher consciousness are being activated within your bodies and brain structures – an infusion of Light frequencies from the universal mind which are freeing you and the Earth from the lower vibrational patterns of Karma and the third dimension. During the ebb times (when the pulsations are the lowest), you may feel somewhat cut off and depressed, possibly a lack of energy and the desire to sleep more, or “out of the flow.” During the peak times of increased cosmic energy, you will feel more powerful, upbeat and everything “flows” easily. Your creative abilities are heightened and you may be more sensitive to the whisperings of Spirit. Be aware of the signals that your physical vessel convey to you. We have also explained to you how to draw forth the maximum amount of Christ energy from your Divine I AM Presence, spiral it through your body and down into the Earth and then up and out unto the world via your heart/solar plexus power center. You are performing a great service to humanity and the Earth when you do this, but allow me to add a component to this exercise.

Your auric field has expanded by leaps and bounds, and as a result many of you are experiencing vertigo or dizzy spells and feel ungrounded. There will come a time when your auric field will extend a great distance around you, healing, nurturing, blessing everything it touches. But you are not quite to that point, dear hearts. We suggest that every morning (and evening, if you wish), you envision your auric field being drawn inward around your body to a maximum of six feet. If you still feel off-balance, drew it inward to a three-foot circle around you. This is done by intent, and to give you a visual example, see a beautiful sparkling cloud of color surrounding you (what color is your aura of Light?), and then envision it slowing being drawn closer and closer, becoming stronger and more supportive as it encircles and empowers you.

You, the Starseed, are actively assisting in the process of collective soul advancement, the process of seeding a new galactic species – a new genesis. You are leading the way and evolving more quickly that was ever believed possible. And so, we ask you to be gentle with yourselves, beloveds. There is such a plethora of information available that you sometimes become confused and do not know what to believe. That is when you turn inward and listen to the wisdom of your Higher/ Divine Self. You may receive impulses, or nonverbal information in the form of Light, color symbols or geometric patterns that have to be downloaded and filtered through your brain structure. The art of telecommunications or tele-thought with the higher realms is becoming common place as ever more of you activate the master glands within your brain, the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus, as well as the higher dimensional portions of the brain. Telepathy, or channeling as it is popularly known, is nothing more than a band of frequencies (information in the form of Light packets) being sent from an unseen source along a pathway to the brain of the attuned recipient. The more receptive you are, the more information you will receive and the stronger the signals (messages) will become. Do not discount any small nudgings that you receive from Spirit for they are a doorway to a wondrous wealth of information.

I now ask you if you are willing to make a commitment – a commitment to become a full-fledged angelic emissary? Are you ready to allow the mighty archangels of this galaxy to infuse you with all the glory of their virtues and attributes? Are you ready to be infused with the living Light of our Father/Mother God and then to convey that love/Light to any and all you meet, and to allow the Light to shine from your heart, soul and your eyes, and through your deeds? The time of absorbing, integrating, transforming and transmuting must now be accompanied by an outward projection and transmittal of the newly refined frequencies you carry within.

I will give you another vision to help you understand the process now in progress. See a great pyramid of Light that was formed in the etheric at the beginning of this century. Now watch as soul after soul reclaims their Divine right as a master and cocreator with God, and steps into the circle of Light within the pyramid. As the first level becomes filled to capacity those at that level step up to the next level, thereby making room for the new initiates to enter. Each higher level is a little smaller and therefore cannot contain quite as many souls, and thusly, on and on it has gone these past years, as you step higher and higher, initiation after initiation, up the pyramid of Light. Some of you are nearing the peak or are ready to step into the capstone of Light-ready to be the beacons of the world and to radiate out into the solar system and galaxy that the sacred passage of Earth and humanity is well under way. I put forth the clarion call once more to you my beloved warriors of Light, and I offer you the shield of Michael and a replica of my blazing sword of Light which will severe any remaining energy cords of darkness that keep you tethered to the dimensions of illusion.

My beloved brother and sister archangels are waiting for you to make the commitment as well. In your meditations, call on them and they will make themselves known to you, and they will gift you with a symbol of their love, special attributes and wisdom. I offer you my strength and protection, and my Lady Faith offers you the gift of faith in yourselves and the will to create anew conveyed to you from the heart of the Creator.

You are the anointed ones and you are blessed beyond measure, I AM Archangel Michael.

Authors Details: Ronna Herman Channeling Archangel Michael

Ronna Herman is a spiritual astrologer, counselor, new age practioner and teacher. She is also an internationally-known author, lecturer and fully conscious channel for Archangel Michael. The Authors Web Site


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