Anxiety Symptoms & What To Do

Lets discuss Anxiety symptoms and what to do about them. In order to create the healthy, happy and harmonious reality we all desire, you will need to create emotional harmony.

This process can be divided into six basic steps:

1. Recognize our emotions.
2. Accept them as they are.
3. Release them when necessary.
4. Understand how they are created.
5. Transform the negative ones through understanding and create more positive ones.
6. Transcend them.

What Are The Anxiety Symptoms?

An anxiety attack is often mistaken for a heart attack as the symptoms are very similar. Increased heart and breathing rates, dry mouth, chest pains, loss of touch with reality, light-headedness, nausea, numbness or tingling in the extremities, sweating, and diarrhea are common symptoms of an anxiety attack.

Here is a short profile of some of the basic emotions.

Anxiety Symptoms and Worry

Both a form of fear, Anxiety and worry, have become so common that it is worth looking at them separately.

Anxiety often concerns the factors of time and results. You are anxious because you fear that you will not have enough time to complete all that you have planned, or that the result will not be successful, perfect or acceptable to the others.

You worry often for the same reasons, but also when you fear something may not turn out as you hope. That “something” may concern yourself, your children, parents or a spouse, which of course ultimately through your attachment to these people – has to do with yourself.

You learnt to worry as a child and this becomes a habit causing you to search for issues. Causing you to be anxious or worried about those issues, even when there is nothing really important enough to merit such a concern. You may wonder at times why your mind thinks so much about a particular matter, creating anxiety and worry, when in reality that matter is not so important to us.

Anxiety symptoms, like worry often contain a feeling of danger, that you are unable to achieve what you want or protect yourself from others or events. It is a form of self-doubt and lack of faith in yourself, others and the Divine Laws of the universe.


You would do well to employ a daily program of:

1. Exercises
2. Breathing techniques
3. Deep relaxation with positive projection,
4. Meditation
5. A healthy diet
6. Creative self-expression.

These activities will help reorganize your energy patterns, freeing you from the hold of negative thoughts.

Positive Antidotes To Anxiety & Worry

1. Faith in divine wisdom and justice

that all will occur as is necessary and beneficial for your growth process. This belief allows you to surrender to the wisdom of the universe and feel secure even when externally you are being challenged by difficult situations.

This does not mean that you don’t seek to create the reality you prefer. It simply means that you feel sure that the results of your efforts will be the best for your growth regardless of whether they are what you prefer.

2. Confidence in your ability to deal with whatever life brings you

Why should you doubt that you can deal with whatever comes? You have encountered so many tests in life and here you are, alive and reading this and you have survived. The You that is spirit, is greater than any possible human experience.

3. Realizing that you are worthy of love and acceptance as you are.

Much of your anxiety has to do with your doubts about your self-worth which you tend to measure by what others think and by the results of your efforts. Accepting yourself as you are, removes much anxiety.

4. Living in and enjoying the present moment.

Your fears, regrets, anxiety and worry seldom have to do with the present, but rather with the past and future. Neither actually exist. The past exists only to the degree that you carry it in your mind. The future is equally an illusion or creation. Focusing on what you are doing in the present moment releases you from anxiety and worry.

Let me know how Anxiety has made an impact in your life and what you have done about it? Comment below or join me and comment on Facebook

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