Animal Symbolism

Animal symbolism is important for many cultures. Traditionally many cultures have used animals as symbols. Native people of different regions often view animals as their teachers. Each animal represents a beneficial quality that can help strengthen and educate you. Once you understand each animal’s character and symbolism then the specific gifts and strengths it represents can be blended with. You can also incorporate a particular animal into a ritual and ask it’s guidance.

animal symbolism

Animal Symbolism

Here are some basics of animal symbolism

Bear: introspection, incubating ideas and bring them to fruition, cultivating power and support
Beaver: architecture and building, teaches structure, problem solving, and the ability to work with others
Butterfly: transformation, moving forward, trusting life to support you
Cat: independence, playfulness, caution, and gracefulness
Crow: intuition, justice
Deer: gentleness, peace
Dog: loyalty, guardian, and protector
Dolphin: power of play, unconditional love, the ability to release stored emotions through breath
Dove: peace, calm, and simplicity
Eagle: ability to see above the mundane, clarity, vision, and connection to the divine
Fox: confidence, cunning, and independence
Frog: connection to water rituals, a cleansing of spirit, body and mind, easing change
Horse: power, dependability
Hummingbird: joy, celebration life, and the ability to feel emotionally “lighter”
Lion: leadership, action, assists one in moving through fear
Owl: wisdom, clairvoyance, and clarity of thought
Peacock: wholeness, authority of self, and the expression of one’s own beauty
Rabbit: creativity helps one face fear
Raccoon: unmasking the truth helps one accept hidden aspects of the self, the ability to play many roles in life
Snake: sexuality, psychic energy, death and rebirth, immortality
Spider: integration, inner connection, and creativity
Swan: ability to see one’s own beauty and goodness
Tiger: confidence, spontaneity, and strength
Turtle: connection with earth grounding helps one slow down and focus on the present
Wolf: teaching, the ability to establish healthy boundaries, encourages friendship and sense of community
Coyote: Trickster, humour and self deprecation – similar to the fool in Tarot.

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