Angel Protection & Cleansing

Angel Protection and Cleansing

Why, Who, Where, When and How. Angel Protection is one of the most important issues of spiritual development. You will have to deal with but most of us overlook as being irrelevant. People feel unless they can see or feel something that it isn’t important. We look too much at gaining power, but we must remember we have to build our world starting at the foundations of life and ascending upwards. Power and ability has to be earned.

So while we are developing we need to be protected from ourselves and outside negative influences. Like a house you can’t just put the roof on unless you first have the walls to brace it. So you need the foundations, then the framework then the bricks, the windows, doors, then you put the roof on. Our development is the same as the house. We have to develop stage by stage to be able to understand the knowledge we are gaining ,otherwise we will collapse under the pressure just like the house would if it didn’t have the walls to support the roof .

angel protection

The most important step is protection, you may ask why? Well without protection we can be overcome by negativity and this can take many forms some known and some unknown. We are infants just beginning our progress and like a baby it depends upon how we are raised to a certain degree. If you are brought up in a negative environment then it is hard to progress to a positive outlook. You first have to stop feeling hurt. Where as a baby bought up knowing that someone is always caring and looking after it will be more centred and able to cope knowing it has support to help it through the test in life…

Who do we call on for angel protection you may ask?

Well there are an infinite number of angels but the most known are Gabriel and Michael or your guardian angel.Lords of light or Lords of flame. Who and what are Lords you may ask? Lords are a celestial order of angels that regulate angel duties they are our protectors willing and able to help us upon our call. You have to ask to receive. The angels can not interfere in our lives unless we invite them in. As a human we possess one of the greatest gifts of all, FREEWILL So for the angels to intervene in our lives we have to ask them. They are only too willing to help us but are unable due to our own ignorance.

The old saying you don’t get unless you ask is relevant here. When you call upon you angels if you feel a negative energy is present trying to trick you always ask three times to clarify that they are here to fill you with positive energy no matter if the energy is light or dark. On the third request it has to answer true so always listen or feel the energy carefully on the third request. Where is protection needed – in all areas of our being? When we feel scared or things don’t seem to be going right.

How do we do this?

Through visualisation and words.

Step 1.
We call upon our guide, angels or preferably the Lords for protection – You have to ask them, remember they can’t help you unless you ask. It is always advisable to start with to ask the Lords of Light and Flames to assist you at first. They will designate the most appropriate angel for you, once you become familiar with the angel then you can call on the angel direct.

Step 2.
If you wish to protect your house or yourself from any negative vibes.

1. Visualise a white light coming down and appearing upon your head or above the house. If you have a problem seeing the ray just say I see and feel the white ray.

2. In your third eye extend the light to encompass the left side going around to the right side in a circle meeting at the top again now bring the light in front of you in a circle shape again going under you up your back meeting at the top again.

3. Ask for any negative energy to be removed from your circle and replaced with positive energy. THIS IS EXTTREMELY IMPORTANT. Why? Because otherwise you will seal in the negative energy already present within you or your house. Ask the Lords to take the negativity up to the light and cleanse and release it into the cosmos. When you are protecting and cleansing you house make sure you go right around the parameter of your house and under the ground as negative energy can travel through pipes and cable. You should always close your utilities, doors and put toilet seats down when not in use at night and turn off electrical currents as this is an open invitation to negativity.

4. Now seal this positive energy within by visualising a cord at the top of you or your house and pull it closed.

5. Repeat the process for each individual within your house or for anyone you feel needs protection. You can do this by asking the Lords to communicate with the guide/angels seeking their assistance to perform this rite. Normally you can’t interfere with other’s paths or guides but by communicating with the lords they are able to direct the energy to the correct source without upsetting anyone. They are the boss so to speak.

6. Always make sure you say THANK YOU at the end we need to show respect.

An example of how negative energy can work.

Before I k new about protection I was building a house in a new estate, I had a lot of problems with the builder, everything seemed to go wrong. Then the builder went bankrupt so I had a delay of about six months before we got to move in. Once in I found that every one in the estate had large problems building their house or when they moved in. My daughter started having nightmares when we moved in. The dreams were about three witches chasing her in the house, she would wake up crying. At this time I had been learning to communicate with my angels and they informed me I needed to do protection. So they told me the steps to take. These are detailed above. So when every one had gone to sleep at night I performed the rite doing the house and each child, even my pets!!! The next morning my daughter came running to me as happy as can be thanking me. She said “mummy you stopped the witches”. I ask her what she meant She said the witches had tried to get her but they couldn’t get past the front door she said I stopped them. So I said how did I stop them? I don’t know how she said but you did it. She was only 5 at the time.

Later I found out the area we had built in (20 blocks) Black magic had been practised there until the development. Since doing the protection and becoming more enlightened my house had a lovely feel about it with people saying how welcoming the house felt. My house became a meeting place for the enlightened. These days when spring comes we talk about spring cleaning our houses, but do you know why? Well we live through four cycles of nature, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Winter is known as the darkest period when negative energy is at its highest. We live through winter knowing the spring will be upon us soon. So when spring comes we clean our houses by washing walls, cleaning the carpet, rugs etc., but why? Well we are clearing away all the negativity that has built up and begin to re-energize our homes with positive energy. So deep down we know we have to protect and cleanse ourselves and our residences, but we just didn’t understand why until now.


Cleansing is a Major part of protection, every time someone enters your home or you leave your house to go shopping you interact with different people. When you are enlightened you put out a high vibration of light. This is like a beacon to negativity. If people are sick or their vibrations are low their auras are in need of a boost so what happen is these people unknowingly draw on your aura. Now, since it is almost impossible to remember or be able to do protection every second of your life, my best advice is to have a shower before bed or in the morning as running water washes away negativity you have picked up during the day and cleanses you aura. This is why our best inspiration comes in the shower, when you wash your hair in the shower this is the best time to communicate with your angels as the water is purifying you. There are many unscrupulous people out there who want to enhance the dark side or wish you negativity. We call this psychic attack. The telephone line is a means they will often employ. The aggravated client etc…

So you must always be alert to your feelings and if someone rubs you the wrong way or for some reason you just don’t feel comfortable around that person call on your angels to cleanse and protect you.

Also make sure at night that you put the toilet lid down and shut the utilities door before going to sleep as negativity can seep in through these points. They are hard to seal off, so shutting the door acts as a barrier. Notice in a house that feels strange it is normally centred around the bathroom or toilet area. The water connects with the spirit world.

An example of negativity…

In my early stages of enlightenment a friend of mine meet this lady at her school and they talked most mornings at school about spiritual aspects. This friend of mine said to me you have to meet this lady. She is really spiritual. Upon meeting her I had this feeling something wasn’t right and I felt my angels stand close to me when she came around. Then the angels warned me not to divulge too much to her that I should be wary of her as she works for the dark side and is here to undermine us. So I told her I felt dark forces around her. With that she advised me a few years ago she got mixed up with the wrong crowd who practiced black magic rituals but that was in the past she said. I told her that I felt they still had a strong hold on her. With this she admitted she still had a draw to that side and still saw her dark friends. I had experienced the dark force around her which was rather powerful to say the least, I was glad I knew of protection at that time and how to communicate with the angels. When I asked her what she wanted from us – she told me my forgiveness for a dark deed she did to me in a past life. My  advice to her I held no grudges for anything in a past life. With that she said I didn’t think you did. When she left she told me what a strong spiritual light I had emanating from me and I had good protection around me. This was the last I saw of her. She transferred her child to a different school after that. My friend who introduced us said she felt something wrong when she met her but she seemed so nice and willing to help her she couldn’t have imagined that someone like her would be dark.

Authors Details: Christine Williamson  Email: labbiel[at]senet[dot]com[dot]au

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