Ambassadors of Light – Channeling By The Assembly Of Light Through Abby Haydon

New Types of experiences will be coming to the planet. We would wish all to know that there is an experience transpiring that we would wish to call a gathering of souls.

They are coming from many directions throughout the universe. Many beings of light are coming to work in this configuration that is manifesting just outside the atmosphere of your planet. They are coming to assist individuals with their transformation and to bring healing to the planet.

This gathering of great celestial masters is coming forth at the beginning of this year. They will be very active for the majority of the year. These beings are coming to bring great bursts of energy and guidance. One of their functions is to assist those who are beginning to “wake up” or open to other perspectives. These people are beginning to experience a clearing out process. They are beginning to release blockages that are keeping them from experiencing divine energy. There is now an extra amount of energy that may be accessed by individuals that wish to expand their awareness. It will help those interested to leave the past behind and open to the joy of spiritual energy. It is a good time to be open to this type of healing. There will be people that you have known for a long time, that have appeared to be closed and in pain. They will begin to change and you will know what is happening to them and be able to rejoice with them. They will be able to experience more of the beauties of life at this time.

This extra guidance is available to help the delicate rosebuds of human awareness open to full bloom. With this extra guidance, the ones who are opening will have powerful and beautiful experiences. We would wish to encourage all to share guidance. You will now have the opportunity to help others bring forth harmony and growth. There are times coming when those who are newly aware of their divine light will feel frail and unsure. That is why they will also be seeking confirmation from those who have already opened and are firmly anchored in their connection to the divine.

The new experiences that this extra guidance being sent from this highly refined group will clearly validate the openings that are coming. Yet those opening will still seek reassurance from those in physical from. So be ready. Many need to open. Now, more then ever. It is important that many start to resonate at a refined frequency. People need to experience a state of refinement that will enable them to feel and know harmony within themselves. The end result of this will be the ability to appreciate the subtle beauties of the planet and assist them to tap into the creative energies that are here. You are now becoming vehicles for healing. Many on this planet, who have not thought of themselves as healers, are now becoming conduits through which healing energy may manifest. Many will be opening to the energies available. Their frequency will be accelerated enough to connect with the new energies this group is sending and then direct it to heal the traumas on the planet. This is something that your precious globe needs desperately. This will help to counteract some to the great disharmony that exists here. Individuals who are open to peace, harmony and unity need to have themselves and their beliefs energized.

Each spirit that is receptive to these great masters will be assisted in their expansion. This consortium of divine beings will create an open pathway to divine light energy for you. These great beings are creating what we would wish to call a generator of a profound and amazing light energy that has never been brought forth upon this planet. This will greatly help the areas of the United States, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. These beings of light cannot work directly upon the planet. They may only manifest light energy and then direct it toward humans who are open to receive it. Directing this energy where it is needed is a task for which many are being call forth. All who are open will be connected with the consortium. Within this group are also many highly evolved beings from other galaxies that may be thought of as Ambassadors of Light. These highly refined beings have never taken on this type of project before. This aspect of the group is now open to this project. They want to spend the majority of this time period projecting their highly refined energy to you for healing of the planet. This work will be done with those who are ready.

We wish to encourage all to feel that they have the ability to do what is necessary for this transfer of light energy. These divine ambassadors realize that it is important that the humans here be receptacles of this energy. You must direct this energy as you see fit. They are sending their collective to those that are open. This will allow you, who reside here, to direct this energy to the places that you feel are important. You are the ones who will make the decisions as to where these beautiful light configurations will be sent. This energy will flow through you and you will be able to focus your attention and send it to where you feel a connection to the traumas that now exist.

The Ambassadors of Light are leaving the choice of where to direct this energy to you. They feel that each one who is open enough to receive this energy will also have compassion for a place on the earth that is in need. You may have quite a variety of places that you would wish to direct energy to. These will be places that you have a personal feeling about. You may have children you sponsor in Africa. You might feel the need to send energy to those starving in Guatemala. You may want to send energy to Afghanistan. There will be certain times of the day and evening that will be best for the energy transfer. In the morning, the times of 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. are best. In the evening, the optimum times are 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. We would wish to encourage you to create a special place in or around your dwelling that you may think of as an altar or setting where you may best focus your attention to direct this energy. You may wish to dedicate this space to the part of the planet that you wish to help. You may wish to have pictures or objects from the parts of the world that you have a desire to assist in your sacred place. You might also include photos of world leaders or these areas. You may also have photos of those that are in pain and need healing.

During these time periods, we would encourage you to sit in a quiet state, in front of your shrine. See an opening coming from the top of your head. See beautiful beams of gold coming through the top of your head. See a beam of lavender coming down through the skies and into you as well. Then open your eyes and look the pictures or objects that represent the area where you wish to send this energy. You will find that it will be easy to focus upon this. This is the way in which this energy is able to pass through you to those that need it. Think of yourself as a telephone. You are a transmitter of energy from one place to another. This is an ability that all that are open will be able to use. You may also use this energy at these times to send energy to people you personally know who are going through some sort of disharmony at this time. When you bring this forth, you will feel a great sense of having personally helped some place or person that is in need.

These beings that are coming together wish that individuals, such as this one through whom we speak, will communicate this information in their way. They will become aware of this congregation of light beings and their potentials for using this assistance. The beings that have come together in this celestial grouping are able to mix their energies. They are able to blend at a certain frequency and create the experience of oneness. They are transmitting what they have created to those of you who can direct your attention and so will achieve the goals that they intend.

Those of you who will participate in this project have a powerful role to enact. There will be several situations coming to your attention about people on the planet that are experiencing difficulties. You may wish to include them in your sacred space and use the energy in the way we have suggested. The most powerful times to bring forth the direction of these energies are January, February, April, May, June, August, October, November and December. These are times when focusing on what saddens or hurts your heart will bring powerful healing. This is something that many can participate in. You are not taking this on by yourself, even though you may be in a room by yourself while you are doing this. While you are directing your attention to these places, you may have a feeling of warmth or tingling in the hands, feet. You may wish to listen to soft music, without words, that will help relax you. You may also wish to put your hands over the pictures or objects that you are directing energy to.

The attention that you put on this may not be more then 5-10 minutes. In the first 2-3minutes you will be connecting with the subject that you wish to send this energy to. Then you will be receiving pulsations or bursts of energy that will be coming through the top of your head. You may also feel the energy in your hands. 7-8 minutes will be the maximum that the physical body can successfully transmit at this time. Eventually, you may be able to do this for longer periods of time. To start with, we would encourage using the shorter time periods. It would be good to do this at the same time, if possible.

Think upon these ideas. Realize that you have great power. You can bring great healing and growth to your planet.

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