Often when we think of spring we think of new growth, blooming flowers, budding leaves, new baby animals and the singing birds. We long for the warming of the atmosphere and the lengthening of the days. But we forget to take care of our health so that we can prevent the allergies, flus and colds that often accompany this long awaited season.

We can observe that in nature many changes take place. The water in lakes, which has become cool or frozen in the winter begins to thaw. The same thing is happening with our own bodies. The increased temperatures help to make the lymphatic fluids and mucus in our body warmer and more liquidy and so we experience chest and sinus congestion or running noses. We may experience swelling in the glands, which can result in a weakened immune system. The result of the weakened immune system is the cause of many of the flus and colds that occur in the spring.

A weakened immune system is also often the cause of allergies. During the winter months the digestive fire is stronger, this creates an increased appetite, which results in overeating. Often in the winter people do not exercise as much and the result of the combined excess eating and less exercise is improperly digested food. This undigested food builds up in the body as toxins. Some symptoms of built up toxins are; rashes on the skin. Lack of lustre in the skin, constipation, weight gain, a feeling of lethargy after eating, drowsiness, sluggishness fatigue, muscle pains and throbbing headaches. During the spring, the body begins to try to eliminate these toxins. We can help the body by introducing foods and activities that promote the removal of toxins.

We should try to eat foods that are spicy, easy to digest and warming in nature. Soups, teas, hot spices like cinnamon, ginger, chili peppers, oregano and basil are examples of foods and herbs that promote detoxification.

If we are eating foods that prevent the toxins from being released we will notice a further increase in the symptoms of toxicity coupled with a weakened immune system and will probably experience the colds and flus associated with the season – sweet, salty, heavy and oily foods are the foods that should be avoided during the spring.

We should also try to increase our activity level. Increasing our exercise helps to increase the metabolism, this intern increases the rate at which food is digested and then eliminated from the body. The toxins along with the food waste will be eliminated together and the body will quickly return to its clean and healthy state. One will notice an increase in energy, a healthy glow to the skin, a feeling of lightness in the body and a zest for life once the toxins begin to be removed.

The exercise need not be strenuous or difficult to be beneficial. Suggested exercises would be yoga and walking. Yoga helps to remove toxins from every channel in the body by combining stretching and breathing exercises. Walking, especially outdoors, walking helps to increase the heart rate and metabolism and is good for the joints and muscles. Walking outside in the fresh air helps to boost the immune system by increasing oxygen intake, which purifies and strengthens all tissue.

It is also helpful to alter lifestyle to some degree. Getting up with the sun helps to keep the body in tune with nature and thus prevent illness and promote internal cleansing. Eating in the evening before sunset is a good idea as the warmth of the solar energy helps to promote digestion of food.

Eating later tan eight o’clock will not allow time for food to be digested which will again result in the build up of toxins.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy spring.

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