Acquiring A Prosperity Consciousness

Acquiring A Prosperity Consciousness

The one thing all wealthy people have that the less fortunate have not is a Prosperity Consciousness.

So, What is a Prosperity Consciousness?

A prosperity consciousness is nothing more complicated than the good feeling you’d have about yourself if your income far exceeded your expenses. So, if your cash flow is almost always positive, you can assume that you already have a prosperity consciousness. Congratulations! You’re on you way toward becoming wealthy. But if you don’t have a Prosperity Consciousness, you might want to make it your intention to have one.

Once you’ve acquired a Prosperity Consciousness, you’ll be attracting money like a magnet. So, the obvious first step in changing your relationship to money would be for you to acquire a prosperity consciousness. So, ho how do you do that?

A Prosperity Consciousness begins with a positive cash flow

You’ll find it next to impossible to maintain a prosperity consciousness when your cash flow is negative. So, to prime the pump on your own prosperity consciousness you must:

Cut your expenses

Increase your income

Or do both

But not without a BEING shift

Remember, you can’t change what you have in your life without a change in who you are being, so take the first step in acquiring a Prosperity Consciousness: Create a vision of what your life would be like if you were already wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. When you’ve created that picture, chose to BE wealthy.

Once you’ve made “BE WEALTHY” BEING choice, you’ll easily DO whatever it takes to create a positive cash flow. You’ll be creating a budget and you’ll willingly live by that budget, empowered by the vision of taking ocean cruises and coming back with more money in the bank than when you left.

Once you have the cash flow moving in the right direction, once your income finally exceeds your spending, you’ll have that inner sense of well being—the beginnings of a prosperity consciousness. The greater your cash flow, the richer you’ll feel, and the richer you feel, the larger the flow will become. Maybe that bible passage could be interpreted to read:

For whomsoever hath a prosperity consciousness,
to him or her shall be given more and more abundance.
–Darel Rutherford

Why does a Prosperity Consciousness make you a magnetic force for attracting money?

We’ve talked about this many times before. The Law of Attraction is set into motion the moment you make any sort of BEING commitment. And you are already the magnetic force that attracted who and what you now have in your life.

If you are not, now, demonstrating a Prosperity Consciousness, attracting the prosperity that goes with that consciousness, you are attracting its opposite. Take a long hard look at what you’ve attracted into your life — the people and the material benefits, or lack thereof. Is that who and what you want in your life?

Well? What are you going to do about it? Prosperity is a BEING choice.

What’s in your life now was the result of a BEING choice. To change what you have, make another BEING commitment.

When you become rich,
it will be because of who you are,
not because of what you have
–Darel Rutherford

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