Abusive Relationships – Warning Signs

Here are some warning signs that indicate abusive relationships.

Warning Signs of physical abuse, emotional abuse, dating violence & sexual harassment are the signatures of abusive relationships. Usually, abuse in relationships doesn’t just come out of nowhere. Often, there are many warning signs that indicate the potential for violence.

abusive relationships

To help determine if you are in an abusive relationship, check out these warning signs…

Danger Signs – Abusive Relationships

You may be headed for danger if you date someone who:

  • Tries to isolate you from friends and family.
  • Does not want you to spend time with anybody else.
  • Hits, punches, kicks or shoves you. Or, threatens to hurt you in any way.
  • Is extremely jealous.
  • Gets mad when you talk to other people.
  • Is possessive. Treats you like a belonging and does not want you to share your time with other people.
  • Is controlling. Insists that you call to “check in” or ask permission to do things.
  • Tries to control what you wear, what you do and how you act.
  • Scares you. Makes you worry about reactions to things you say or do.
  • Behaves violently. Owns weapons and threatens to use them.
  • Has a history of fighting, loses temper quickly, has hurt animals or other people.
  • Is emotionally abusive. Puts you down, calls you names, tells you you are nothing without him/her.
  • Makes all the decisions in the relationship. Does not care about your thoughts and feelings.
  • Abuses alcohol or drugs and pressures you to take them.
  • Won’t accept breaking up. Threatens to hurt you, or him/herself if you break up.
  • Stalks you after you’ve tried to break if off.

Seek Help

If you experience any of these abusive relationship warning signs, you may be a victim of dating violence. To get help, tell someone you trust: your parents, a friend, counselor, clergy member, etc. Remember that you are not alone and that the abuse is not your fault. Help is available.

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