Abundance & your Inner Child Pt 2

(…Continued From Abundance & Your Inner Child Pt 1)

Abundance – Five things your Inner Child wants you to know:

I am real! I do exist and I want a relationship with you.

For many years we have heard of the Inner Child and some of us have spent time working through issues in order to heal the wounds of our past. Once completed we walk away feeling somewhat better yet still unable to feel that profound sense of self love, that feeling that is there every day like we thought we would. Sadly we realize there must be more healing to do, more work to be done and so we continue our search. I was one of those people who walked away from therapy somewhat better but still aching from an emptiness that I could not fill. My guides finally gave me the answer to filling that emptiness; it was a continuous, daily relationship with her. They told me, “You are your Inner Child’s parent and therefore you need to parent her just as you would a flesh and blood child. So, spend at least 5 minutes a day talking to your Inner Child. Just 5 minutes a day will bring you the self love you have always desired.” Five minutes a day will fill your Inner Child’s need for connection. The Inner Child doesn’t care if you focus on other things or people as long as he/she is emotionally satisfied.

I am your physical body.

Now this was a real eye-opener. I had no idea that my Inner Child (I call her Jessie) believed she is my physical body…another tidbit of multidimensional knowledge dropped in my lap compliments of my guides. Knowing this put me light years ahead in my emotional healing because I now understood the connection between my Inner Child and my physical aches and pains. Louise Hayes’ book, Heal your Body, now made more sense than ever. When I took the probable cause interpretations she had developed for physical symptoms and applied them to my Inner Child, I discovered the Inner Child Language. In other words, our Inner Child speaks to us through the language of physical and emotional sensations. Having this tool enabled me to finally understand what my Inner Child was trying to convey. Now how does this relate to an abundance block? If you are simultaneously being blocked financially and experiencing physical disease or pain, look up the disease or location of the pain in Louise’s book, take the probable cause and read it as your Inner Child speaking to you. Example: Knee problems – Louise says it means stubborn ego, inability to bend, fear and inflexibility. Using Inner Child language, we see that the Inner Child saying, “I am in fear and choose to be inflexible and unbending in my resistance to the change you want to make. And, I won’t feel safe changing directions and will continue to resist until you make it safe for me to do so.”

I am your partner so please discuss changes with me before you make them and make it safe!

Since your Inner Child sees him/herself as your physical body and therefore as a partner in this incarnation, he/she deserves to be consulted before any big changes are undertaken. I had not understood this until my guides pointed it out one day when I called upon them in great frustration to help me see why my attempts to move forward were being thwarted at every turn. I realized that not only had I not consulted her and asked her how she felt about making the changes I had in mind, I had not made it safe to do so by creating agreements about how we would handle the effects of the change.

One of the things we forget when moving along life’s path whether we are spiritual or not is that even though we may be ready to make a change in our life, our Inner Child may not be. If he/she is not ready it is because we have not discussed it with him/her and/or done anything, such as making agreements to take care of the emotional or physical pain that may come as a result of the change. For example, if we decide to release old anger and do a Liver Cleanse to release the stones in our liver/gallbladder, without talking to our Inner Child and making agreements about how we will deal with that anger once it surfaces, he/she will block the release of the stones. I have had numerous clients experience this very thing. Once they go back and make the agreements, the next cleanse is quite successful. So what I am saying in regards to abundance and the Inner Child is to be sure that you make agreements with your Inner Child about how you will take care of her and you through and after the change that is required.

It’s my job to protect you and keep you happy.

The Inner child believes that his/her purpose for existing is to keep you safe and happy. That means safe from emotional/physical pain and happy at all times. We all have a limit of emotional/physical pain that we are willing to consciously feel. We unconsciously teach that limit to our Inner Child. As a result, he/she knows that anything beyond that limit must be stuffed so that we don’t feel it. When things are going well that is easy to do but when fear enters into the picture things take a different turn. When you are threatened in any way either physically, emotionally or mentally, the Inner Child goes into Superman mode in order to protect you. At times this means that he/she will use fear as a tool to keep you safe. At those times he/she flips into his/her dark side and uses the abilities attributed to the lower or male chakras to protect. This “Dark” side is synonymous with the Ego. When I learned this from my guides, it was as if they dropped a bomb on me. I would never have connected my sweet Inner Child with my Ego.

Protection in Inner Child language can take many forms, a gut feeling of “watch out” or “something doesn’t feel right” to blinding you to an opportunity, or at the extreme, developing a fatal physical, emotional or mental illness. In between are addictions (depression, the great emotional medicator, drugs, alcohol, work, food etc)…tools the Ego/Inner Child uses to keep you preoccupied so that you won’t do the thing that will cause, in her/his mind, your demise.

What you think about yourself, you think about me.

Our Inner Child hears every thought, feeling and word we speak about ourselves. He/she, being a child is narcissistic by nature just like any child and therefore believes that thought, feeling or spoken word is about him/her. That’s why the key to changing one’s self image lies with the Inner Child. Talking to this Inner Child using positive self-talk backed up by agreements and follow through will change self-hatred, low self-esteem and self- worth into self-love. If your Inner Child feels that an opportunity for financial abundance will in anyway cause him/her to be blamed, he/she will block it. For example, if your mission is to become a teacher but you are an enabler (we call it being a caretaker—someone who rescues others), your Inner Child will block any efforts you make to set up workshops or get a job working for someone else. Why? Because she/he knows that you disproportionately get your love and acceptance from giving too much energy to others in an attempt to fulfill their needs and don’t leave enough in reserve for yourself nor do you truly give yourself (Inner Child) love and acceptance. Also, since you fear being rejected if you don’t have all the answers or fail to meet someone’s needs, the Inner Child knows that that fear will result in you feeling guilty. When you feel guilty the Inner Child experiences that guilt as you blaming him/her. The Inner Child experiences blame as rejection and abandonment.

As we now see, there are several things we do that we may not have been consciously aware would cause our Inner Child to block our abundance. There are more and to determine which ones are applicable to you, I suggest reading the articles provided below under “Additional Reading.” Our Inner Child though appearing complex is actually quite simple. He/she only wants to be loved and to feel safe within that love and the love he/she is most interested in is that of you, his/her parent. To this end he/she will move heaven and earth to obtain and maintain it.

In closing, if you want to experience great abundance, get heart connected to Earth, love being here because when you love Earth you love your Inner Child who believes he/she is made of the Earth and exists in this dimension. Not only will you begin to experience financial abundance, you will net the added bonus of the greatest love you have ever known.

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