Abundance & your Inner Child Pt 1

Abundance and your Inner Child.

Are you suffering from terminal financial lack?

Do you feel frustrated that after months or even years of applying positive affirmation, visualization and other proven techniques, you still live paycheck-to-paycheck, unable to support yourself and your mission? After years working with the Inner Child of each of my clients, I have discovered 3 reasons why the Inner Child may pose as a challenge to manifesting financial abundance. As in all my writings, these concepts are based on the multidimensional Inner Child information given to me by my guides, the 9D Nibiruan Council. Further, as with all writings of this nature, please apply discernment using only what resonates for you, leaving the rest.

We are not heart-connected to Earth

Now this one is a bit complex so I’ll try to simplify it as much as possible. Keep in mind that we are speaking in multidimensional terms, which mean that the principles are of a higher consciousness. In other words, they are of a level that is beyond the 3rd dimensional Inner Child concepts we have been taught. In fact, you can say that what we have been taught about the Inner Child in school and through the wise assistance of therapists is only a small portion of the knowledge regarding the Inner Child. Let’s begin with an explanation of being heart-connected to Earth. What does that mean? Simply, it means being happy, being grateful that you are here on Earth. It means that you love being here and there is no place you’d rather be. This is your home! Now this is a real challenge for starseeds because they know intuitively that Earth is not their home. And the big unconscious fear they share is that if they do get attached to being here, they will not be able to go home when their mission is done. In other words, they will be trapped here on this planet, far from their loved ones and their home world. This is a fate worse than death for starseeds. I know because I am one of them.

But not all who have this issue are starseeds. For those for whom Earth is home, the issue of heart connection stems from not being willing to accept Earth and all that is happening to her as being of value or being okay. They are so in judgment of the pollution, the inhumanity of man, the decline of moral values, etc. that they refuse to embrace the planet. In other words, their judgment of Earth’s present state makes them unwilling to totally embrace her. An analogy would be one’s unwillingness to embrace and commit to a lover 100% because he/she has had a terrible injury that paralyzed or horribly disfigured part of his/her body. We let what we see deter us from opening our hearts completely to commit and love this person.

There is also a third scenario here and that is people who may or may not have an issue with being on Earth but prefer to spend the majority of their time in the other realms. Their passion is being “out there.” They prefer talking to angels and guides rather than people. They remain hooked into the other realms like a radio tuned to one station all day. This was me when I began this work. My passion was being “out there” and I lost interest in being here in this dimension. I just wanted to go home. As a result, I was not heart-connected to Earth; I was heart-connected to “out there.”

Another way we abandon our Inner Child is through meditation. I’m not talking about occasional meditation to clear the mind and achieve balance; I’m referring to those who spend what amounts to hours a day in the other realms using this excellent technique to escape the mundane world. Regardless of why we do it, when our hearts are connected elsewhere, when we are trying to escape, the Inner Child views our actions to mean that we are trying to escape from them. They feel unworthy, inadequate, somehow not good enough to be loved because if they were, then Mommy/Daddy would want to be with them. Amazingly they also feel the same way about the person wasted on drugs. So much for spiritual reasons.

Your abundance is where your heart is:

For those who have acknowledged that they have done one of the above let me share with you one more little tidbit of higher dimensional wisdom that was given to me by my guide, Devin, one of the 9D Nibiruans. It was the clincher for convincing me to get heart connected to Earth. I had sought his advice about an abundance issue I was having at the time when he said, “Jelaila, the universe, the great provider of all things, is like the US Postal Service only more efficient. It will only deliver your mail/abundance to your mailbox. Your mailbox is where your heart is, and your heart is where you passion is. If your heart is in another dimension or realm that is where the universe will deliver your abundance. You see, your manifesting techniques are working but your abundance is not being delivered to your mailbox on Earth. This means that that new house, new car, and that million-dollar lottery check has been delivered to your mailbox in the dimension where you heart is located. So if you want your abundance to be delivered to the realm in which you currently reside, place your mailbox and your heart there.”

The Inner Child, seeing him/herself as our physical body is made of the dust of Earth. He/she believes that he/she is part of Earth. So when you and I resist being connected to Earth, our Inner Children believe that we are resisting being with him/her. They interpret our actions as abandonment. When this occurs the Inner Child will take steps to prevent us from leaving him/her, just like a physical child afraid of a parent leaving will block the door or throw a fit to keep the parent with him/her. We experience this blocking in several ways:

Our bodies develop illnesses or pain preventing us from having the health to energetically and physically sustain a higher level of abundance. We don’t recognize financial opportunities because our Inner Child blinds us to them as a way to keep us from focusing on the things that abundance creates. Our efforts to manifest come to naught because our Inner Child has placed a wall around us blocking the money from getting to us.

The Inner Child makes no differentiation between money, meditation, or people. To the Inner child any thing or person that takes energy from them and our focus off them is a threat to their survival. Once we understand this very basic multidimensional concept we can take steps to prevent our Inner Child from having to resort to these measures. Below is general information about the Inner Child. The solutions to blocked abundance are found in these principles. It is my great hope that you will find your solution and once applied, begin to experience the financial abundance along with the joy of abundant self-love you desire.

(Continued In Abundance & Your Inner Child Pt 2…)

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