A moment of peace (quiet mind)

How to quiet the mind…

Part 1:

Today, I did a Psychic Reading for a customer in my home, and one of the questions she asked me was “How does one quieten the mind in order to meditate?” Like many of us, she yearned for a moment’s peace in her hectic life. Even when she found a moment to herself, she could not seem to quieten her mind.

There are those of us, who despite being “experts” or old hands at meditation find that some days, our minds are more cluttered with background chatter than others. These distractions are normal, and although we all wish to reach a state of nirvana the moment we close our eyes and focus on our breathing, we shouldn’t let “imperfect”
states of meditation get us down.

A meditation, for me, is a moment when I turn inward for relaxation, clarity and creative states of being. In my meditations, my mind sees visions of things like a dream, and I contact my Spirit Guides who often show me lessons I need to learn. Many people do not consider that to be TRUE meditation, but for me, IT IS. It is a time when I centre myself and a time when I remember that I am essentially an Infinite Spirit connected to multiple realities and possibilities.

I came across the following writings which I channelled a couple of years ago from my Spirit Guides. I channel their advice and words of wisdom on a regular basis, and for me, those moments with them and my computer or pen and paper are just like a meditation. I enter into an altered state of consciousness, and I am in THAT MOMENT thinking of nothing else other than what they speak to me about. I feel elevated and inspired when I read their words I have channelled, and so FINALLY, I am sharing these words with the world. Read them and absorb their meaning. I hope it may serve to inspire you and assist you in understanding the importance of meditation in our daily lives.

Part 2:

This passage was channelled by me from my Spirit Guides on the 19th December 2007:

“It is of utmost importance to ALL who see these words that they discover, in this moment, how to be in touch with their “Authentic Self”. If they are far from that, if they are living continually in a struggle ruled by fear and hatred, then the desire would be to strip away the “false” parts of you, and get to the core of Who You Really Are, and who you wish to really be.

Many who have not engaged in Pursuits of Spiritual Enlightenment will ask, “How do I begin to Strip Away the false parts of my Being?”

We will tell you, that you will always find the answer in moments of PEACE. Each and every day requires a moment of peace. We’re not speaking of a five minute coffee break, or a few hours where you “zone out” in front of the television set. We are actually communicating to you, to ALL OF YOU who are reading, that the MOMENT OF PEACE is indeed a form of “Intended Daily Meditation”.

The Meditation must be at least Twenty Minutes in length, and it must be in a space where you will not be disturbed. Many of you have only experienced a moment of peace when you are deep asleep, but we are not talking about sleep either. Yes, sleep does rejuvenate you, but how many of you can say that each and every night, you have such good quality of sleep that you are continually in touch with your Authentic self when you awake? Not many of you, so it is with this in mind that you must INTEND to participate in daily meditation.

Now, here’s the thing – when you say even the word “Meditation” to some people, they immediately conjure up images of Dalai Lamas in Tibetan Monasteries, humming whilst they sit in the lotus position, achieving Spiritual Enlightenment! At which they exclaim, “I’m not doing THAT!” But the idea here is, NOT to do the action as though it were something that were an act, or a behaviour that does not sit well with you. The idea is to instead, choose a moment in your day, when you are completely alone, and focus your thoughts INWARDLY.

This may be quite difficult at first. You are currently experiencing a world which is not stopping for anyone. It is going so fast, and is not willing to stop for those whom it leaves behind. So finding a quiet moment in the day, when the world outside your door is frozen in time, can be quite a big task for some.

You must sit or lie down when you are meditating. Many people who are advanced can achieve a meditative state when they are walking, however, most people cannot walk in a place without distractions, so I say, it is a suggestion to be sitting in one place where you know you will not be disturbed in order to achieve moments of your Authentic Self.

Create a space that is solely YOUR PLACE. Some people may not own a house, or have a room of their own, but there is nothing to say that your “own place” cannot be a log under your favourite tree, or a park bench where you love to watch the ducks in the pond. Your own place makes you feel WHOLE when you are there. When you sit in that space, you literally can forget the world around you and all your humanly mundane tasks that take you away from Who You Really Are.

Some people achieve a wonderful meditative state on their own, sitting with eyes closed in silence, others may require a tape of light music that will get them in the mood. Some may actually wish to purchase a guided meditation on tape and listen to that. All of these things are perfectly fine. The idea is, that whatever you choose must purposefully strip you of all your OUTWARD feelings that are false, and eventually lead you to discover your Inward Spiritual Truth – that is, your Authentic Self.

Part 3:

When you are intending to start your meditation, set a goal for yourself. Say, “I wish to achieve spiritual enlightenment”, or “I intend to make this time a sacred reconnection with my soul/spirit”.

You may wish to even ask for an answer: “I would like to know the answer to this; I am my Authentic Self when …” That may confuse some people. The idea here is to not burden yourself or clog your mind with too many things. That simple question posed plainly – “I am my Authentic Self when …” can bring about a surprising amount of answers in the forms of words, visions, and images. It may arouse a feeling that will allow you to pursue something that has been quelling inside of you. The idea is that every day, upon meditating, you will begin to gather more important parts of YOU that bring you to your Authentic Self.

Your challenge here now is to re-create that moment of tranquillity in every part of your life; extend it to every facet. That is what all the great Buddhists set out to achieve, and all Spiritual people of all faiths. Their goal in many different ways, is to ALLOW THEIR OWN SOUL (AND THEREFORE GOD) INTO EVERY ASPECT OF THEIR DAILY LIFE. That is, they wish to achieve a waking state of Spiritual Enlightenment, or Speak, Talk and Think as their Authentic Selves.

Many people get lost along the way, and may often be misguided, for they feel all too often, that the tools to reaching their Authentic Self lays outside of them. If they could only lose enough weight, if they could only go to church enough times, flagellate themselves enough times, read the Bible, Koran or Torah enough times, wear the right amount of lipstick, bed enough eligible women or men, have the best orgasm (oh yes, some people believe THAT is the path to
enlightenment!) – ALL of these things are things that people do in an effort to compel the World around them to SHOW them the Truth. But the Truth is ALWAYS and forever more, INSIDE you.

Never turn to the person next to you to tell you YOUR Truth – YOU know the answer, if only you will silence the noise around you daily, you WILL find the answer. Be persistent, and make this your daily task, just as if you were brushing your teeth (although some people do not do THAT as often as they should!).”

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