A Meditation for Prosperity.

The purpose of the universe is to enable you to learn. Prosperity is the attitude that you can have what you want in this universe. Therefore prosperity is one of the things you are here to learn. Too many people who are spiritual disregard this.

meditation for prosperity

Here is a meditation that facilitates that learning.

Sit quietly, close your eyes and be aware of your body, your thoughts, and your feelings. Put all those things to one side. Think of a quantity of energy. This may be easiest in monetary terms such as an annual salary. Or you can think of it as a quantity of love, or a measure of getting the most out of life. Draw that amount of energy out of the earth and up into your feet.

Be aware of reprogramming the very cells of your body to a higher level of “havingness”. Move the energy up your legs to your torso. Pay special attention to the joints, such as ankles and knees. Energy tends to stick in the joints. Eventually move the energy up through your head and imagine it as a fountain pouring out of the top of your head. Let the energy cascade down the outside all around you at about a one to two foot radius.

Pay special attention to your back. As this energy flow hits the ground draw it around and in again to your feet. Now increase the amount to a higher level – for example think of raising your worth as a salary.

Check to see if you feel comfortable with this higher level. If it is uncomfortable, lower it to where it is comfortable. The aim however is to gradually get it higher and higher. So draw in that increased amount of energy into your feet and up through your body. Be aware now of the overall circulation of energy and let it circulate for a few minutes. Finally seal off your feet and your head and when you feel complete, draw the meditation to a close.

This meditation can in fact be done several times during the day fairly quickly. You can do it while jogging, or sitting in a car in traffic, or sitting at a desk, or while walking. It is a powerful meditation and strongly recommended. Within weeks or at most months you will notice results.

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