A Healing Crisis

Occasionally, either during or after a healing, a healing crisis may occur. This is where the person has a lot bubbling underneath the surface. They may have many issues which they have buried or they may have a lot of associated energy from these issues which has been internalised. By having a healing, they are brought to the surface so to speak. We have already discussed what happens during a normal healing release. The difference between these and a healing crisis is that either a particularly unpleasant problem has been brought up to be dealt with, or there have been many issues swallowed and all are trying to be released at the same time. This sometimes causes the body to react in a more violent way than a normal release. It is like someone shaking a bottle of fizzy drink that has a small bottleneck. What happens when you open the lid??? Some of the contents burst forth immediately, the bottle shakes and rattles, and then the remainder comes out more slowly.

You have heard the expression ‘ keep a tight lid’ – well this is exactly what some people do. They hide secrets that they never want to see the light of day again. Others bury things that have hurt them so deeply that just the thought of them creates a reaction on the physical level in the body. Some people spend years with deep wounds buried – some have done such a good job that they have forgotten or blocked the memory of the issue and related emotions. When these people get on the table for a healing, a healing crisis is highly probable. In my experience as a healer I have seen people physically shaking and unable to stop, people sobbing uncontrollably like a child, people lying motionless with tears streaming silently. It is not the healing energy that has caused the crisis although it has been a catalyst of sorts – rather it is the fact that these horrible issues and feelings have been brought up to the surface. They were buried because they were so painful and sometimes people are unaware that healing energy is powerful enough to raise them.

This energy which has been stored so deeply, left there would eventually cause illness or disease on the physical level long term. Short term – you may have someone on your table having a crisis because these feelings have been brought up to the surface in order to be released. Why this happens sometimes and not others is a question for debate. I believe it is a combination of powerful healing energy which wants to heal the body and thus needs to rid it of this negative energy and also perhaps the person on the table – their higher self which knows that these issues need to be dealt with. Long term, your client will be likely relieved to be rid of whatever has surfaced, short term you may have to comfort someone who is extremely distressed. Always…always…always keep your hands on. Send in the Tam-a-rash-a symbol to ground and balance the energy again and again This is a good method if the person is shaking uncontrollably.. A compassionate healer will hold and rock and even sing to someone in distress till the initial release is finished. Some clients will have an issue with being touched in this way so it is up to you, the healer, to sense what kind of physical touch is appropriate for each individual. Never force physical contact on someone who does not wish it. There are other ways – simply holding the persons hand or stroking their brow is sometimes enough.

If your client goes in to shock it is vital you keep them warm with a blanket so I advise that a sacred, ceremonial blanket is always available in your healing room for this and other purposes. Also a cup of tea and sugar goes a long way too as well as a caring, compassionate ear if they wish to talk. In an ongoing program of healing, this type of reaction may either be a ‘one off’ or the reaction may occur again but on a lessening scale. Please remember always to reassure the person having the healing by letting them know what is happening and most importantly why. You, as the healer, using your Reiki symbols or other methods employed by other healing modalities, can lessen the release to a manageable level. However, this is not always possible when the person on the table releases it all at once. In this case, it is up to you to be prepared, calm, gentle, compassionate and understanding. Do not in any circumstance panic or you will panic the person on the table.

Another thing to consider is to have completed a certificate course in First Aid. This will help to prepare you not only for medical emergencies but to also know the basics about how to handle those people in shock or who have experienced some sort of emotional trauma. Another option is to take a course in basic counselling. If the issue is too tricky for you to handle, or you do not feel equipped to deal with it on a couselling level, suggest that they seek help from a therapist while they have ongoing healing The best thing is for the person to get back on the table in a series of healings to work steadily through the issues that caused the healing crisis in the first place. This way, these issues and feelings will be dealt with so that they are no longer damaging.

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