A candle spell for prosperity.

To gain a temporary increase in finances, use the following spell during a waxing moon. You will need a white candle to represent yourself, a green candle to represent your desire for financial gain, and a pile of gold coins between the candles for the focus of the magic.

Light the white candle and say,

“This candle represents me, and my desire burns like this flame.”

Take a few moments to relax, then light the green candle and say,

“This candle represents the money that I desire.”

Think of what you will be doing with the money when you have it. Feel what it will be like when you have it in your hands. Now move the candles a little closer to the money and repeat the chant,

“Money flow, money shine,
money grow, money’s mine!”

Burn the candles for approximately five minutes while imagining how it will feel to have plenty of money, then as you extinguish the candles say,

“The money I need now comes to me, for the good of all, so it shall be!”

Repeat this for seven consecutive nights until the candles rest against each other and the money. On the seventh night let the candles burn themselves out (safely) and if the spell has been for the good of all, then results will come within the month.

Author: Don McLeod

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