9 Orders Of The Celestial Hierarchy

9 Orders Of The Celestial Hierarchy & Their Ruling Princes

Order Meaning Attributes Spirit Of Ruling Princes
Seraphim Makers of Fire or Carriers of Warmth Total
Understanding of God;Peace;Contemplation.
Love Michael
Seraphiel Jehoel Uriel Kemuel Metatron Nathanael Satan
Cherubim Fullness of Knowledge Record-Keepers
for God;Guardians of the Light & Stars;Spirits of the Harmonies.
Harmonies Gabriel
Cherubiel Ophaniel Raphael Uriel Zophiel Satan
Thrones Ophanim or Galgallin Always
in God’s Presence;Represents those seeking Wisdom;Celestial court to consider God’s Dispositions.
Will Orifiel
Zaphkiel Zabkiel Zophiel Raziel
Dominions orDominations Lords or Kuriotetes Regulates
Angels;Governs Physical Plane & Kingdom of Nature & Elements;Decides how to Accomplish God’s Goals.
Wisdom Zadkiel
Hashmal Zacharael or Yahriel Muriel
Virtues Shinning Ones or Brilliant Ones Grants
Courage to those who Performs Noble & Virtuous Deeds against Evil.
Movement Uzziel
Gabriel Michael Peliel Barbiel Sabriel Haniel Hamaliel
Powers Potentiates,
Dynamic Authorities
for the Forces of Darkness;Maintains Balance between Good & Evil.
Form Camael
Gabriel Verchiel Satan
Principalities Principal Powers Watchers
of Earthly beings;Governs the Rise & Fall of Nations;In charge of Religions.
Personality &Time Nisroc
Haniel Requel Cerviel Amael
Archangels Liaises
between God & Man;In charge of Heaven’s armies in their Battle against Hell;Oversee Guardian Angels.
Free Metatron
Raphael Michael Gabriel Barbiel Jehudiel Barachiel Satan
Angels Sons of Life Messengers
between God & Man;Guardians & Protectors;Adminsiter to Humans’ Needs.
Adnachiel or Advachiel Gabriel Chayyliel


Authors Details: from Angels A to Z by Matthew Bunson

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7 Responses to “9 Orders Of The Celestial Hierarchy”

  1. It is within my realm of understanding, imparted through Holy Spirit God, that not only are Angels real and present among us, they serve God. All serve God whether in Grace, coming in the Name of Christ Jesus, or fallen and serving as demonic messengers and “thorns in our side(s).

    To God, always, goes all glory, dominion, power and all servitude in Spirit and Love. Yes, “without being seen, they are present among us”. Not only as foretold, told and retold in Holy Scripture, but also in so many encounters, wittingly known and unwittingly unknown. Let us therefore praise Jesus.

    Lucifer, was the highest angel of them all. Angels were created all at one time, mature and fully prepared for service. Lucifer was the leader of the angelic choir. The highest form of worship is Holy Spirit anointed music and lyrics. Lucifer rebelled, was kicked down to Earth, for a time and is known as “the prince of this world”… a fallen world. He is the father of all lies…a liar from the beginning.

    There are many marvelous, unfathomable and currently inexplicable attributes and characteristics of the one, true, living GOD…triune eternally and born of flesh, 100% man and 100% GOD, the Christ, Jesus. That is, we see through a glass darkly, the half has never yet been told. It is shameful even to mention what evil is done in secret. We do not fret. The one God of all creation, FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT – One GOD loves all of his creation. Hell was created for Satan (the accuser of the brethren; our adversary, and the angels who fell with him).

    Hell was not created for man (all humankind). However, we were created with the ability to CHOOSE whom we shall serve, as were the angels. They have their own will, emotions, minds and they are asexual. AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE, MY LIVING TEMPLE OF THE LORD..YWHW…YaWHeW…we will serve the LORD, who is Christ Jesus, and the Father and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit’s “job” is to glorify Christ! God Holy Spirit indwells believers. Salvation is for the world, Holy Spirit for believers. By the shed blood of the Lamb of Judah, who is the Lion of the tribe of Judah we come to the understanding that standing under the Cross of Christ is the only sure path to our Father GOD. Yes, angels are “kinsmen”, they are part of the family of God. I like to call it the “God Squad”. The future of the Church (the Holy Saints of our Lord, Jesus Christ) is secure; the future of the world is certain. Take heart, Jesus has overcome the world! “FINISHED”

    1. Thank you so very much over the past few weeks I’ve had some amazing wonderful things happening in my life and part of that is encountering and having a sort of relationship with these wonderful angels that are constantly appearing in my life. I too am a firm believer in Father God and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Yeshua if I may and Heshim for the Creator and oh my my best friend Holy Spirit as well. But I do know that we do not worship nor glorify the angels. This feed back from you is almost border line confirmation from Heshim Himself as to what is going on with me. I’m transitioning into a more spiritual way of life where all I want to do is work for Heshim and Yeshua and God Holy Spirit. But it is very scary in a sense not that of actual fear but more of respect for what the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob is doing and continues to do in my life. Again thank you and may The Lord’s favor and Grace always be upon you


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