7 Lies That Prevent Powerful Results

We all have something in our life that we would like to change. Nobody’s life circumstances and environment are perfect. There are 7 Lies That Prevent Powerful Results. What do you tell yourself about your circumstances? Often it’s easy to fix blame on others. Consider, however, that your feelings are not caused by your cranky boss, or the construction on the street, or your inconsiderate friend; but rather your feelings are caused by what you TELL yourself about your circumstances.

One writer gives the following example: Imagine that a friend is quite late to meet you. Depending on what you THINK (i.e., she was in an accident, she’s rude, I wanted to do something else anyway), you might be worried, annoyed, or relieved. These feelings (ignited by the thoughts) will then dictate how you react, i.e., calling the police, having angry words for her, or being glad she bailed on you.

7 Lies That Prevent Powerful Results

What you think about your circumstances may keep you stuck in a bad situation. That is why recognizing the lies you tell yourself is very important. These lies prevent you from being as powerful as you really are.

The 7 Lies That Prevent Powerful Results

Lie #1. Expecting Quick Results.

It’s true, we have all seen our lives change in a heartbeat – sometimes an upturn, and sometimes a downturn. But generally success is a longer road that takes daily work to make it a reality. It will happen. Don’t expect it to happen overnight, but expect it to happen. Don’t give up. Powerful Results come from taking baby steps, one after another, day after day, until you reach your goal.

Lie #2. Complaining is OK.

The Law of Attraction states that life reflects back to you what you are / how you are. If you have a habit of complaining, you will attract more complainers to you. Or as the Bible puts it, “you reap what you sow.” One of my favourite cartoons shows the character contemplating Spring, and she says, “Time to go out in the garden to see if the bulbs I didn’t plant, didn’t come up.” Powerful Results come from planting the seeds for what you want to grow.

Lie #3. Fix It Later

Winners recognise that it doesn’t always matter how the hole got in the boat. It matters that it gets fixed so that you can get on with the fishing. However, it DOES matter if you keep running over the same rock day after day, and you are patching the same hole over and over. It is important to find the SOURCE of the hole and stop allowing it to happen. Powerful Results come from creating a lifestyle that supports your desires.

Lie #4. Having an “idea” instead of a plan

Did you miss becoming a doctor, or dancer, or chef, or actor, or teacher because you were “absent” the day they were handing out those careers? Of course not. All of those careers require that a person choose to go to school, sometimes for many years; and then many more years to master their craft. If you don’t purposefully choose the path to go down, something else will choose it for you. Those who don’t create their future, have to endure the future they get. Powerful Results come from creating a plan and getting into action.

Lie #5. Ignoring your talents

It’s a good idea to “perfect or customise what you want out of life so that it fits you perfectly.” This means using your natural talents in a way that works best for you, in all that you do. So often we put ourselves into a role or get so busy responding to life’s daily crisis, that we end up frustrated with busy work instead of taking the time to sort out what we’re good at, let our strengths help us, and then be willing to ask for help with the rest. Powerful Results come from customising whatever you do so that it’s a better fit for you.

Lie #6. Having Elusive Goals instead of Do-able Goals

An elusive goal is “save $5 thousand for down payment for a house”. There’s no strategy or plan associated with that. A do-able goal is “save $100 every week for one year, beginning this week.” That’s a plan of action that has measurable results. Powerful Results come from specific actions that have measurable results.

Lie #7. Adopting a “what I do doesn’t matter” attitude.

It’s easy to say to yourself that other people and circumstances prevent you from doing something. It’s easy to think that they are more powerful than you are, so your puny contribution won’t matter in the long run. But this attitude tends to paralyze you, and keep you out of the action of creating better circumstances. Powerful Results come from being honest with yourself, listening to yourself, then doing what needs to be done.

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