666 – The meaning of the number 666

666 – Who is afraid of the number of the beast ?

Certain computations allow us to say that the number “9” is the specific number for our evolution stage, therefore a symbol of humanity in the present stage. Let us see some interpretation.

In the Hebrew language, ”Adam” is written ADM. If we add the Kabbalah value of each of the letters, we obtain: 1+4+4=9.

Therefore, Adam is the symbol of the entire humanity and not of a single entity.

Then, if we search “the number of the beast”, 666 from the “Apocalipse by John”, that is a real treaty of Methaphysics and not a horror novel, we see that: 6+6+6=18, (18)=9 – the humanity, the human being itself is the one that opposes its own progress.

The same treaty contains a feable hope – if we know that the number of people saved is 144,000. But (144,000)=9, therefore the humanity will be saved as a whole. The number of those unable to develop can be neglected compared to the total number.

The Bible is written metaphorically. If we are able to comprehend the hidden meaning, the metaphore, to reveal its meaning, we risk considering it an interesting story, fascinating but unreal – we can learn a small part about universal truth, but we do not comprehend the real meaning, the metaphysical meaning.

Saint Augustin told us this about numbers:

“Not knowing the science of the numbers, we are not able to comprehend many metaphorical and mystical paragraphs of the Scriptures”.

Authors Details: ‘666’ Book Excerpt From “Vivid Numbers” by Firicel Ciarnau

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