What Is Numerology?

Let’s dive straight in and get a simple answer to the question, “what is numerology?” Numerology is based on mathematical formulas that have rarely been tinkered with over the ages. The theory is that every name and every birthdate can be reduced down to a single number.

You can go further than your personal name and apply this to almost everything – depending on what system you use. It does get more complex as you apply the broader scope of numerology. (Here is an article that goes a little further into correspondences)

These numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, and 22.

You can reduce each of these numbers down to a single digit. This reduction of a name down by omitting vowels or consonants to a symbol is a contemporary way of making a sigil. In this case the sigil is usually a single digit number that represents different aspects of a person’s character and destiny.

what is numerology

Master Numbers

In numerology the only numbers that do not reduce down to a single digit are the master numbers. Double digits indicate personalities that are master numbers, meaning that they are the teachers and builders in society. These numbers suggest a potential for a high degree of achievement. If you are a “one” however, you often experience a very difficult or stressful life path. Master numbers also have what is called a parallel number. For instance, the number 22 reduces down to the number 4. This means that along with daily epiphanies come the usual practical and mundane daily chores!

Although numerology has been practiced for centuries, in modern times it really does have some practical applications particularly if you are interested in some psychological self-investigation. You can also use it to predict high and lows in your life as well as determine what makes you (and others) tick.

Perhaps its greatest value is in its capacity to help you assess your personal strengths and weaknesses as well as provide you with an intuitive snapshot of another person’s traits.

At the very least, learning numerology is an amusing parlor game. At it’s best it is a revelatory metaphysical science that can provide you with great insights and maybe even a way of making a living.

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