Tarot & Divination

The Tarot is a tool that allows you to tap into your intuition. It bridges the gap between your physical and spiritual world and puts you in touch with your inner self. The cards of the tarot allow you to look into a dimension of your world that you otherwise may not be able to access. The Tarot can be predictive but generally offers you an alternate view or new perspective into self understanding, spiritual growth, clarification of decisions and everyday problems.


Predict The Future

Divination is by far the most popular and well-known use of the Tarot. Sometimes this is seen as an extension of the uses mentioned above because often we can perceive the signs of future events subconsciously. ie: You might be subconsciously aware that a marriage or job is in trouble, before you admit it to yourself. Even chance selections can force you to consider concepts that you have been ignoring.

Many Tarot readers believe that the cards take on the energy of the person who touches them. The cards are insulated from others by wrapping them in silk or enclosing them in a box, and they are only touched by the diviner and the person for whom the reading is done.

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