The Truth About Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Goal setting is an exciting way to move forward and get what you want. It revolves around your personal development and you’ll be amazed to discover some of the simple things that are holding you back. You see, no matter what you are into; running a business and making money, finding that special relationship, achieving in sport or making clear contact with your spirit guides. It’s your own personal development that stops you dead in your tracks. There are simple things you can do that allow you to move ahead like a formula one racer.

The most basic of personal development issues revolve around what you think. Goal setting in order to achieve, is a simple concept that you are probably already aware of. If you’re not I will recap the basics in this article. You see without goal setting you are an under achiever. That doesn’t mean you won’t achieve. It means you under achieve relative to what you could do. If your business is making you x dollars per year then you could double, triple and do even more with some very simple techniques.


the truth about goal setting

Your Mind

Here is the problem. Goal setting and the related techniques certainly work. What “they” don’t tell you are the conditions you need in order to make goal setting work for YOU. Lets go over some of the basics. Your mind is designed to be a very efficient instrument. Like a heat seeking missile you get exactly what you have envisioned. This happens whether you like it or not. You think in pictures and you get whatever your dominant picture is. If you want to know what that dominant picture is then just look around you at YOUR current world. What you have now is a product of your unconscious goal setting. You just can’t avoid it. If you are completely satisfied and have everything you want then move on to another page, this is not for you.

Goal setting involves writing down what you want, making affirmations, then repeating with visualisation and feeling them, in order to achieve your goal.

Too Many Thoughts

Here’s the secret. You have 50 thousand thoughts per day. That’s two thoughts every second. You don’t even know what they are! Many of these thoughts take you away from your goal. This is what you do. You make a goal, complete with affirmation and say something like “I am wealthy, I have 10 million dollars.” You say and visualise this several times in the morning and also in the evening. That’s a few thoughts towards your goal.

Then as you walk to your car you have a series of thoughts that imply you need a better car and you will buy one next year when you have more money. If you stop at the bottle shop on the way home for a bottle of wine and instead of looking for what you want, you go to where the ten and fifteen dollar bottles are because that’s what you can afford. You then get home and the gas bill greets you with a two hundred and forty dollar smile. You don’t see the series of thoughts that say, “that’s a lot of money for the gas bill”.

These thoughts are not the thoughts of a wealthy person. Most importantly you miss the thoughts that actually say, “I am not wealthy” and “I earn thirty five thousand dollars per year” these thoughts often occur right after you say your affirmations. So by the end of the day you have a few thoughts towards your goal and seven thousand five hundred and thirty two away from your goal.

Please don’t misunderstand and think that I am suggesting you buy the expensive bottle of wine and that you upgrade to your favourite colour Ferrari this week. You need to change the way you think.


Thoughts are energy and what you give energy towards becomes your reality. You wonder why you don’t get anywhere. WRONG! You do get somewhere, you are a very efficient goal setting machine. When you look closely you will see that you are getting what you are picturing. You just don’t see what you are creating. The solution is to master your mind and watch what you are thinking on a continual basis. The trick is to be able to do this and still carry on with your life. Until you are able to master your mind, you will continue with this cycle of achieving unconsciously – achieving what you don’t want.

What’s Next

There’s more to goal setting than just understanding your thought process. If it’s not working for you there are distinct reasons. This is one of the many things I teach through coaching or in my online workshop “Speed2Enlightenment” I hope to see you there soon. Let me know how you have dealt with your thoughts and applied them to your goals? Comment below or join me and comment on Facebook

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