What is Reincarnation?

You live a series of lives in different physical bodies. You come back to live a life over and over again in order to learn. There are lessons that are repeated to you – so that you can grow from the experience and make progress toward an end. Progress to what? Reincarnation is the process you go through in your path to enlightenment!


All of these lives are occurring at once – it’s difficult to comprehend this and we “experience” through the window of time. This gives the illusion that each life happens after the last, one at a time. This is why you can develop the ability to look into / glimpse your “past” lives.


So who gets to pick the life you lead? The answer is, you do.

Wait, before you jump up and down in excitement planning your life as a rock ‘n’ roll god, consider that when you decide on the type of life you will be assigned you are in a state devoid of your ego. You make your decision based on what you still need to learn with disregard to ‘earthly’ pleasures.

This process is governed by karma. This is the force of cause and effect, based on emotion that binds us to the lessons that we need to learn. As we act there is always a reaction. In terms of energy this reaction needs to be balanced and this balancing act is karma.

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