Change Your Thought Patterns

It is possible to change your thought patterns. We live in our mind with all its limitations, ideas and thoughts and most of us feel very comfortable there. Some of us live with a brief glimpse of our spirit, but many of us never see it at all. Knowing our spirit and blending it with our mind opens many possibilities in life.

Our thoughts are real. As real the electronic device you are reading this on. What we THINK shapes our life. If we think that life is not going well, that we will never succeed in our endeavors, or never find true love then that is what we create. The opposites (life is great, being successful, or finding your true love) can never get to you because your thoughts have set up a barrier.

Positive Thought Patterns

You have probably heard about thinking positive thoughts and how important this is if you want good change in your life. Breaking down the barriers of your thoughts takes a little more than just positive thoughts. What does “positive thoughts” really mean?

change your thought patterns

To apply this positive thoughts concept we must examine our thoughts and identify the opposite of what is being expressed and then apply the positive result to our thinking.

Here is an exercise to try. It takes some effort but can open the door to understanding how your daily thoughts are hindering your success. Catalog your thoughts over several days by jotting down notes about your thoughts as often as you can. It’s hard to do but be persistent. Include all kinds of thoughts; don’t try to pick and choose those you think may be the troublesome ones.


Next it will be important to review what you have captured and spend some time letting the list percolate for a few days. Next start a new list of your thoughts about your original list. I know it sounds kind of confusing, but you are trying to get to a deeper understanding of your day-to-day thoughts.

To get down to a core thought barrier you will need to do some form of introspection during which time you allow yourself to reach out to your spirit. If you are not familiar with meditation, just simply sit in a quiet place and ask your spirit to assist you with this discovery process. Don’t enter this process thinking it will only take one session. It may, but not likely. Be patient!

Mantra To Change Your Thought Patterns

Once you understand what the basis of your negative thought process is, you will have a base upon which you can build positive thoughts. Here’s a suggested approach for you to consider. You should compose a positive phrase such as “I appreciate the views of others even when I disagree.” The negative thought would be “what a jerk” after your conversation.

It is not enough to simply repeat your mantra to yourself during the day. To make a change you will have to catch yourself thinking in your old way and apply your mantra immediately. This step will plant your new way of thinking and allow the change.

It takes time, commitment, and patience to make this kind of change but the result is well worth the effort. An important aspect of making a successful change is to rely on your spirit to provide guidance and support. The more you open to your spirit the easier the change will be. If you meditate daily, keep at it. If you don’t know how to meditate look for through the meditation articles on this website. (Meditation category)

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